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  1. TD-9B G Transmission oil

    The lubricator nozzle can be made if you can't find one, IH part # 310 944 R91 (700329). It is 1/4 inch OD x 12 inches long, soft steel as it bends very easy, hydraulic brake line would be ideal, the threaded end is 3/8 inch male pipe thread. The pump canister is Lincoln, the complete assembly IH part # 309 015 R91 (700225). The numbers in parenthesis I believe are Lincoln numbers. The rollers use the 90 w gear oil, rollers are 1000 hour lube, they should have a square drive pipe plug or an allen head pipe plug. The tube goes into the roller, pump the gear oil until oil runs out. As far as the engine clutch I would make sure it is adjusted to specification, clean the disc and flywheel with lots of brake clean, make sure the plug is out on the bottom of the clutch housing while doing this.
  2. early model t-340 Drott rebuild & pics

    Very nice, you did a beautiful job on the restoration. Looking at that dash brings back memories.
  3. TD-9B G Transmission oil

    90 w gear oil in the transmission. Is it leaking from the front transmission seal, if so it's not to hard to change, you need to pull the clutch to change the front seal. There is a drain plug at the bottom of the clutch compartment, 1/2 inch drive ratchet or breaker bar will be needed to take it out to drain the clutch compartment. It looks like you may be leaking from the upper spline shaft bearing retainer, check that the bolts are tight or you may need to remove the cover to put in a new gasket. It looks like the clutch brake lining is missing, you should replace that when you pull the clutch out. You want 40-45 lbs. of pull on the clutch lever to engage, if not adjust the clutch. That is a clean looking clutch compartment.
  4. TD6 Final failure

  5. 1966 IH TD9B Crawler Tractor

    Is it popping out of gear?
  6. Herbert, Mike is right, I have never gone to IH for Hydraulic parts, we have a Hydraulic cylinder rebuilding shop close by, they rebuild cylinders, any size, there are Hydraulic pump shops in my area also that we use when we need pump work, you can have the couplers made at any good machine shop. These machines may be old but they are not dead.
  7. Wear limits

    Thanks Kevin, printed it out for inserting into my service manuals
  8. 150 loader tracks needed

    150, The TD9B crawler is a five roller frame, 36 links, the 150 is a 6 roller frame, 39 links, be sure what you buy has the right number of links.
  9. Auxiliary hydraulics, pto is a manual lever on the left side of the seat. I think you are right on the sales brochure being a 61 series but the air filter looks like it's on the right side of the hood, 61 series are on the left. Picture may be artwork.
  10. This is the hydraulic system out of parts book TC- 83B. Picture of my TD6 with what is listed as increased capacity hydraulic system.
  11. You have the right model numbers but the hydraulic tank and valves look different than what's in my parts book. Does your hydraulics look like what is in the images?
  12. I have TD-83B, dated March 1967. It cover crawler tractors, loaders and sideboom tractors. The only things pertaining to loaders is the radiator shutter attachment, outboard fan attachment, counterweight attachment, two speed reverse attachment, heavy hood attachment, side door attachment, different track shoe attachments, different hydraulic pump attachments, this parts book does not show any of the dozer pieces
  13. TD6 Dozer/Loader

  14. TD6 steering clutch help please.

    Adjust the steering clutch arms to have 4 inches of free travel. These explain how to do the steering clutches and brake adjustment. Pretty easy to do, just takes time and it's a dirty job.
  15. Removing Roosa Master pump

    Still at TDC? You did not turn the engine over? This will guide you in setting the timing of the pump