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  1. Hidden foreign land ownership in Wisconsin

    I Wonder what the "Native American Indian" said about the foreigner's moving in 250 years ago???
  2. Dec 7th

    I'm Was born in 1956, My father was a teen in a One room school house in rural mid Michigan, His mother (my Grand 'ma) was his Teacher, When I asked about that event, of Dec. 7th, he recalled it took a few days for a local newspaper to have most of the information about Pearl Harbor, Electric power hadn't been connected to that part of the county yet. He said, The following Sunday The "Church Service" was dedicated to those folks that were lost, A member of the "Military" was at the church to share what he "Knew" about the "Japanese Attach" . In January of my dad's Senior in high school, He and a group of young men went to Detroit Mi. and "Enlisted in the Navy" . Dad was placed on a "Fuel Tanker ship" a floating gas station to refuel destroyers and aircraft carriers in the " Pacific Ocean" . Dad had some great story's of what he saw. He Never left the "Ship" , these tanker ships were extremely powerful, and when they were completely full of fuel most of ship was all but bellow the water line of the ocean, at full power they would slid in next to a cruiser while still in motion, hook up fuel lines and unload, as the fuel was moved to another ship there ship would "Rise" out of the water and be Exposed to "enemy aircraft" he was on a empty ship without weapons to defend it self, a " Floating ship full of fuel fumes " After they Refueled the combat ships, they headed back to refill there ship at the nearest fuel depot and back out to the emptiest "Navel Battleship". Dad came back to his family farm in 1947. the rest is "History". Jim Droscha
  3. Combine alternator question

    The Motorola on our 466 powered 1660 failed while I was harvesting beans the other night. the next morning I went to the dealer to trade in my tired alternator. they didn't have one, would be a couple of day's wait, I said I would search for one. Diesel Equipment in Potterville MI. sell's & repairs injector pumps, Turbo's & other fuel equipment, I had seen an alternator sitting on the counter when I had a set of injectors rebuilt a couple of weeks ago, I called them, told them of my model of combine, they had a new "Bosch" for $250.00. bolted right up, This was a easy install. Never seen the lights so" bright ", They took my Motorola in trade, I Like these folk's, lots of Inventory. Jim
  4. Odd looking H

    We need to link this picture to the "Farmall Super HTA" thread on the general redpower site, maybe the owners of the HTA would offer big bucks for a experimental "GM" powered "H" . Jim
  5. Dad's (Blue) Tractor

    A great find!!! A restoration of your dad's equipment always has satisfying results. In 1996 our neighbor, a true IH man was at a Backrupsey farm auction, on the sale bill was a open station 9600, with duels, average condition, 5200 Hrs. Only Ford in the lineup of 8 John Deere's, smallest being a 4030, The auctioneer was down to $2500.00 for a starting bid, he bought it for $2600.00. He" bolted" the Ford to his "BetterBuilt" 5000 gallon tank spreader, The hired Man could make the that Ford "Smoke". He retired and repainted the 9600 2 years ago, "Tony" is correct it looks good setting next to a bright red open station 1086. Jim
  6. Corn Picking with the 14P and Farmall H

    Nice pictures, The pictures brought back a flood of good farm feelings. I have memories of my dad using a F14 and planter (as pictured) on our dairy farm, He would plant his small farm fields, then load the F14 and mounted planter on a flat bed wagon hitched his old "Dodge" truck to haul the 18 miles to grandpa's farm ,and help plant grandpa's large farm. The spring of 1960 the plank that was acting as the ramp for the rear tire of F14 "Snapped" just as the tractor was all but on the flat bed wagon, because of the speed of the tractor dad needed to make this steep drive up onto the wagon and that narrow 5th wheel style hay wagon, caused that old F14 to "Flip" upside down in to the soft lawn next to the farm driveway, "Dad" had the Sense to leap from the tractor seat and rolled on the soft ground unhurt, the odd thing was dad had a short exhaust elbow on the engine, so the upside down engine in the tractor was not harmed, the rear tires were so tall (as can be seen in your picture), the steering wheel was not damaged, the fenders were pushed to the tread of the tires and seemed to be unharmed, and the heavy cast iron steering box above the radiator was unhurt. The chains hooked to the farmall F14, to put it back on its feet did more damage to the tractor than the rollover, The planter didn't do as well, the half full boxes of corn and fertilizer distorted the brackets. It was broken beyond repair. I was able to witness the rollover as "Dad" had put me in the Dodge's pickup box out of harms way. Dad traded the "Farmall F14" a few days later for a Farmall "400" and a new john deere 494A 4 row planter, The JD dealer had taken the "400" in trade for a JD 4010. The dealer knew dad and grandpa needed a planter, the John Deere dealer made a deal they couldn't" pass up. (My Brother still has the family "400", looks like new) we used the JD 494A till the new Cyclo 400 planters were demonstrated, bought the Cyclo 400 4 row planter that spring. Jim Droscha ,
  7. My new old pulling tractor

    "American agriculture history" in your driveway!!!! Can you share some the history of how it was built? Where has it been, How did you find out it was for sale? Wards tires look to be in good condition, a few 430 Lincoln's in old hot rod trucks in our area. I have often wondered, What if the first tractor's made into pullers ( such as this "M") were not accepted by the general agriculture community, Would we have the super stocks that so many of us enjoy today? Thanks for saving this bit of our "History" that so many of us enjoy. Jim Droscha
  8. Waiting for corn crust

    Thanks for keeping us informed, many of us have experienced this same situation. Glad your yields are what you want. You can tell by the number of visits to this thread that we wondered about our own crusting issues. Jim
  9. 1480 plugged rotor

    Have fun at the Wedding is the correct answer, Life is to short to miss the fun and important things. The Lords knows you too. With that said, Our neighbor plugged his " M3 gleaner" from stem to stern last year, wet conditions and 1:30 AM made him park it in the back tool shed till the next day, later the next day (a rain day) he could smell the new second cutting hay aroma, coming from the heifer barn, Except (as he tells the story at the coffee shop) he doesn't bale hay or raise livestock , You guessed the answer, that machine was cooking and very HOT!!!. They covered the grain bin, backed it out side in the rain, took off the side panels, waited for it to cool off. He said it was a 3 day event to empty It of green weeds and swollen bean pods. He cutting beans with it today!!!
  10. 1456

    I'm thinking the only gold on that tractor is the gold sheet of paper tapped to the seat.
  11. Can a Bent Grain Auger be fixed?

    My Neighbor has the same Auger, Had the same problem, He cut at the bend with a saws all, slide the tube off , also cut the auger, cut off the bad part, Use angle iron on 3 side's of the auger flitting to keep the auger true when welding, The red band with company name on it (Tube connecter ) was purchased at the dealer, slid it back together, bolted it. Look's like it was always that way.
  12. First bto auction

    Boerson's investors, purchased a large track of land one mile north of our dairy farm a year ago, a family owned farm that had been rented to a local farmer that people like and respect. The last living member of the farming family died and the children didn't live in the area. The day of the on line auction, 260 acres was split into 9 or 10 parcels, creeks and fence rows, and roadways , 3 different old farm houses, big old barns & out buildings scattered the "Ed Garvey" centennial farm. All the farm's were contiguous by the fence rows and gravel roads. All of us local farmers watched on " line" as the bidding went on, (most of the bidders weren't to creative in there bidding names, " J Droscha" as an Example") Most of the parcels averaged 60 to 70 bids in that one hour time slot that the online auction happened. I would watch, the local neighbor would bid and immediately it jumped another 10,000 dollars! none of us knew who the bidder was in our rural area. After the sale, all the parcels went to the same bidder. January 4 2017, (We had a very mild winter in this part of Michigan) Every house & barn was pushed into a hole and burned, every stone fence row was pushed into water ways and wet holes, trees along ditch banks were removed, the cross roads of "Stewart & Kinsel roads are one large soy bean field. The dry summer in mid Michigan shows you can't plant in a old farmstead's dooryard and expect crops to grow without top soil, Local Co-op has the sign's that did the spraying, Co-op Employee's don't Know the current owner today. Jim Droscha
  13. Good dog

    Our Baptist Church purchased a big old farm house to make into a rental unit late in September last year, a group of us showed up to mow the yards and paint, During the mowing process, we found an 1984 Camaro on blocks and 1979 Impala less engine and trans, All of us farm guys that mowed that day refer to that place as the redneck resort. Most of the city folks that helped that day never under stood the name we gave it!!!
  14. Rantoul 2017 - pictures

    When " Cooter" and the Kids and "I" were wondering through the tractors, We Came across this "660" . (part way through the pictures) look closely, It has a Turbo 361 bolted to the "TA" housing, Very clean job, was this a common repowering in a 660? We have a few "W9's", haven't done much with them. I have looked at several "660's" to purchase, but haven't found one that was a real powerhouse, Could someone share some info on this repower. Thanks Jim
  15. Rantoul 2017 - pictures

    Good morning, The M&W Display was very nice, 5 tractors in the display "Original cub (in the picture) 2 "H's" , "B" and an "M", "M" was Attached to a restored M&W dyno for display, a table of displayed M&W internal tractor parts, The Folks at the display were fun to listen to "Great Story's". We went to this show on Thursday to watch the "Corn Pickers" (We Enjoy these tractor mounted monsters gobble corn stalks) But we got caught up in the "beautiful displays" We missed them picking. ( in 2019 we won't miss it) Friday & Saturday we have family commitments . The 2 small children in the picture in front of the 7288 are "Cooters" ( Yup, they got there looks from "Mom & the Grandmothers!") 2019 we will take the camper & Tractors!!!! Very nice people at this event, Everyone is your neighbor, Folks we haven't met yet.