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  1. This will make the neighbors look

    That's a neat purchase you have there. I also like the ice cream cab with the narrow front.
  2. The Girls all got a bath before fall.

    No they are 18.4 38s
  3. Another Mid- West Beauty,To retire in CA.

    Very nice addition to your fleet Tony. Great to see tractors of this caliber continue their life at another great home. Good luck on that new building Tony.
  4. The Girls all got a bath before fall.

    Thanks guys. The 986 was purchased new in 77 by dad and has over 8500 hours. It was the Big horse for a few years then the 1066 black stripe was purchased but only had a couple hundred hours on it. It also had a Q1 cab on it..noisy SOB. Took the cab off years ago after getting our first 5488 that was 2wd and took over the heavy field work that was in the early 90's. Now the 1066 is the go to tractor to move stuff around, run augers and haul manure. 5240 was only 5 years old with a few hundred hours and a nice loader on it when we picked it up. Still have loader, but it's off more than on, mainly put on in the winter for snow and clearing fence rows and stuff. Got the MFD 5488 in 2012 and it handles the planting and chisel plowing. Also have a 315 magnum for deep ripper/field cultivator/etc ...ran out of time yesterday so it didn't get its bath yet.
  5. Anyone else working on theirs?

    Did a lot of cab work over the winter on the 2188, evaporator pan and drains all chewed up by mice, so cab completely torn apart and cleaned. New fan and drain pan and hoses. Checked rest of machine over this summer along with both heads a few weeks ago. Had dealer out for A/C it's been taking a couple cans each year to keep it working. They found compressor seal was leaking bad, so new compressor, dryer and expansion valve and its working like a charm now. Hope it runs well again, we have had it for about 10 years now, and has all the updates, AFX rotor, hydraulic reverser, external sieve adjusters, unload speed up too. Put new LED headlights on this past winter so ready to see what difference that makes this fall. Beans are a week or two away, we had a lot of rain early this year and kept us out of the field until mid May, so beans are just turning now.
  6. The Girls all got a bath before fall.

    A few more of the girls... Hope you enjoy the photos...
  7. Finished getting the combine and heads all ready to go, so pulled all the tractors out and did a quick wash the dust off and aired them out. Then got them all ready for fall harvest. Should be getting into beans in a week or two. Even got the H out doing some work checking wagon tires and bearings.
  8. Mystery Machine

    That's true....You never saddle a dead horse was what I was always taught.
  9. 5088 high side shift solenoid stuck

    If I read your trouble shooting method, it sounds like you switched the solenoid wiring around and you went from high side on all the time to low side on all the time. If this is correct, that tells me that something is telling that solenoid to stay on no matter what position the gear shift lever is in. That would lead me to the micro switch on the gear switch lever being stuck on the high side and only sending current to high side solenoid, until you switched the power plugs and then go the low side to work again, but only the low side. Priority sends oil pressure to solenoids but does not switch it from one to another. Electrical issue is keeping the solenoids from switching from one side to the other. 225psi is too low and you need to get it bumped up, but you should be able to put a gauge into the fitting by each of the pressure switches and see what pressure is on each side.
  10. 5088

    Very sharp looking 50 you got there MNredfarmer. Is the bar above the cab for some mirrors? Like the rock box and the big tool box, don't see many of those in my area.
  11. hydro 186 4x4 on Govdeals

    I like the two side door windshield wipers, didn't know those were an option back then. Probably pretty handy when plowing snow to keep the dust off them.
  12. Some prayers needed

    Prayers for your dad and your family.
  13. 6788 2+2

    The drive comes off the left side still, but has a short shaft that goes into a transfer case bolted to the front of the rear end section. It transfers the power to the center shaft to drive the front end. You can actually see a good picture of it on OP's bottom picture above. The cut-away doesn't show this very well from the right hand side is all. The cut-away is still the 6x88 series, it has the small bar in the cab at the top of the console on the right hand side and the decals and front grille are 6x88 series. Hydraulics are different orientation and location on the 70 series and would have a lot of hydraulics on top of the rear transmission section on its cut-away.
  14. Need a complete door for a 7130 -- Any Ideas?

    I see Walt's and All States Parts and Bates all have the door shell.
  15. Need a complete door for a 7130 -- Any Ideas?

    Check any junk yards, bates, Abilene, bootheel and others. I got one several years ago, complete for around 1500. As others have said, you can get some new aftermarket shells but have to supply window, latches and hinge parts...if those are still good on your door it might be the best way. Sounds like your glass may be gone by your description of your door being mangled beyond repair.