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  1. I joined May 19th 2011 which was shortly after I started at the nuke. I needed something to do when sitting a post so I started researching IH and stumbled upon this site. I believe I was looking for tractor parts at the time. I've made some very good friends here and found many supportive,knowledgeable good people here. Its like a family of tractor lovers!
  2. Trackhoe bucket repair

    It did. Luckily I was not looking directly at the point of contact as there was a good arc flash. I heard the pop and then turned around. Was a day I'll never forget. Much like the time we uncovered a steel high pressure gas main on a bank 30' above us. It was just below a wendys and another fast food joint. We shut that job down for 3 days after that one. I pooped a little bit that day! That was a severe case of miscommunication on a number of levels!
  3. Ya they drill us on tap rack ready constantly. Problem is with a stove pipe if you dont catch it and you fail to roll the ejection port down so gravity removes spent casing it only gets worse! Happened to me in a stress fire course once.
  4. Trackhoe bucket repair

    Nice work sir! I once saw a 6 inch gouge get arc'd into the bucket of a 600 komatsu ho. We shut down a city block trying to tie into the existing sanitary line. Locator was off by 3 feet.
  5. I don't post lot on here...but when I do. Poor Girl

    Thats not a bad deal for whats there.
  6. TX to IN "IH 1456 Road Trip"

    Wow thats awesome!
  7. Speaking of Elwoods

    I know the ones deere used were reguarded as crap at best. Probably why the one on epay only brought 700$.
  8. Case IH 9190 - Ever Built?

    Thats pretty neat. Imagine the work you could get done with one of those!
  9. New to me pickup.

    I always leave mine in flipped over but maybe I'll try your way. I use it enough where it really hasn't been an issue yet but my stepsons has acted up as he only uses his here and there. Dads new Super Duty has the 5th wheel prep pack from ford so it has little covers for all the holes. Works really nice so far.
  10. New to me pickup.

    Nice ride! Keep that B&W hitch and mechanism clean and lubed and they work well. Have one on my F150.
  11. 1586 Pictures

    Nice 15 matt!
  12. Speaking of Elwoods

    Deere used FWA with orbital motors driven hydraulically didn't they? Maybe a couple of those found their way onto others as well? I know this one probably isnt but I thought I heard a few did.
  13. 986 exhaust

    X2 jessie plug er up.
  14. What should this Super C cost me?

    If its loose with all those implements and like new tires 2000$ is a good deal period.
  15. Nothing wrong with being kind and helping a friend but sometimes a pre operation brief is required for people unfamiliar with older tractors. Some people just dont understand mechanics. Watched a kid try ramming the shifter through gears on a td9 with the engine wide open. I then understood why we had replaced a shift fork.
  16. Stress to your friend to go easy on the shifting and wait till it does not grind gears. Tell him to throttle down and come to a complete stop when shifting between gears. When I read your topic I knew right away your friend had been ramming and slamming the gears. You will be fixing it again if he doesn't take it easier on it. The next time you may find parts of your tranny in the bottom of the tranny case.
  17. Any of you guys heating boiler experts?

    Was Travis TCMtech?
  18. Fall red iron pics!

    Very cool Bill! Great pics. Got any of the cab of the versy? Never been inside one of those.
  19. 496 disk cylinder

    I don't know why you couldnt but then again I don't have a 496.
  20. early 706 diesel on big iron

    Well the repaint stinks and I think we all know the hours aint correct. That being said it doesnt appear they are trying to misrepresent it as anything but a 706 diesel. If it is mechanically sound I wouldn't be scared of it but chances are shes pretty rough internally. Price is fair to a little steep for what it is IMO.
  21. Anybody need a mother in law?

    Two choices as I see it. Keep the peace or drop the hammer! I don't have to worry aboot my MIL as her and my wife pretty much don't speak. She left when my wife was seven so I won't ever have to worry about her moving in with us!
  22. Japan surrenders

    Even though its a tad cheesey i like that scifi movie battleship.
  23. Shop interior walls

    Dad is gonna be putting up a shop starting this january. I think we are gonna go 40x60 with a good sized lean-to to attach to the side of it. We put up a 40x80 almost 20 years ago for storage and it was full in no time. He swears he's gonna keep the shop clear and accessable but we will see. Great stuff here guys. Chris that shop of yours is very nice and Tony i can't wait to see your finished product!
  24. Japan surrenders

    Too bad battleships are obsolete. I wish to one day visit pearl and pay my respects to the Arizona and her crew. Love the old wartime history especially WW2.
  25. And I thought I was just deplorable....

    Card carrying deplorable here. Even to the point where one of my 1st cousins blocked me on the bookface. I didn't even have to argue with him on anything he just blocked me based on my beliefs/posts. Just goes to show how truly tollerant people on the left really are and he is a hardcore lefty. His wife is worse but either way I'm probably better off not seeing their crap. I'm not very tollerant myself. I don't stomach stupidity very well but I sure wouldn't have blocked family over differing beliefs.