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  1. Tom, You're right... it was made by Coleman. We had one just like it, but a little bit taller, green upper and no bracket for camping. As I remember, my IH jug was very well used and I'm sure it went with the 806 at the auction sale? I just don't have it anymore. OBG
  2. I got a brand new jug and bracket with my brand new 1967 IH 806! I had two jugs. I wish I still had one, but I don't. OBG
  3. Back from the Dr. again. They don't know for sure what is going on in my lungs. I'm feeling some better though. I don't go back for two weeks. I got antsy and went to Silver Creek Saturday. Mike had a fire going in the shop when I got there, so I did my best to stay bundled and warm. I hadn't been out there for ages, it seems. My friend Corky had been out there in the meantime, knowing I'm "usually" out there on certain days. He'd dropped these things off for my junk pile. A Model T Ford crank, a large pipe die and a pipe cutter. They are much larger than they appear. I was able to set them among other junk so you couldn't tell there was anything added to the pile. Here is a Farmall Regular from Facebook. Pulling a disk and packer (?) behind. A friend posted this photo of his 1932 Farmall F-30 "duck bill" tractor on rubber. And another F-20 is digging potatoes or something in this photo. That's a neat old C model IHC Truck too. Gary
  4. When I visited Roger and stayed at Byrne Bed and Breakfast in 2010, I was busy driving nearly every Model T Ford he owned. We took this sporty 1927 Touring car down a back highway and stopped at a young friend of Rogers, Troy Vetsch. Troy was a high school boy at the time. Roger took him under his wing several years ago and has transferred a bunch of his knowledge off onto Troy. What a blessing for a young man like that! He goes to most of the shows Roger attends too. This is a 15-30 and a Hart Parr tractor Troy's grandfather had. Troy has taken the helm with them, and got everything up and running, since his grandfather passed away. Troy emailed me this this afternoon. He'd gotten this 10-20 McCormick-Deering tractor and just now got it out of the shop. I'm betting Roger had a lot of influence as to the "color and shine" of this paint job. "Work clothes" tractors and trucks are special! They aren't on a Montana farm, but this young boy from Minnesota has grabbed my heart as well! Gary
  5. I'll bet that single pole is a telephone pole, and not an electric power pole. That sign is probably pretty close too, BS27R0B. And the telephone at the left in this photo shows what the telephone may have looked like? My wife Sharon and I a bunch of Christmas' ago. (I think you can tell by the glasses style that we were wearing!?!) And speaking of Sharon and I, this photo here was taken 54 years ago tonight. Gary
  6. This first photo is for Anson. An IHC Farmall F-30 with a single row cotton picker. Since I'm posting stuff I have no experience with, here's a picture of a later IHC Motor Cultivator with a single row corn picker. There... I've explained all I know about this stuff. Gary
  7. I like this picture of Friesland, Minnesota and since I have nothing to add from Montana, I'll post Roger's back yard. That appears to be a Model 20 Hupmobile runabout in the photo. I always thought I wanted one. They are a cute little car. I need to run along to the Dr. and hoping for some answers. Gary
  8. He IS Risen, Troy! Thank you for the prayers. I'm gaining... Gary
  9. Sledgehammer, I saw that red and white polka dot cap, then Anson came along and reminded me there was a Farmall 140 parked there as well? Nice cap, nice tractor and nice photo. Even if I don't know what that "corn country" talk is all about. I understand the IH Tractor! AND that cap! Gary PS: Someday I might get back out to Silver Creek and take a picture of an IH Tractor on a Montana Farm too?
  10. Sledgehammer, You've gathered some neat stuff to pass onto your son, someday after you're done with them. I don't know the age of that IH watch fob, but that symbol appeared after WWII, on the tractors and equipment, I think? I don't know if that would date your fob or not? It will look nice with a new strap. Since I grew up driving Farmalls, and wore polka dot caps doing it, that might be a neat addition to your pile?? I'm still coughing the lining out of my lungs, it feels, but I'm gaining, I think? I've never stayed so nauseated in my life, as with this crud. It's the actual crud in my lungs that make me nauseated, I've found. The meds I took that really made me that way are in the past now. I'll not forget this bout for a while. Here are a couple of things I stole from Facebook. This D-series truck ad is neat. I grew up in a pickup and a truck, of these models as a boy on the farm, during WWII. This is an apparent Farmall Regular on an assembly line. I have a lot of admiration for the old Regular on steel wheels. Gary
  11. new guy, A couple of those shots might work? I don't need the scours bolus though. I thought I might need dynamite at one time, but things are flowing smoothly now! (TMI?) It seems opioids sure have a way of binding me up. It made for good cough syrup though! It tells the cough not to cough, and the brain that it doesn't need to cough, for some rest, when it seemed impossible. I've not been real attentive to Facebook's IH photos either. Here's a smattering. A Farmall M pulling an IH 50-T Hay Baler. And a Farmall Cub pulling a Cessna Bobcat airplane. Likely during WWII? Maybe not? Maybe some farmer's daughter just likes to cultivate with her dad's Farmall B and its vacuum lift arrangement? This is kind of a neat old photo of some IHC equipment and 8-16 IHC tractors in some rural town. The dealer is likely trying to make some business happen with his local farmer friends? Gary
  12. Greg Druffel sent me this photo on Facebook in a private message. He'd had a quadruple bypass done around Valentines Day. His great granddaughter Addy is "helping" him! I was glad to hear from him. Sometimes us old guys just leave the radar screen, and nobody knows why? I'm all done with my nauseating Prednisone pills as of this morning. Five more days of antibiotics and lots more coughing. I've hurt a couple ribs from coughing in bed. Gary
  13. You guys are doing fine without me. The meds I'm taking make me so nauseous. I'd been just eating my usual morning oatmeal, but that didn't help the nausea. Actually feels worse. So this morning I cooked my own breakfast. It was hard to eat, as I'm not hungry, but I made myself do it. I took a picture of it so I can show it to my wife. I'm still nauseous, but not as bad as yesterday (yet). I couldn't keep it down yesterday. I think it is the five prednisone tablets I take with my antibiotic that is doing it. I take another antibiotic at night and it doesn't upset my stomach nearly as bad as the morning dose with the prednisone. Sledgehammer, You hit a home run there! I don't think you'll ever regret that watch. You're never too young to get a watch. Ralph, I've not heard from Greg on Facebook for a while, but I do believe he's still there? I'm drinking warm Canada Dry ginger ale for nausea. That, and you, reminded me of that old country song from back many decades, "The sign said, 'Drink Canada Dry' an' I'm gonna try..." I don't think that old cowhand was drinking what I'm drinking though? Anson, you "done good" with that old Towner offset disk. It sure is reminiscent of the 8' IH offset disk my father in-law had. You guys keep it up. Gary
  14. I have pneumonia. Sorry for the lapse here... Gary
  15. Ralph, The Red Bull looks right at home there with the Red River Special threshing machine. Shade and wind protection! I don't know what goes on here in Helena. Sharon and I fought the crud for almost 6 weeks. We got over that about a month ago. She came down with a terrible cough four days ago. I came down with it yesterday noon. I'm headed to the Dr. in a half hour. I've not coughed so much in my life, and nothing comes out, and it happens every half minute or so. Cough drops don't come near to touching it. I was awake for 3.5 hours in the night and "OD'd" on Robitussin DM Nighttime. I finally got a couple of hours of non cough sleep. It's so prevalent here in Helena. Everyone you talk to has, or has had, this crud (crap?). None of these are IH Tractors on a Montana Farm. I got them all on Facebook. This first one is kind of neat! Kind of reminds me of the old 4568 I used to farm with. This was on Old Farm Tractors of Facebook. They get some pretty neat stuff there. For "Work Clothes Day" someone posted this one. an 8-16 IHC Mogul. I love them... And from the "good old days" is this IHC 8-16 Mogul. Gary