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  1. I asked awhile ago if could use a pump from a diesel engine to install onto a gas one. Was told the spin in the opposite direction so it will not work. As have two dead diesels with gear train driven hyd pumps. I ended up just buying a new pump for the gas engine. All the places I looked, nobody was offering a new pump for the diesel engine.
  2. Got 900 ft of gravel driveway to grade once & awhile, then county road in front of the yard that local graderman sucks at. I looked into box blades, didn't like the looks of them to do grading. They seem like there meant to move material with the back closed in. I started searching the internet, found land planes. I brought this one from local jd dealer(8ft wide), says Frontier on it. Which they sublet out & painted it off green. It works awesome for grading!, just what I wanted. I have found couple different brands out there that make for 3pt hitches & skid steers. I used to use the 8ft blade that's parked in front, but the gravel just rolls out the ends.
  3. Here is the gauge setup I was talking about. It will not measure any time of flow, but it would show if your pump is making any type of pressure. Check it cold then hot. You can get these parts at any local farm dealership, hyd shop, pretty much any place that deals in any thing to do with ag.
  4. i6

    Its no SW6TA, its got a tub frame instead of rails, no linkage of the left side either. Its an Industrial for sure, but what's up with the two handles near each fender? Anybody notice that one of the brake pedals is missing. The holy grail of the "W" series to me would be the 1939 prototype W6. There was 5 of them made, only 1 survived. That tractor was at RPRU 2016 in Racine, then is was in the auction at this year's RPRU 2017 in Des Moines. I missed the auction on Friday morning, so have no idea if it sold or where it went. 2nd choice would be the very early 400 Internationals didn't have the "W" on the hood & have the Super W's rear platform & fenders. I have one of those.
  5. The 400 pumps are sale right now, thats why I said to call them to see if they would see the 300 pump at the sale price. Normally the 400 pump is $1100. They said put them on sale, I got lucky this time for $695 & no taxes.
  6. Worthington tractors is selling new pumps for $695 right now. But that pump fits Super M to W450 thou. Maybe worth a call to see if sell 300 pumps for same price?
  7. Gears all in time, procrastinating on what to tighten nuts to. New hyd pump installed. Use tappets installed. Shinny bolts are just to hold metal cover in place till air plane gasket sealer dries a bit. Engine block was rough, that's why I used it.
  8. Since the cam was allowed to moved back & forth, 3 lifters take a beating wearing on the camshaft. The SW6 tractor that I brought for 100 bucks at an auction became engine parts for the 400. The SW6 engine was in pieces to start with. When we took it apart, it was doing the same thing. But was able to save the gear, camshaft & get 3 good tappets out it.
  9. Here is what the key & key way looked like. I took the nut off by hand. Since cam gear was flopping around, it lost some of its teeth
  10. I sent Pete a pm, he hasn't read it yet. Just sent one to Owen, thanks. When I took the hyd pump off, this what I found. Some sort of wantabee shim stock as the shaft & gear are worn out. Somebodies attempt of installing a seal.
  11. This what the pump looks from the inside. There isn't really a lot going on other that two gears spinning around. Reason I took it apart as input seal leaked into hyd oil into the engine crankcase, over filling the engine & losing all hyd function. Turns out, previous owner had replace the seal, beat it in, then used shim stock to hold the gear onto the shaft. So I needed a new pump, used gear, etc. There is 2 shaft seals, main body oring, then couple orings. Is your hyd pump leaking oil into the engine or all over its self? If not, seals aren't going to help anything. Forsure there will be wear between the gears & the housing, put this pump will be lucky to make 1200 psi/12gpm. A flow meter will plug into the rear of tractor where the hyd couplers are, can be done where ever the tractor is parked. Here is something you could try & its pretty cheap. Buy a gauge & a male end that will plug into the hyd coupler. Start the tractor, move you lever & see if you get any pressure, put the gauge to other port & move the lever again. Then do it again after the engine/hyd's are warm. This in not a flow meter, but will at least tell you if the pump is making any pressure.
  12. Finally got all the parts rounded up to repair the 400. Still needing torque specs, please. I looked up online torque spec's for 5/8, 1, 1 3/4 bolts. They are not even in the ball park for this application. Was just in S.D. & picked up a brand new hyd pump, was $400 off retail price. Figured might as well get it, pump doesn't even come with new nut or any info thou. I called all the places that sell this same replacement hyd pump, no info on that nut.
  13. This my suggestion because have used each person. For carbs, Mark's Carburetor & Magneto Service in Rice MN. He has done Farmall H & 400, Super W6 & W450 for me. There is even warranty on his carbs. Having issues with the Farmall 400 carb. Installed the carb from the W450 on the 400. Runs great, so I knew issue was with the 400 carb. Sent it back to him, being repaired right now at no cost to me. You will also get all your old parts back to prove it was repaired. Gets new bushings, shafts, etc. He is located in Rice MN, I have been to his business. I looked for a long time someone that does governors. Also searched the internet. Only found Denny's, told stay away thou. Was reading on here about diesel puller tractors. For some reason the guy also said about getting a governor rebuilt which seemed odd to me. Sent him a pm on here & got more info. Turns out its "Bob in w.c la" rebuilds them. I pm Bob, got his contact info. He did 4 governors for me on the tractors listed above. I took them to his house in Carrol IA. He had booth at RPRU last month in Des Moies. If you seatch my posts, you can see pics of his gov's & test stand.
  14. Does anybody have a ballpark price of what frame weights are going for? I know, what ever some will pay. I'm looking to purchase a set for my 400, cause I want to. I read the forum rules, said not post about selling/buying a whole tractor. Is it okay to ask if somebody is selling a set also? If this post needs to be deleted, that's okay. I'm going to west of Iowa next week to buy some 18" front wheel weights. Thanks for any info guys.
  15. Think I figured it out finally! Here is Charlie's kit on a Farmall H