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    Tractor pulling and workin on old binders. 660,F-20,30,14,12,W-30,460gas,1947 M,22-36,'53 Super M,IHC model "M" hit and miss,IH 140,and a '68 cub cadet 125,'76 966bs with hinker cab and M&W turbo,cub 154 loboy.
  1. Hey that thing looks nice! I would love to have a 240,340,and a 560 since we already have the 460 and 660.
  2. How did the 806 stack up cost wise to a 4020? It WAS a direct competitor and often times could outpull a 4020. So why didn't IH just rebadge and 806,change it over to '56 style shifters, and keep the killer engine it had that already was capable of outpulling a 4020? I'm not arguing I'm just curious. I would think it woulda been a much more cost effective way for IH to keep competing with the 4020 cost and performance wise. Unless the d358 was that much cheaper to produce?
  3. Man make the trip down here to the lower 48. 660's can be had for 3 to 4 thousand if you keep your eyes peeled long enough. Its rare but they can be had for that.
  4. Yes they made fast hitch discs that would work great for your 340. Just google image "international fast hitch disc" and something should pop up. Pretty sure if you wait one will pop up on ebay or even a local craigs list. Ya its a 4 cylinder gasser so pretty standard stuff there. Is it a utility or a row cropper?
  5. Holy neglected H batman! Looks more like a '38 instead of a '48 if I were to guess by condition alone! However if a guys got the means thats a damn cheap H or good investment for a parts tractor.
  6. It is my hope this knowledge will always live on and never be buried by the buzzards! They were so close to getting back on top of the game again its silly! Like the book says it truly was a corporate tradegy! If IH would have been able to hold on we could be seeing a lot less green out there these days!
  7. Yes a 211 will work fine for you. A 2 bottom 16" plow would be about perfect. It would probably pull a 3 bottom but only at 14" at most and thats pushing it in heavy soil and hills. Any 12 volt battery for a v6 car will work. As far as that H goes if its not smoking bad or putting coolant in the oil its probably gonna be cheap and easy to fix but I understand your reservations with that. Looks like a 468 or #45 cultivator could fit your 340 but I'm not 100% on that. Not sure on the 3 point conversion but you can try steiners or yesterdays tractors,or dealerships.
  8. Also binder books is a good place for manuals.
  9. Sounds like fun was had by all!
  10. On point art!
  11. Pj makes a decent trailer. My stepson had a bumper hitch pj and it pulled nice. I also hauled a load of them home from paris texas. Seemed like nice trailers.
  12. Rick thats a good point about sitting and wiating for nothing to happen. We get that a little bit when theres global/stateside scares here at the nuke. We up our level and nothing goes down. Granted its nowhere near the level of combat units near a DZ during an active war in a cease fire or near a border with a huge and competent enemy across the way but we do get antsy.
  13. I just looked its Rush truck center out of Dallas. Currently they have nothing from Chaney for a used rig but they do have some nice 389's for sale but they are pricey! I looked up Chaney and they are a heavy haul company out of texas.
  14. Well I would go with a daycab then. For lowboy work I would not skimp on frame or suspension....those are NOT the places to save weight on a lowboy truck. Your gonna want to stay with a 379,w900 or comperably spec'd "other brand". I had peterbilts "air trac II" suspension in my daycab ride and it never ever even thought about cracking or breaking anything suspension related. I hauled anything and everything with that ride in the worst conditions possible. In and out of narrow steep field drives loaded waay past legal. That rig even was almost tipped on its side when a load hung up in -10 weather trying to dump bedding sand out of the end dump. Tracked staright as an arrow afterward. Thats not the only pete I've seen in that situation that didn't twist the frame. I've seen the outsides of the drive tires flat on the pavement and the cab and front end tilted at a 45 degree angle with the trailer flat on its side. Truck was righted and they drove it home and the tires never even wore funny after that. Thats pretty amazing IMO. You can always put alcoas on if it don't already have em and save there. Theres a company in texas named Cheney and they trade all their old 379/389's into a Pete dealer I think in Dallas and let me tell ya last I looked those trucks were spec'd for the nuclear apocolypse! At least they were. Good wet kits,thick frames,heavy suspension,big block engines and at least 10 speed tranny's.
  15. You bring up good points tanker. A first strike is gonna be messy. Much like the small combat unit we had close to the border with the soviet union. They would have pretty much been a speedbump for the soviet army. If our leadership stays the course and china doesn't suddenly throw their entire military might behind N.Korea they cannot win a war against us alone much less a fight against us and our allies. I know tech isn't the answer for everything but like tanker said its a force multiplier. Their air force and navy will not be able to approach air superiority or command of the waters around them. S.Korea may have a fight on their hands but as soon as our full military might is realized by the enemy they will fall. Historically speaking anytime our leaders give our military the reigns to operate to their full potential they can and will prevail against an enemy with inferior infastructure and equiptment.