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  1. Cordless Impact driver Milwaukee or Snap On??

    I think dads compressor shuts off at 150 too. And the hose we use for the big guns is plumbed right to the compressor tank.
  2. Transmission pictures.

    Did not know that. See they even make 18.4x38's.
  3. Cordless Impact driver Milwaukee or Snap On??

    That 2767 Milwaukee I think is what I bought a little over a year ago. Got it and some spare batteries and they sent a free grease gun with it. had to send the grease gun back right away but they fixed it and it works now. Also bought a new right angle drill to carry in the semi to open and close the trap doors. It works ok till they get real cold. I wish I could find some gears for it to cut the speed a little more. The impact is quite impressive. We were putting brakes on the grain trailer and the new 3/4 snap on air gun and my 1 inch air impact would not break the nuts on the wheels loose. Just for grins I decided to try my new Milwaukee and it took them loose. Since then I bought a new inch air impact but haven't got to try it out yet. My old one wouldn't break the bud wheels loose the other day on our freightliner. Had to go to the tire shop and borrow theirs.
  4. Stolen Tractors

    I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to stay out of that one.
  5. Transmission pictures.

    The double cut 20.8's hand made or can you buy them that way now? I see firestone builds a puller tire now but was thinking they were 30.5's.
  6. What's your favorite snack

    Same here. Saltines and peanut butter or saltines and cheese, or saltines and summer sausage and cheese and of course milk. I can tell a difference in saltines too. Zestas are my favorite.
  7. Transmission pictures.

    Looks like someone been grinding on the lugs on the RH tire.
  8. I love them old school pullers. Reminds me of when I was a youngster going to the pulls. Although some people still call me a kid.
  9. Transmission pictures.

    Looks nice. Can you switch gears our for different gear ratios fairly easy? Is 5th gear in that one direct or overdrive?
  10. Just wondering if anyone has ever replaced a wore out 504 case engine with an 8.3 liter engine like in a magnum? As far as the flywheel housing goes anyway? Just wondered how to get it bolted up?
  11. Swapping an 8.3 Litre to replace a 504 case?

    What would your parts cost to do all 6 cylinders? It might be worth a try. You can see and feel a small defect/flaw in the block by the water port where the gasket always leaks. Not sure how big of flaw your fire rings would cover. That's what it looks like to me every time we fix it is that the fire ring just gives out in that same spot every time. And its not a big blow out like some I've seen give out on the pulling track rather just a small seep.
  12. Swapping an 8.3 Litre to replace a 504 case?

    If I got the liners out I would think about that. New liners that is. I'm sure dad would be game.
  13. Swapping an 8.3 Litre to replace a 504 case?

    Neighbors are used to that Detroit sound. Dads neighbor had a 5020 with a 318 in it years ago and then a 4020 PS with a 6V71 in it.
  14. Swapping an 8.3 Litre to replace a 504 case?

    I think it would be a PITA to pull the back head the other ones in the way with that fiberglass hood they got over the air cleaner. 90 series might not be too bad since the hood and everything tilts up and out of the way. IMO that was a big improvement between the 70 and 90 series. Pretty sure that's why the 90 series are so much quieter.
  15. Swapping an 8.3 Litre to replace a 504 case?

    Oops. I missed the part where you said it was in Canada when I read it the first time. I guess I will let you off the hook this time.
  16. T/As' and Red Paint

    Not to change the subject here but who is the Ag Parts outfit? I don't remember them when I was working in the shop for a living. it was Hy Capacity or Allied back then.
  17. Swapping an 8.3 Litre to replace a 504 case?

    Yea, blows a head gasket every year, same place since 2006. Getting tired of fixing it. Told dad last time we should just put wing nuts on everything this time. Not sure how many hours are on it since last overhaul. Was done in early 90's. I figured it would be highly likely it would need it again if we popped the sleeves out. The trans was worked on 6 or 8 years ago. Local mechanic with own shop did it. Don't remember what it had done now. It started slipping that fall and had to be split. May have been C2 clutch again. The tractor has near new 20.8x38 firestones on the rear and brand new 18.4x16.1s on the front. It is cosmetically above average condition. Cab interior has been replaced, A/C works and all that.
  18. Nice fenders, but are they that nice?

    Was it set up for A/C ? I keep thinking we may see a day when there will start being some restorations with cabs get popular. I know if I was going to use a tractor I would want working A/C.
  19. Swapping an 8.3 Litre to replace a 504 case?

    Wont know unless we pull the sleeves. Its not getting any antifreeze in the oil. It just starts blowing it out the radiator overflow from building pressure. The block was re bushed in the o ring area when it was overhauled last time but thinking they didn't get protrusion right or didn't get one of the liner flange counter bores squared back up with the block after they decked it. Either way they sleeves need to come out if we decide to fix this one. Sad thing is if the tractor wasn't needing worked on it probably wouldn't bring what it would cost to overhaul it.
  20. T/As' and Red Paint

    There is a big difference in TA's out there. I thought Lemans got theirs from Allied Precision. I have gotten a couple from them and been happy. Only thing is they were always two weeks behind when I wanted one and had to wait on them. They use a better Sprague from what I've been told. You couldn't get me to install a diode TA from case IH if you gave it to me.
  21. Swapping an 8.3 Litre to replace a 504 case?

    504 has some issues going on with block/liner flanges and going to need a serious amount of machine work to get done if we fix original engine right. Just was wondering if it would be a better option to transplant 8.3L. Might be better to just try and find another good 504 perhaps.
  22. Swapping an 8.3 Litre to replace a 504 case?

    Dang it and you didn't slip it in to your lunchbox on the way out?
  23. New tool to tool box

    Good find. What are they new 3 or 400 bucks?
  24. Machinery Jockeys

    My brother bought a grinder mixer at a local machinery auction lot back in the 80's. He was still in high school at the time. Got it home and discovered that the bottom augers were rubbing the tubes. Got to looking at it and it looked like the tank was bent fore ward. Like it had been backed under a low door, hit a bridge on the semi or been tipped over backwards, not sure how it got bent but was that way when he bought it. He called the auction company and they ended up giving him his money back luckily. I figured there might ba a good chance that he was stuck with it. But him being a kid may have helped his situation too. Also the auction company was a local business and they may have wanted protect their name somewhat too.
  25. Fuel problems

    Yep, and then you get that crap all over the place trying to get a clean rag to wipe your hands off. About 30 seconds worth or work and then back by the heater for 5 minutes.