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  1. 1456

    I'm thinking the only gold on that tractor is the gold sheet of paper tapped to the seat.
  2. Can a Bent Grain Auger be fixed?

    My Neighbor has the same Auger, Had the same problem, He cut at the bend with a saws all, slide the tube off , also cut the auger, cut off the bad part, Use angle iron on 3 side's of the auger flitting to keep the auger true when welding, The red band with company name on it (Tube connecter ) was purchased at the dealer, slid it back together, bolted it. Look's like it was always that way.
  3. First bto auction

    Boerson's investors, purchased a large track of land one mile north of our dairy farm a year ago, a family owned farm that had been rented to a local farmer that people like and respect. The last living member of the farming family died and the children didn't live in the area. The day of the on line auction, 260 acres was split into 9 or 10 parcels, creeks and fence rows, and roadways , 3 different old farm houses, big old barns & out buildings scattered the "Ed Garvey" centennial farm. All the farm's were contiguous by the fence rows and gravel roads. All of us local farmers watched on " line" as the bidding went on, (most of the bidders weren't to creative in there bidding names, " J Droscha" as an Example") Most of the parcels averaged 60 to 70 bids in that one hour time slot that the online auction happened. I would watch, the local neighbor would bid and immediately it jumped another 10,000 dollars! none of us knew who the bidder was in our rural area. After the sale, all the parcels went to the same bidder. January 4 2017, (We had a very mild winter in this part of Michigan) Every house & barn was pushed into a hole and burned, every stone fence row was pushed into water ways and wet holes, trees along ditch banks were removed, the cross roads of "Stewart & Kinsel roads are one large soy bean field. The dry summer in mid Michigan shows you can't plant in a old farmstead's dooryard and expect crops to grow without top soil, Local Co-op has the sign's that did the spraying, Co-op Employee's don't Know the current owner today. Jim Droscha
  4. Good dog

    Our Baptist Church purchased a big old farm house to make into a rental unit late in September last year, a group of us showed up to mow the yards and paint, During the mowing process, we found an 1984 Camaro on blocks and 1979 Impala less engine and trans, All of us farm guys that mowed that day refer to that place as the redneck resort. Most of the city folks that helped that day never under stood the name we gave it!!!
  5. Rantoul 2017 - pictures

    When " Cooter" and the Kids and "I" were wondering through the tractors, We Came across this "660" . (part way through the pictures) look closely, It has a Turbo 361 bolted to the "TA" housing, Very clean job, was this a common repowering in a 660? We have a few "W9's", haven't done much with them. I have looked at several "660's" to purchase, but haven't found one that was a real powerhouse, Could someone share some info on this repower. Thanks Jim
  6. Rantoul 2017 - pictures

    Good morning, The M&W Display was very nice, 5 tractors in the display "Original cub (in the picture) 2 "H's" , "B" and an "M", "M" was Attached to a restored M&W dyno for display, a table of displayed M&W internal tractor parts, The Folks at the display were fun to listen to "Great Story's". We went to this show on Thursday to watch the "Corn Pickers" (We Enjoy these tractor mounted monsters gobble corn stalks) But we got caught up in the "beautiful displays" We missed them picking. ( in 2019 we won't miss it) Friday & Saturday we have family commitments . The 2 small children in the picture in front of the 7288 are "Cooters" ( Yup, they got there looks from "Mom & the Grandmothers!") 2019 we will take the camper & Tractors!!!! Very nice people at this event, Everyone is your neighbor, Folks we haven't met yet.
  7. Some neat ole JD green pics

    Nice Pic's, Is the 730 unloading off of a "International Truck"?
  8. Forum update?

    Thank You! Looks Great! Jim.
  9. 18.4 X 46 0n a 88 series tractors

    We have 18.4 X 46 Michelin tires on our 8920. they are wearing very well, I have 4 extra used tire's to put on my planting tractor, I will need new step up rims to mount these tires on our 3488, I have 18.4 X 42's on this tractor now and I need to replace these tires in the near future. Clearance next to the steps seem to be an issue. Thank you Jim
  10. Lamborghini tractors

    Our local IH dealer had a used Lamborghini 1056 in the early 1980's on his used tractor lot. He got the tractor ( and all the other off color tractors and tillage equipment) when the farmer got in trouble with the bank, all his equipment was stored at the dealership. Most of the equipment was 100 HP size. But was every color, and all odd ball brand, even Russian made stuff. I tried the DT 1056 on our dairy farm for a couple of day's, very quiet running, front wheel asst. Didn't have the lugging power in plowed ground like the 1066 did, Dad couldn't (or wouldn't) get used to getting in and out of that small tractor cab. Never asked where all the equipment went too.
  11. looking for a good 1206 for dad

    Good afternoon, We saw this tractor for sale on facebook a month or so ago, Looks like it is mostly complete, If this is a restoration project, Have fun!!!! I think you spend as much .... time, ( Which equals money) as you have into the purchase price. looking for small parts to restore this tractor, will be the things you remember about your dad 15 years from now. Good luck, Jim Droscha
  12. It's Cooter's Birthday today

    Happy Birthday Jeremy!!! I happen to know he bought his own birthday gift, "1950 ShopSmith" Model 10ER with many extra's, it looks like new!! Have a great Day!!!! (Your mother is putting "Steaks" on the grill for supper!!! )
  13. Lost my dad

    Prayers from our family, I trust he is in a better place. Jim Droscha
  14. Found Dad's 1206! Search is Over!

    Great story, I really enjoy reading about the "Lost and found" family history, We found My Wife's grand fathers 1206, we are restoring this tractor #8975. I shared some tractor story's to some of our non-farming friend's ( we have a small bible study group we meet with in the winter months) About young couples riding from the church on their family restored tractors, Most of the time we get puzzled looks from the listening members of our group, The story I used, of a family not far from us about the "Oliver 1800 (bought new in the early '60's) with help of his mom & dad, (all Oliver's on the farm, super 77 was the biggest they used at the time) By 1985 the oldest son of the 1800 owner was getting married, the young Groom set proudly in the tractor seat, with bride setting on the fully restored dark green wide fender driving off into the country. Made a great picture, Made a good partnership, 5 kids latter the kids are all in Ag related job's In 2015 the mom & dad that helped him purchased the 1800, had passed the same year, the 1800 pulled the flat rack wagon 2 different times with the caskets from the church to the cemetery plots with "us" the local farmers walking behind. Our tractor's are truly part of our lives' . The number of 4-H floats , football rallies, cheerleading stage's, Agriculture appreciation day's, that we farmers are asked to help with, and proudly do. we lost count. When we take our 1456 or 1026 into town to pull a float in a parade, (We stage the floats on the side street's till it's our turn in the parade line) young people walk by with amazement at the size of the tires, Bright shiny paint, full rack of weights, and have to touch the parts of the "Tractor Beast" sitting on the residential streets, next to their homes. Makes you think to our selves, We are less than 1% of our local community that own equipment that feed's these folks,. "God has blessed us" . And we are having fun doing our life's job. Jim Droscha
  15. 826 Serial Number Registry

    RBootsMI, Thanks for the news on this "826", You will like this information on this "826" You folks purchased this tractor from the widow of Al Schumacker, on Kinsel Rd. near Potterville MI. "Al" was a retired "GM" worker, Spent 32 years at the Lansing MI assembly Plant, A great man, Boy scout leader, great neighbor, always wanting to help the local farmers if somebody needed extra field work done, "Al" never farmed until his retirement from "GM". Purchased this "826" and a Super "H" and a lot of field equipment to be a "Farmer", Died of cancer 12 years after retirement from "GM". Seems so Unfair. Your "826" gear drive number is 16388 and has a history, you will like to know. This tractor was sold by "J R Fueslein" in Charlotte MI, To a person many of us in Mid -Michigan Know, "Jerry Van Dorpe" owner and driver of "Screamon Demon". The early Days of its life, this tractor worked in the fields, During the "County Fair Season" ( Tractor Pull Season) this tractor was hooked to a "Pulling Sled" a Few Times, This tractor was not the "Test Mule" for all the Van Dorpe's pulling tractors, because of the "358" German diesel, Head porting and pump modifications may be the only thing that might be left on this tractor. You are the 3rd owner of this "826" , the " Van Dorpe" family enjoyed putting on a good tractor pull show, and they would put this size tractor into a class that would do the best. I live 2 miles from where you purchased it from, Your tractor has been on our farm when "Al" had it. Helped haul "Silage Wagons" one wet fall from the field to our "Door Yard". All our family members "new" the history of this tractor when "Al" Purchased it. I remember my dad saying to me as we could hear the tractor coming up the road with a loaded wagon full throttle, "If that rearend is making that much noise, with us standing next to the silo with our tractor at a low "Idle" on the silo blower", "How can a Guy stand that thing sitting on the tractor seat" , "You remember that sound"! I might have bought this tractor, but I have enough projects, Enjoy this Tractor, It has a history not many tractors can tell, Jim Droscha