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  1. 656 d

    Either the grill has been replaced with an older one or the center section(with a different ser. tag) is a newer one. That tractor hasn't had the greatest home life!
  2. 656 d

    I'd check the serial number pretty close on that one. Not a '69 model if that's the original grill . 4700 is tops in my opinion. don't think I would believe 3200 hrs either
  3. Winter Tractor Show

    2+2 Guy, What fun events those "Mall Shows" are! The local all brand club that I belong to did one for many years but now the Mall has closed so we are done. One year when we featured IH we got Max Armstrong and his Super H and Super M and the Orion Samuleson F-20 and had almost 100 tractors in the Mall! Hope you can keep going.
  4. Happy or sad state of affairs

    Paul 330 U, My Generac didn't start this AM for it's weekly run. I heard it try for a second or two but wouldn't take off. Happened before in sub zero temps. It gives the overcranked message. At around noon I went out with the heat gun and warmed the regulator and gas line and it started. Rollie
  5. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone! Hope that 2018 brings everybody good things. Rollie
  6. The Home Of Misfit Toys

    Wow, those pics were not a very good way to start the day! Rollie
  7. What's Different About a High Crop Utility Tractor

    Looks like a regular 460 Farmall diesel to me. Rollie
  8. Hidden foreign land ownership in Wisconsin

    More alarming. Add to this the existance of farmland investment groups(big ones) and the tradition of individual ownership of assets, land in this case, becomes harder to maintain. Not a good thing in my opinion. Rollie
  9. I think the format change in Dec of '04 wiped out the "old" forum members start-up dates. There are still a few of us from that first one that boog mentioned. Rollie
  10. I cant wait for christmas

    Great story Jerry. Kind of the same here. Who could care about pedaling anything when you couild drive a tractor. Especially when you thought it was YOUR tractor! Rollie
  11. Dad passed away

    Terribly tough thing to go through JD. My sympathies on the loss of your Dad. Rollie
  12. Hydrostatic tractors on a grain cart.

    Cliff nailed this one! I've always thought about how nice the hydro would be to smoothly load hopper trailers with the cart. Guess you can do the same with the CVT tractors. Rollie
  13. Birthdays

    Well, thanks for the wishes and happy birthday to all of the other 10/31 er's. Rollie
  14. 30 years ago today it snowed

    Well congratulations and happy Anniversary Dan! Closing in on 50 yrs here. Rollie
  15. Long time forum member passes away.

    Such sad news. Makes that old Red Power Forum hat a little more special. My sympathies to Chub's family. Rollie Moore