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  1. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I don't know a darn thing, so I'm posting three photos from Facebook.... again. This first McCormick-Deering Farmall H appears to be brand new. It must be a little bit later in the McCormick-Deering era, but not long before the International Harvester Farmall H's came out? This one does have the glass jar air pre-cleaner. This one has the same tire pattern as the one above. And it's pulling a small combine in 1941. I don't know if those are Firestones, or another brand that used that style of lugs? This wide front Farmall H is pulling a swather. Somewhere where they windrow their crops. Now, this Farmall H (Annie) is older than the ones above. And she lives in a shed as an IH Tractor on a Montana Farm. Gary PS: the Farmall at the right of Annie is a little bit older than her too.
  2. Making Loose Hay

    I was just thinking about farming side hills, Urs! And, there probably are some of Swiss descent there? Gary
  3. Farm Tool Trivia

    This one is manually operated, Urs. Gary
  4. Making Loose Hay

    I've wondered if some of the Swiss immigrants didn't migrate to the Palouse country of Washington, Urs? Gary
  5. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    We were on our way to a Sunday School annual picnic yesterday afternoon. I had to stop and take this photo of snow in the Elkhorn Mountains, near Helena. It made me smile that not only snow, but blue sky peeking through the clouds here and there as well. And... I ate way more than I needed to. Spare ribs, pulled pork, other things good for you, and peach pie alamode. God is good! Not IH Tractors on a Montana Farm, but IH.... this was a "tractorette" on a Farmall M (I'm assuming, and I know what "assume" does.) that has the later steering wheel and post, later seat , but the grille similar (But it's not the same as, and it doesn't have the Farmall emblem above the slots.) to the experimental Farmall 2-F. Cutoff spokes and front steel wheels, both fitted with rubber. The 2-F experimental IHC tractor I got this from Facebook too. It is a Farmall H, reversed and a loader added. They mentioned on Facebook how these were more difficult to reverse directions on than other tractors. I had a friend near Judith Gap, Montana years ago, who had a W-6 reversed and a loader added. He said it was easier to reverse than a Farmall. It's been so many years since I was into the rear end of a Farmall M, or a WD-9, I wouldn't remember the ramifications. Some of you more IH mechanical types of today, probably would know the answer? Gary
  6. Chopping Corn Extreme

    They'd be right at home farming on the Palouse hills! OBG
  7. Vintage Ads

    I was just going to say the same thing. It doesn't have the Farmall Badge above the slots, and the slots go higher than a standard M. This isn't a real early one either. It has the later seat support and steering wheel, from the first Farmall M's. Gary
  8. Will This Have Any Effect On The Montana Wildfires?

    In the northwest of Montana, from Kalispell to Eureka and the southeast around Miles City, they didn't get the moisture we're getting along the continental divide. We have light snow here at Helena, but the McDonald Pass had about a foot last night, I understand. We've had about an inch here of moisture. Just a dusting of snow, as it melted as fast as it fell until evening. OBG
  9. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    The last rainstorm we had was on June 12th, or three months ago. Or a quarter of a year ago. Today, Mike got .65 hundredths of an inch at Silver Creek. This photo is a photo of son Mike's puppy, Kaiser J├Ąger, on June 16th, 2017. Today, when I let the dogs out of the garage and brought them to the shop, I took my camera as I wondered what Kaiser would do with water on his gravel? He's looking at this puddle as to say, "What the heck is this, anyway? You can drink it too!" I had to take this picture of the back side of the Scratch Gravel Hills. They looked smoky gray, ever since the fires started up in June. Today, in spite of brown grass, they seemed to have a newer, brighter cast to them. I did stop by a "junk" store this morning. As I was leaving, I saw a lady pushing a grocery cart with records and this cheapie electric guitar. Then she walked away from it. So I turned around and went back into the store to check it out. I couldn't believe it was only $10. It has a steel rod stiff neck, adjustable pickups, multi directional adjustable bridge and the finish was almost like new. I picked it up, put my left hand on the neck and pushed a chord into the strings. I could tell why someone would donate it to the Good Samaritan store. Holy cow, I've never seen strings so out of place. Years ago, I bought a new Gibson electric guitar. I played occasionally with a professional guitar player, who played a special order double neck Gibson. He grabbed my guitar, tried a couple things on it and said, "When you leave tonight, leave this thing with me." The next time I got my hands on it, it was amazing how he improved it. He said, "This guitar was built by professional guitar builders... not professional guitar players." He related what he'd done and I did all of that and more to this cheapie at the shop, today. I worked on it for nearly 1-1/2 hours. The thing plays like a dream! It just needed TLC and a bunch of adjustments. Afterward, I put a strap on it and plugged in my cord. I thought why not a picture this way? I couldn't believe I got it for $10. I used to have a Telecaster Fender electric guitar and this neck feels just like it did. And plays every bit as good. I almost forgot, I need to put on a picture of some IH Tractors on a Montana Farm too. This was after things were back in the shed after threshing in August. They'll all get moved again when we put the steam engines back in. Gary
  10. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I forget which fire that was, Anson. I've learned so many new names (of fires) around Montana this summer. As I "type" it is sprinkling outside. No gulley washer, but all is wet. It is only 44 degrees out. I don't know if the Rockies got snow on McDonald Pass overnight, but it's supposed to be getting snow, either last night or tonight. I'll bet some weary fire fighters are glad to see some rain? Gary
  11. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    "Only in Montana can you be in Red Flag Warning, Stage One Fire Restrictions, and Winter Storm Warning." Gary
  12. 12 fires in Montana

    We're supposed to be getting snow in the mountains. That will be a big blessing. And 1+" of rain. OBG
  13. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I almost am fearful of interrupting the Cotton pickers and strippers you guys had going. I got some photos from Facebook A couple of old IHC buildings from years ago. this first one is Alberta, Canada, with a J-30 IHC Touring Car. This second one is more in Roger's country, at St. Cloud, Minnesota with some IHC Six Speed Special trucks, etc. A friend in Texas threshing last weekend with his McCormick-Deering 22-36 tractor and IH threshing machine. Another Facebook friend had this photo of his Farmall M and the #4 IH Tractor plow he restored. And I had to steal this photo of an IH parts department. How well I remember this similarity of where I worked. And last, but not least, is this photo I took downtown Helena today of two IH Farmall C's and a Farmall H. I didn't talk to anyone, but these could conceivably be IH Tractors from a Montana Farm? Gary
  14. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I guess we have different "strippers" in Montana than down in cotton country? Gary
  15. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    This picture was from June 12th 2017... The last day we had ANY rain. Today we looked outside and it was sprinkling lightly. Our driveway. My pickup windshield. The front steps. About 5 minutes later the steps looked like this. About ten minutes later, Sharon looked out and said it was really raining this time. Today we had about .15 hundredths of rain!! The gutter across the street. It rained for about 15 minutes. So I texted Mike to see what Silver Creek got. "Dust, Wind and a nice view of those clouds over you. :-)" Then 50 minutes later he said they were getting some rain. Darn near three months without rain. It smells like wet smoke outside.Yuck.... Now if we could just get three feet of wet snow to put out the fires. We're well over a million acres burned in Montana this year. Gary