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  1. who all grinds feed still?

    Just out of curiosity what do you put in your chicken feed?
  2. babysitting tax question

    And there you have it... The problem for me and I think for most is that to get a legit day care, they have to have enough employees and students to make it pay. That means your child is just a number at that point. The more kids the more sickness and the more your kids are sick and cant go. Then it just goes on like rsscott said above. It is a tough decision to make. Right now I have them part time at a in house daycare and the lady watches 3-4 kids and is SUPER flexible and does a great job. No paid holidays and if they aren't there no pay. She has a backup for when she is sick/gone 2 houses down. It is wonderful. BUT the job my wife is looking at wont work with her because its 15miles the wrong direction. She doesn't claim taxes either, and although I think it is unfair to me I do it anyway because she is very good with my kids.
  3. Lets see some steps

    Are these steps made by someone? I was thumbing through tractorhouse looking for step ideas and must of seen 4 or 5 just like it. Looks homemade with a toolbox built in but there is no way I could have seen that many homemade the same way.
  4. who all grinds feed still?

    ^^ That's a tough looking rig. I would bet that is still a workout for the SMD. Nice rig! are those radials on the back?
  5. Convincing dad not to switch oil!

    Well its like I said if I were in a jam. I keep hytran on hand all the time so I can only think of once or twice I had to do this. You might be right but if your alternative is to run your tractor low on oil or use a couple gallon of cheaper oil I would take my chances on mixing is all I was getting at. I agree it is not ideal.
  6. babysitting tax question

    Wrong. I have been there and checked it out with my wife and son. He is all that matters to me. I want him in a good place. I could care less whether she is licensed properly if she does a good job. And after my wife and I check out the rest of the places and that's the one we like the best we will use her regardless. My point is child care is very expensive and can be a tax break. Since I pay for this give me one reason I shouldn't be able to write it off because she doesn't want to claim income. I am pretty sure she can watch up to 6 kids in home without getting licensed. She doesn't want to pay taxes is the bottom line.
  7. babysitting tax question

    NO, she is a middle aged woman working from her home. She should be claiming income and is not, which is why I cant write it off.
  8. babysitting tax question

    It sounds like your wife has a good thing going on here. I would be very happy to have this.
  9. babysitting tax question

    That's fine if she wants the extra days off work but why should she charge me for it meanwhile I have to pay another person to watch my kids. I completely understand the normal holidays as that it expected and I am ok with that. I think she should charge for the holiday, not the extra day as well is my point.
  10. another ? 1066 fuel tank

    Especially with todays fuel put a petcock or t handle valve on that line and use it. Every tractor I own I have this and drain them once a month. Open it for a couple seconds. If it keeps any water at all from your injector pump its worth doing.
  11. Convincing dad not to switch oil!

    ^^Me Too. I am going through this right now. New to me 756 has brand new jd hyguard oil in it. The guy was proud of that oil and that he had changed it 20hrs ago just servicing the tractor. Well my very next trip to ih I will pick up 3 more buckets and drain out the hyguard and put in hytran. I don't care what it costs. I have seen first hand the oil work better with moisture and that is enough reason there. Sometime when your bored dump a little hyguard JD oil in your hand and rub it around between your fingers and do the same with hytran IH oil. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell theres a big difference. NOW if I blow a hose and need to top off a couple gallon and im in a jam I would top off with cheaper oil. But I always have the good stuff on hand and rarely run out.
  12. babysitting tax question

    So we have been looking for options on day cares for our 2 kids as my wife is looking to go back to work soon. The one place we looked, in her brochure she had that she didn't claim income for this and she didn't mess with tax papers. So because she isn't claiming any income I cant write off the child care on MY taxes!! Is this even legal?? We were recommended to this lady by the church but I wont be using her for that reason. I am pretty sure MO and federal taxes would like a cut of her income. And while were on the subject she wants 9 paid holidays. 2 days for thanksgiving, 2 for x-mas, and 2 for new years, plus all the regular ones. I politely asked her what we were supposed to do those holidays when we all just get 1 day off for that holiday like the rest of the world. I know some trade veterans day to day before thanksgiving. F THAT! is what I told my wife. IF I spend $400/month on child care and can legally write it off on my taxes then I WILL!! End of rant. I know I know I came to a tractor forum to ask a babysitting question LOL
  13. Firewood

    The forage wagon idea is a great one. The guy i remember had a old rear unload and had it covered. He would cut a truck load every so often and load it from the front and once in a while back the tractor up and kick it on and run the wood towards the back where he was using it. The way he had it figured it took a couple weeks to get from the front to the back and it had a little time to dry. There isn't an easy button when it comes to firewood. I have done any number of things. I built a log splitter for my skidsteer that is inverted so I can split from the drivers seat. That has been a life saver. I drive up to the tree with the bobcat and split right into the dump trailer. I can split a trailer load in not very long. Then I back up and unload from the rear and stack in my wood shed that sits next to my boiler. Once I cant reach the wood I close the door and dump it and let the wood slide to the back again. That keeps me from climbing in and out.
  14. failed oil filter ?

    My BIL is a mechanic and he said he had a oil filter that was dented fail one time. He claimed that where the dent was it weakened the metal and it split there after a couple hours of running. If it was actually something similar to that I could see, but the Oring failing could be from several things. How old, how tight was it, Was it the old double gasket trick?
  15. A few 1456's in town

    BAD A*%!! that's all I have to say about that...