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  1. C-72 grader

    I was watching a video on Youtube about a Super C. The guy is selling it with implements. He had a C-72 grader blade. Its a two point hitch mid mount. Looks pretty nice! The picture is a image of one. The question I have to know " How in the world do you hook up?" I am guessing you have to turn the full left or right then lay down the front controls then pull out??
  2. Veteran day

    On Veterans Day there is a division in this country! Those with a DD-214 and the ones that don't! For all those kneeling athletes go ahead kneel because I and all fellow veterans stood for something far greater that you! God, Country and Service! Happy Veterans Day!
  3. In happy news

    She isn't in jail yet! I bet Bernie wishes she was now!!
  4. Model 203 Year-A-Round Tractor cab

    I like to know if a model 203 Year-A-Round Tractor cab can fit on a 806?
  5. Farmall H

    Money pits are great when done!
  6. Farmall H

    This isn't mine but like to know your opinion on it. Its a model H or super H there been modified with a mid mount blade and wide axle. Possible state or county owned when new. The price is as it sits 2000! The sheet metal looks like a 4 out 5 in the picture. The fuel tank appears to have work done or new? cleaned and or weld not sure! The exhaust is bent in a 90 so may not have water in the engine. Tires look old but no way of knowing over all condition. The engine free or locked?? Hydraulic cylinders and hoses would an expensive repair! So my question is the price of 2000 fair???? When you going put at least 5000 too get going?
  7. Engine kits

    Planning to overhaul Farmall 400lp. Question is the pistons different? If the pistons different should I use the old pistons with new wrist pins and bushings?
  8. Proud new owner of a Farmall 240

    I got a 460 two point draw bar and put it on my International 240U. It does fit but sway arm was to long had to use a different bracket.Best of luck! Craigslist as a few.
  9. T340

    Will a International 340 pto fit a T340?
  10. Farmall C opinions

    I grew up driving a Super C! The C model is a great tractor!
  11. Chapter 6 State Show

    Great Pics
  12. A few weeks ago my son who is 5 said something that floored me! I think everyone in the world needs to learn this simple saying once again! As we were driving we meet another car going the other way. I wave to the guy as he waved to me! Jackson said "Who was that dad?" I said "I don't know" His response was something so simple but to the point! He said "Oh a friend you haven't met yet!" With all the BS in the world a 5 year old just solved the world biggest problem with it! Think about it!!!! After solving the world's greatest issue I bought him an ice cream!
  13. Super C brought back from the dead

    Great job! Well done!!!
  14. Tractor canopy

    I have looked for aftermarket canopies. The one I found is the This is a little far from where I'm at. I have found the one closer to me but they want the same price as the new ones. So I am thinking about bolting some angle iron to the fenders and weld a plate of 1/16 inch.