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  1. Vintage Ads

    Picked this up Agri-trade last Saturday in Red Deer. Like picture on the back, was take at McCormick farm in VA. I have visited it couple years ago
  2. As a younger kid, like many played with 1/16th farm toys in the garden(80's). As got older started collecting & building 1/64 farm toys(90's). Last couple years started collecting anything that said "W" on them. Mostly do that grew up around life size Super W6, for some reason the 6 series toys is next to impossible to find. Only have 3 of those, back in the 90's had Teeswater Custom Toys build a SW6. RPRU in Racine brought a W6, trip this past June brought a SW6 t/a. Been looking for a cabinet to put them in, found this one for $200 Cdn. It had one glass shelf, got local company to cut the rest. Added the led lights to show the toy tractors up better.
  3. My W series collection

    Found two more the tandem WD-9's on toytractortimes, #2 & #6 are accounted for.
  4. Vintage Ads

    Seller wanted $110, corner was ripped. So just took picture, he would come down 10 bucks. I put it back into the pile.
  5. Vintage Ads

    Picked up toy show, great shape for 1936.
  6. My W series collection

    Went national farm toy show auction on Saturday. Brought this WD-40, no box, missing steering wheel. Made of brass, amazing detail. Never had to pay before to go an auction. Picked up steering wheel from Dakota toys
  7. Vintage Ads

    Hey George, found this IH 600 ad today. Just about brought it, but once I flipped it over & saw the price. $325 in US dollars!!!. So I took a picture instead. Guess seller I was going to pay for hotel bill in dyersville ia, haha.
  8. My W series collection

    That's the 2nd 1/64 W4 I seen in the last 9 days. There was a toy show last weekend in Regina, saw it sitting in case with the 1/16 version. I had no idea that even was made, thanks confirming it. Will have to see if that seller will sell it by itself next month when I see him at the next toy show.
  9. My W series collection

    Thanks Wheatking, Toy Museum # is 18/40 Mine # is 31/40 My neighbours # is ?/40, will have to go visit him
  10. My W series collection

    If anybody has different info on any of who might of made some of the W4's, W9 gassers would be great. Also looking for people that has sales brochures, W30, 600, 650, etc. Thanks for looking.
  11. My W series collection

    The 600/650. The gassers were also made by the sister & brother inlaw of the Pioneer toys. He had passed away, then they took over trying to keep it going. That's the story they told last year of the national farm toy show. Never seen either of them, so had to add to my collection. The Diesels are from ertl.
  12. My W series collection

    The W450 line, again Spec Cast.
  13. My W series collection

    The W400's, 4 of them are from Spec cast. The gas W400 in the front was also made by Peter F, it was begging me to take it home also. haha
  14. My W series collection

    The W30 that were made by Scale models.
  15. My W series collection

    On to the W9 gassers & WD9 series. There seems to be a lot of this series made, from home to factory built.
  16. My W series collection

    The W6 was made by Pionner out eastern Minnesota I'm told. The SW6 was made in Ontario by Bill Ireland of Teeswater Toys. The SW6 t/a was made by Peter Freiheit of Red Wing MN. Its has to been one of the nicest custom built toys I have ever seen. I met Peter at his home this past June. Was just in awe in see his work shop & the beautiful toys he has made. I asked him if he would sell it, he wasn't sure about it. We chatted for couple hrs, he decided it was going to go home. I paid what he asked & I left happy with my buy. Top shelf, gave my Dad a project of making tandem WD9 in 1/64th scale. Found a guy in southern SK that made up the SW6 & the W450 like we have in real life.
  17. My W series collection

    The W4's, all are a bit different then each other. Mostly is headlights positions, decals, front wheels, etc. Top shelf has 1/43 W6&9, then pewter W9 found somewhere.
  18. My W series collection

    In 1989 went to toy show with my Dad, was just amazed by this tandem pair of W9's. Never seen anything like it, but it was $300 dollars. I never asked him for it, there was only 40 made for that show. Couple years ago, there was an older gentleman selling one of them for $150. Couldn't get $ out fast enough to purchase it. Neighbour of mine has one, grew up with his daughters so I could look at it. Also seen one in National farm toy museum.
  19. Vintage Ads

    As a young teenager I got drag one of these around the field. Was at local toy show, found a guy that could build me one. Its made out of wood other than the tires, I'm happy with it.
  20. IH SW6-TA help

    Measured the thickness of the pto pump spline, its 6" roughly. Hard to measure being on the tractor. The spline is wide open. Googled longer pto splines, found this company out Iowa that makes what we were thinking. Info says its rated for 75hp, might be lucky to get 50hp out the engine on a good day in stock form. That way you could leave the pto pump on for good. I emailed doublehh to see if they have dealers north of the border. Cause I would be interested in 1 for my 400. I would put all the hyd controls on something like this from p/auto. Then all the controls are together, one runs the loader rams, one runs the tilt, one runs the 3pt hitch. You could use both tanks, just run them in series, would for sure put a hyd filter in the system. If anybody sees flaws in my ideas, let us know.
  21. IH SW6-TA help

    Not sure if either of those tanks is really big enough for that pto pump. But to start, I would make each system separate from each other. 1 tank per system. My other idea, notice the splines in the pto pump?. Wonder if you could get male spline to go into it, then you would have a pto outshaft sticking out of the pump. It would take some fab work, thinking would need a pillow block off the hitch area to support it. Then some sort of way of keeping the male shaft from coming out, etc. Maybe somebody will chime in on this crazy idea. That's where think a machinist type person would have to have a look. That way wouldn't have to take the pump off.
  22. IH SW6-TA help

    Typically people just use a chain to stop the pump from spinning around. This is on my W450, its just a newer version of your SW6. I been messing around with trying to run a snowblower off the front of the tractor using hyd's. That idea has been kicking my ass so far. I just used a strap for now, its not final. The price has come down, think it was over 750 from p/auto couple yrs ago.
  23. IH SW6-TA help

    At the left fender, the hoses just around to the back to the hitch area to couplers. Then go forward to the ram on the right side of the tractor. Thanks for the picture of your engine, you wont have to worry about the cam gear nut coming loose. Odd the tractor has factory tank & control, but in 63 yrs anybody guess what has been done to this old girl. You 4" ram will have more lifting power, but will be slower. Bigger diameter means take more gpm to fill & move it thou.
  24. IH SW6-TA help

  25. IH SW6-TA help

    Here is our SW6 with the same pump driven off the crankshaft that you posted a link about & that's sold out. Its a live pump, once engine is running is pumping.