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  1. International T6 project

    Have a look at wiring diagrams on He used an IH tech, then taught Ag techs at college. He wiring diagrams on his website for 6V & 12V systems. He also has plug for sale to work with your 10S delco alternator. He even lists size of wire to use. I have 4 of his kits on our gas tractors from H to W450.
  2. International T6 project

    Where did you get the IH voltage gauge? I like the looks of it. Crawler looks awesome, would love to have a gasser crawler. No idea what I would do with it thou.
  3. Vintage Ads

    I like it, except for the person that made the ad doesn't even likely know what a 650 is. As the 650 has sheet metal of a W9. Also paint scheme is different from the W450.
  4. Vintage Ads

    I been looking for W4, W9 by them selves. Yet to see either 600/650 yet. Always on the look out thou
  5. Vintage Ads

  6. Vintage Ads

  7. Vintage Ads

  8. How Many W450 Wheatlands

    That tractor was built in April of '58, 223 from the end of the diesel production run. I got a W450 Gasser for free that need a coil, paid $300 Cdn for non running W450D. Seen them on Kijiji for $1000 Cdn in Ab/Sk over that last couple yrs.
  9. How Many W450 Wheatlands

    IH W-450D Produced for the U.S. Produced for Canada Produced for Foreign Total 1957 255 354 94 703 1958 101 252 52 405 What is the serial of that tractor?
  10. Somewhere I read the B series started in '83 between Case & Cummins. Maybe I was dreaming about that info
  11. Need help with Farmall 400 power steering, please

    By moving the hyd selector valves around, the engine has quit labouring at idle now. I know that I'm going to have to take the assembly off the tractor & take it all apart. I have looked in the parts manual, I can not find anything called a priority valve. Does IH call it by a different name? Where is located in the pictures I posted? thanks
  12. Need help with Farmall 400 power steering, please

    The middle lever isn't doing anything, the steel pipes have been removed. Inside lever is only one that is hooked up the a ram right now for the 3pt hitch. The outer lever is for the lines beside the seat base/battery box going to the rear of the tractor. The middle lever when moved feels like its not even hooked up side the hyd valve.
  13. Need help with Farmall 400 power steering, please

    This is where I used wrench to move from single to dual. The middle hydra-touch control valve is the one I put back to single & the engine quit labouring at idle. For some reason the middle handle when moved feels like its not hooked up to anything. There used to be a set of lines off the middle valve, but there just been taken off cause there leaking. Does not make a difference in single or dual setting. Picture #3, #4.
  14. Need help with Farmall 400 power steering, please

    Is there something behind this snap ring? Or the 6 side plug? Picture #2
  15. Need help with Farmall 400 power steering, please

    This the cover I took off to gain access to regulator valve piston/oring & the safety valve orifice. Picture #1