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  1. SA or A??

    It's looks good and you got it hauled for a good price
  2. SA or A??

    Who did you get to haul it if you don't mind me asking
  3. SA or A??

    Try calling Countryside transportation in mich it's the company I work for our flatbed division haul all sorts of farm equipment all over the u.s. 989-883-2148
  4. Milk Tanker Question

    That was the thinking of my previous employer that 475 was more efficient but my current truck is an 2011 factory c15 set at 575 ish and pulling a 7 axle I get around 5 mpg when I hauled cattle one truck was a 475 the other two were 550s and they got the same mileage but when you hit the mountains you knew which truck was bigger
  5. Milk Tanker Question

    That would've been a 8 axle trl with a brand new 06 ken worth t800 with a cat c15 set at 475😞 because 550 used so much more fuel (so I was told) we are allowed 160 thou in mich when I pull the doubles I would gross 173 hauling the same 110 thou in milk
  6. Milk Tanker Question

    90 net. When I hauled milk I put in 112 thou in the tank 163 gross the fuller the tank the less room the product had to move
  7. anything I need to know before going to Canada

    You can't have any felonies or drunk driving on your record or they'll turn you around I never change any money over I just use my debit card most truckstops and service plazas will accept US money but they give you Canadian change
  8. Ih 1206 vs Jd 4320

    Allis came up with that weight transfer hitch in the mid fifty's for the wd45 its nice to see mother deer was borrowing ideas way back then