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  1. Nice pics. We have an 1800 built in 1975 too. Ours is not even close to being as near as good of shape as yours.
  2. Butter shortage in France?

    What kind of pickles? Dill or sweet?
  3. 2188 eating rotor belts?

    Got a buddy with a 2188 that shredded his second rotor belt this week. I realize the beans are green this year but I'm just wondering if there is some other reason for it? Last year they had a guy from dealer come out and they replaced a bunch of stuff in the torque sensing pulley. Not sure what all was done there. Machine has the newer AFX rotor too. So anything else he needs to be checking while in there? Got me thinking too, did they beef up that belt and so forth on the 23 and 2588's?
  4. Butter shortage in France?

    Just wondering if this is true or if the media is at it again? Seen it on the news over here this morning. Blaming it on increased exports of pastry's and such. Can't imagine it would be of benefit as much to the famers as it would be for the dairy companies as usual if its true.
  5. Wondering if anyone makes an electronic conversion to do away with the points on a Kohler 17HP engine we have on a portable welder? Thing sets more than it gets used. Got it out yesterday and no fire. Figured out it was the points. Put a brand new set of genuine Kohler points on it and same thing. No spark. Ended up taking emery cloth and contact cleaner to the old points and putting them back on. Got to looking at the new ones and they said "Made in Mexico" on the back of them. Hopefully they will take them back.
  6. 30 years ago today it snowed

    Thanks for all the congrats everyone. That snow we had did stick to the ground and trees but it was pretty much all gone by noon. It turned off nice a day or two later and was warmer. I wasn't farming then. I was a fulltime mechanic and just helped out on the weekends and stuff. This year worked out good as it was cold and rainy the day of our anniversary. Often times though we are in the field.
  7. 30 years ago today it snowed

    Woke up to snow on the ground 30 years ago today. It was the day that she decided to put up with me for the rest of our lives.
  8. Long time forum member passes away.

    Thanks for the info Boog and sorry to hear it. I still have my forum hat that I got from chub before the red power roundup in Mt. Pleasant in 2004.
  9. Friend's corn and cotton

    Nice crop. I tried my luck at peanuts one year and they rotted in the ground before they came up.
  10. Another 7588 on auction

    Crap, that isn't very far from me. I have heard that 7588 has sat outside every since Stanley bought it from the sale near Seymour iowa
  11. Powershift problems

    Sounds like it could be the number 1 clutch pack in the 1,3,5,R set. Probably can check pressures but its been so long since I've messed with one.
  12. Strange Bean Harvest

    Are the yields above or below expectations? Not any beans ready here yet. Few guys are starting on corn. Stuff is still pretty wet. We had some days last fall where beans didn't get dry till after 5 o'clock. hard to get much done when you only get 4 hour windows to work.
  13. Almost forgot too, the 7/16 fasteners. Some of them take a 5/8 on the bolt head and a 11/16 on the nut. Have seen some with either one of the sizes being the same on bolt and nut. Not a lot of stuff using 9/16 bolts I know about either except IH head bolts.
  14. Used to be a fine or course thread with American bolts and if you used a 1/2 wrench you knew it was a 5/16 bolt. Metric stuff, who knows. Jap stuff like the old dirt bikes and some of the forklifts I worked on some of the bolts will take a 12 or 14. American stuff will about always be a 13 or 15 and who knows what thread pitch. Only American stuff I was ever around that didn't take normal sizes was heavy nuts like some wheel bolts and nuts and some of the stuff when I worked at the pipeline. About all the 1/2 engine bolts that were original was a 7/8 instead of 3/4. I have some 5/8 dual studs that take an 1 1/16 socket on the nut. Normally would be 15/16.
  15. Can a Bent Grain Auger be fixed?

    That may be what's different. Our stuff we needed wasn't that long. I should go back and look what it cost and just see. Maybe I was just running on mental overload when I wrote the check last fall.