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  1. Convincing dad not to switch oil!

    NAPA version of Hy-tran, been using this in my 100 crawler power shift for years.
  2. Sad Day , Got to put German Short Hair Pointer Down

    560, She will always be in your heart, We had to put our Shorthair down two years ago, 15-1/2 years with her, went everywhere with me, followed me plowing, she loved the gophers, I feel for you. Louie
  3. Starting to fix steering clutch on TD-9

    As long as you have it torn down do the other side too, it never fails in 6 months you will be doing it too.
  4. BD144. Main bearing change w/out Crank removal?

    Yes you can, there is a tool made (or you can make your own) that slips into the oil hole, it protrudes enough that when you turn the crank it pushes the bearing shell out. Before changing the bearings check the clearance with pasti-gauge, if the clearance is within spec I would leave them.
  5. Going for it

    I see it now, much better picture of the coupler.
  6. Going for it

    Looks like you are missing the clutch brake lining or is it the way the picture is taken?
  7. Dt282 parts in Oz

    Yes, that is the location of the engine serial number
  8. Dt282 parts in Oz

    Naturally aspirated 282's (D282) use the same parts, might make looking for parts easier.
  9. B Farmall pushrods

    That looks the way they are suppose to, you did good!
  10. B Farmall pushrods

    Be sure you back off on the adjusters before you tighten the stands down.
  11. B Farmall pushrods

    Your first picture, pushrod on the left looks bent or is it the way the photo was taken. To check for bend pushrods roll them on a surface plate or piece of class.
  12. TD7C dozer mounting clamp missing

    Kevin, you got my interest going, being that we are in the process of painting our 100C it is up on blocks, I took some pictures of the clamp and got some dimensions, the clamp is 6-9/16" long x 2-15/16" wide x 2-7/8" high, the bolts holes are 4-1/2" center to center, they appear to be 7/8" bolts, I did not pull them out. I believe they are the same as the dozer, the pivot shaft is the same. If it was me I would try and get one of those from FP Smith.
  13. TD7C dozer mounting clamp missing

    This is a 100C loader parts picture, does the clamp look like #10
  14. TD7C undercarriage parts

    The idler shaft is removable, it is not welded, a puller set up while applying heat to the casting will remove the shaft. If the shaft is welded someone did that during it's life. Sure will be a lot easier to build the shaft up with weld while on a bench, then it can be turned down on a lathe setup with a tool post grinder. Do not let the casting get red hot.
  15. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    Nelson, the pre-combustion chambers are marked with UP on the side wall of the body. When looking for a head try and find a late head, IN valve: 1.680, EX valve: 1.375, early head IN valve: 1.650, EX valve: 1.300. You can also have the bigger valves installed in the early head. Those dimension are nominal, the book has a range of plus/minus .005 The pre-combustion chamber installs with the port hole toward the bottom.