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  1. 66/86 spliting stands 1-27 auction

    You're going to have to give a better description or a link, I can't find it. Travis
  2. 986 rear axel housing removal

    Drain Hy-Tran, remove cab mount and support cab, disconnect and remove brake assembly. Remove wheel and tire unless you have a handler...if using a cherry picker, attach to final drive housing, remove bolts and remove housing. Travis
  3. 656 pto slippage

    When was the last time you checked your pto pressure? Travis
  4. Iron Bull Canopy

    Does Leaman's ROPS bolt together, or are they welded together? Travis
  5. Four Staks

    I imagine it's too damn loud to drive. Open stacks without turbos are pretty obnoxious. Travis
  6. 756 Hydraulic Flush

    There are five (5) drain this weather, take all five out and let them drain a week..... Travis
  7. Four Staks

    That pic has been floating around the interwebs for several years now....and everytime I see it, I still think it's the ugliest damn red tractor I've ever seen. Travis
  8. 986 with fast hitch

    Most likely, the guy who bought it new already had two-point equipment and didn't want to have to buy all new equipment, they had the dealer switch them when he traded tractors. So there's some older IH out there with an 86 series 3-point, drawbar support and drawbar.... Travis
  9. 86 series keys

    Check this one out... Came factory in a John Deere LX188 lawn mower.... Yes, that's the same cut as an IH tractor key.... Travis
  10. 86 series keys

    I'd bet someone has changed your keyswitch. Post a pic of the key your 1586 has and we can tell you.... Travis
  11. Thread-in/frost plug heater 856

    Have you actually removed one of the thread-in plugs, yet? Travis
  12. Thread-in/frost plug heater 856

    As far as I know a 600 watt block heater is the largest that will fit. Most people who must have a block heater install two 600 watt heaters in the block. If you really need it to start, install a 2000 watt recirculating tank heater. Travis
  13. 66 series hand pumps

    Did you get the seal kit from the CIH dealer? I think they've changed the part number on it, but it used to be about a $35 kit. Works good usually if you follow the directions that come with it. Travis
  14. Inside a Spragless TA

    Came across an Allied T/A a couple months ago on a 1486. Neat idea, but you have to install a modified PTO gear when you install an Allied T/A. And I think it's a tight fit, but it works. Travis
  15. Used sleeve?

    Yep, no a problem if you check everything closely. Even on the 414-436-466 engines, it's fine to re-use sleeves... A few people think that it's cobbling, also, a few people have never read a service manual. lol Travis