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  1. Prayers for your dad and your family.
  2. The drive comes off the left side still, but has a short shaft that goes into a transfer case bolted to the front of the rear end section. It transfers the power to the center shaft to drive the front end. You can actually see a good picture of it on OP's bottom picture above. The cut-away doesn't show this very well from the right hand side is all. The cut-away is still the 6x88 series, it has the small bar in the cab at the top of the console on the right hand side and the decals and front grille are 6x88 series. Hydraulics are different orientation and location on the 70 series and would have a lot of hydraulics on top of the rear transmission section on its cut-away.
  3. I see Walt's and All States Parts and Bates all have the door shell.
  4. Check any junk yards, bates, Abilene, bootheel and others. I got one several years ago, complete for around 1500. As others have said, you can get some new aftermarket shells but have to supply window, latches and hinge parts...if those are still good on your door it might be the best way. Sounds like your glass may be gone by your description of your door being mangled beyond repair.
  5. Welcome to the forum! A lot of great people on here to share info and experiences. Sorry I can't help you with your 460 problems, never been around that series at all.
  6. Binderdan. Excactly what Braham mentioned. Nothing on steering wheel in cab all hydraulic.
  7. I looked at quite a few seats and kept telling every supplier that I wanted a suspension like the new seats in the magnums and quads like our 315 has. The ride is just a lot smoother. In the end I talked with our dealer and he crap me a price on a new CIH seat for a 315. It was only a couple hundred more than an aftermarket and cushions are much better. I did a lot of measuring and bought a second arm rest for right side and reverse engineered the bracket to go on the right side.
  8. I'm in north central Ohio, where are you located? A lot of people in this area replanting spots or tearing up complete fields and replanting. Hasn't mattered when you planted, we just got a lot on hard heavy rains, ground is concrete and a lot of corn leafing out under ground and not making it out. Corn dealers are all running out of replant seed and guys were scrambling just to find enough seed. 54 has about 220hp and running a 12/24 JD1790. Want to switch in the next few years to a CIH or Kinze with electric or hydraulic drives and not so much weight as the 1790 has. Doing corn and beans both with it.
  9. Rescue11, I see you're new to the forum and don't think I welcomed you here. Lots of great people and ideas on here and more new ones coming everyday! This is our first season with the monitor and it works very well, had a few quirks I had to figure out the first day or so, but now I know the in's and out's of using the monitor pretty well. Sure glad I put the auto-steer and the new seat in this year also...after planting, then re-planting and then some spot Three-planting the re-plant...I would have had Popeye arms from steering double the acres, and MY seat would have been really sore with that old seat still in there!! Finished today with last field of beans and all of the replanting and spot planting of corn and beans...glad its all in now...see if it grows THIS TIME! Mother Nature has been a real mother this year!
  10. Thanks for the kind words guys. Yes lots of head scratching Nate! But well worth it. NY1468--it should work on the 88's...should work on the smaller 88's and 86's just may have to find how to hook up the power beyond it may be slightly different. Hope to get her back in the field tomorrow to replant over 100 acres of corn. Ran field cultivator over the fields tonight and they worked up pretty good and tore out the first corn stand. We have had so much rain that the first several fields never got enough stand to come up and amount to anything...not to mention all the heavy rains that washed the fields in places Dad never saw wash before, what a mess, ran gullies one way then ran the field the normal way just to close them up. Beans were planted 2 weeks ago and are coming good along with the last two fields of corn. Hope the rain holds off so we can get this never-ending planting season behind us!
  11. Finished all the installation and testing the system out in the driveway, pressing on the valve solenoids activates the front steering cylinders to turn left and right, so install in complete and No Leaks!! Then the hood was put on and went to the field for calibration and final setup of system. It has been working flawlessly this spring planting, and replanting. We are running RTX Range Point and it has been very accurate. Caught our farm dog strolling under the tractor heading to the shop also. I hope this helps anyone who has been considering putting a hydraulic system on their tractors. Many Thanks to 489gus and his help!! If anyone has any questions I will try to answer them. If someone decides to make an installation on their tractor, feel free to PM me and we can talk over any concerns you may have. Loren
  12. Installing steering angle sensor on front axle king pin Installing the wiring and routing it into cab, also installed hose cover/protectors on all the new hydraulic lines. Display monitors installed in cab
  13. Lines from steering hand pump to bottom of counterbalance valve Attaching Nav II to mounting bracket and attaching to bracket I made to mount under seat Installed Nav II underneath seat, wiring comes out the back and lays behind and beside seat. Wire harness from autosteer comes under cab and up through floor plate just ahead of seat in corner to attach to Nav II cables connectors.
  14. Installing lines from autosteer valve to counterbalance valve Counterbalance valve with electrical load sense sensor installed Lines from counterbalance valve to steering lines going to front steering cylinders
  15. Pressure Line Installed Return Line and Signal Line ran under cab and up fire wall then hooked into Autosteer valve. Pressure line ran up firewall and hooked into autosteer valve