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  1. 86 series keys

    All our Ih trucks have that square key for the ignition
  2. 66 series steering cylinder

    Sounds like it has the wrong cylinder in it , if you put a late one in an early tractor it does the same thing. I’ve seen this a few times. Pucks on cylinder are welded in different spots.
  3. 95 truck 466 swapped into 1466

    Won’t work , new generation block
  4. What would you do 986 engine!

    Problem with new engine kits is most are junk and you here all these guys talk about how much oil the engine burns after rebuild and they are not happy. I tell them put new o rings on sleeves new bearings in bottom and slap it back together if it was running good before problem. I’ve done probably 25 engines this way with no issues, so I’m a believer. Got to remember most kits are made overseas and that also includes Case IH so don’t think for a second that they are building these old engine kits. Have had many guys put Case IH kits in and we’re not happy with the oil consumption, but it’s your call
  5. DT466 Truck engine transplants

    93 and down no big deal. New generation engine is totally different and won’t work been there and done it

    I’ve got some give me a call. 518-222-6291 thanks Bubby
  7. 986 hydro failure

    Pull bottom clutch cover off and look up in with light and see if Ipto is spinning when tractor is running or pull third link cover off rear and see if pto shaft is turning when engine is running. This will tell you if center is gone out of pressure plate.

    I’m thinking your new pump is bad
  9. What would you do 986 engine!

    Give me a call at 518 222 6291 I think I can help you with this engine problem.
  10. Pilot Bearing Issue

    Some of those ta shafts are undersized so make sure you don't need a undersized pilot bearing, have had this on a few clutch jobs.
  11. 1975 model 966

    This tractor is a bunch of pieces put together. First the wet steering bolster is out of a 06 or 56 tractor. The injection lines are off a 86 series . The trany and rear are from a 986, with the rock shaft cover off of a 966. The dash says it was a fender tractor because no hole in gauge cluster for blinker wire. Also no louvered front panels on 75 models and up, Ih used all old inventory before putting on new, so I don't believe you could ever get old stock on new production models. Another thing is engine is turbo charged, so I wonder if it is a 414 or 436 Na or not. It does have a stock 966 fuel tank, so you would have to smash or cut tank to fit turbo. Like I said lots of pieces