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  1. 1206 serial no.

    Farmall 1206 serial no 14290 in Waterville NY. Ernie Ford is the owner it has a fresh engine new 18.4 38s 3ld 229 turbo.It did have icb cab on it but now has fenders and still in work clothes.
  2. 3688 anything special or just another old tractor?

    up here in new York I see them from 7500$ too 1600$ I paid 9000$ for mine with 7000hrs on it but has better paint and good cab interior. guess it depends on the area, list it I could use another
  3. D282 turbo replacement

    a to4 from a allis 190 xt works well on a 282 that's a farm tractor. not a puller. I have also used the turbo from a 7700 ford that worked well but that turbo has the small t 3 bolt patern
  4. 656 block heater help

    I have had this problem with a very early 282 and did find one that worked will look for numbers on it in the morning think I got it at nappa I thought I was the only one that had stupid problems like this? 706-282
  5. 1206 Cast Centers

    My 67 I 1206 has wedgelocks 397188r1 number on them but don't know if factory or dealer installed? 706-282
  6. IH Square Balers

    nothing better than the 348 you have just get another 336-348 imo 706-282
  7. 1066 reverse drive gear

    its not that bad to do,had the 1086 with cab apart in a afternoon . I'm near utica
  8. 1066 reverse drive gear

    you must remove both axel housings then ring gear the reverse gear is on the pinon gear. where in ny are you?
  9. 1066 reverse drive gear

    if you use the tractor on the road change the gear, that gear is always turning the teeth fall off get mixed up in the oil and get caught in other gears. 706- 3688 take all the same range gears. I did two reverse gears this winter one had 7 teeth missing road tractor it needed many gears, one had 12 teeth missing never saw the road only had to change the reverse drive gear. if it was mine I would fix it before you need more gears. not that hard of a job. put a cow magnet in the hyd filter . good luck 706-282
  10. 06 - 86 main frame splitting stand

    Ford engine is a 268 out of a leaf vac bought it to replace a tired 256 in my 6600. some one drained the oil and changed the filter in the 268 started it with no oil. It needed a crank and new bearings engine had 1100hrs when this happened.
  11. 06 - 86 main frame splitting stand

    This is what I was able to build without buying anything, accept some welding rod. all the steel was used , wheels are new from another project. just needs some paint yet. thanks again to all that helped. 706-282
  12. 06 - 86 main frame splitting stand

    thanks farmall doctor and 5488 ih this is what I was looking for now ill get building. 706-282
  13. 7.3 glow plug retro connectors

    Its a good idea too put a ford starter solenoid in so your not running all the current through the glow plug button, then the glow plug button just triggers the solenoid. safer and the button lasts longer. 706-282
  14. 656 muffler

    Buy a muffler for a 706 with a 282 IH 13 Stanley number, they are baffled and much quieter than a 656 muffler. IH 13 is a little longer. 656 muffler you can look straight through like a glasspack muffler, a 706 muffler you cant see through. 706-282. $$$$ or better yet turbo it$$$$
  15. 7.3 glow plug retro connectors

    I always pound a yellow spade terminal on the new glow plug and then plug the old wire on go , no problems yet I have 3 282s like this.hope this helps. 706-282