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  1. New child

    Congratulations! We never found out the gender for any of ours either. I think that spoils a part of the joy for me, kind of like knowing what is in your Christmas present. Our first three were boys. Our neighbor said if we had a fourth boy, she was moving. Assuming we only knew how to have boys, I laughed really hard when our doctor told us "congratulations, you have a baby girl!" I still remember that moment vividly. And it is true at least for me as a Dad that there is something different and special between having a boy and a girl. I never wanted any girls and now I wouldn't trade either of my daughters for nothing. A very special Blessing. All the best for your family, Dan
  2. I/H TD-6 Engine weight

    I could be wrong but I thought my service manual spec'd it at 1200 pounds or more. I don't have it handy, but I still venture to guess a snowmobile trailer should work.
  3. Farmall C opinions

    I should add it is very nimble with a narrow front and has a impressive amount of pulling power for 23 HP. I use it for all kinds of odd jobs.
  4. Farmall C opinions

    I bought a Super C with a Woods belly mower under it to mow a 4 acre pasture/yard with. It is some of the best money I've spent. It rides much better than the lawn mower I was using. It is substantially quieter and it burns no more than a gallon an hour for what I am doing with it. Plus it has the cool factor. I am looking forward to the day I can restore my Grandfathers C. Dan
  5. Dream job...?

    I'm curious about your current job. I couldn't fathom ever having an "ice breaker session" at my place of employment.
  6. I talked to the machine shop. He said $3 a piece for either piece. HTH, Dan

    I've been wanting to do this quite a while now. Hopefully next year, I'll own a deckover trailer so I can make it happen. Dan
  8. td-14 Cab

    You should post this in the construction forum.
  9. Here are the fittings I had made for the lines I bent up. I will talk to the machinist and get a price. Dan
  10. I had those exact fittings made at a machine shop. How many are you looking for? Dan
  11. I got air cleaner parts for my SMD from Steel Wheel Ranch. Dan
  12. Well Worth The 71 Minutes

  13. Super WDR-9 project

    Try advancing the injection pump timing one mark and see if it clears up. Mine new pump would intermittently stumble and blow black smoke at high rpm. I advanced the timing slightly and it cleared up perfectly.
  14. Repaired Cam - Super MD

    No, just IH No. 1 sae 30 per the machine shop. I do not see any visual signs of unusual wear on the cam. I'm assuming it was machined like this and am really question the workmanship. The cam looks perfect with the naked eye with the oil pan off.