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  1. I was able to take the manifold apart on a Super MD without breaking anything. I'm not sure if they are the same though. Under the end caps were some springs. You had to unscrew the butterfly valves and the shaft should slide out. Just take your time and pay attention where things go. Definitely not a hard job. I had mine boiled out and replaced the shaft seals on mine. Dan
  2. I am curious if you start your engines every so often when not in use or if you leave them set until you need them. I am kinda of the opinion that a cold start every month is worse on it than just one cold start on it in the spring. What do you do and why? Thanks, Dan
  3. I have a C from my grandpa that has a spring on the linkage as you describe. I too believe it is a bandaid. I have a Super C that will start like yours if I try using the choke at all on a cold start. I know something isn't right with it, but it starts ok without a choke so I just don't use it. Thanks for your service and I wish I could help more, Dan
  4. My 53 SMD came with 15.5s mounted on 12 inch rims from the previous owner. They looked really pulled in and have wore the center off terrible from the couple hundred miles I have driven on pavement. I'm hoping 13.6's will wear a lot longer. Dan
  5. I apologize to the original poster for going off on a tangent. Doctor Evil, sadly Freeport has gone to pot a lot since you have worked here. Most of the businesses have left partially or completely and Chicago has been importing a lot of their unwanted citizens. Some parts are still good but all of my coworkers will tell you the same thing, Freeport is a dying town and shows the results of free money. Titan Tire is greatly reduced in numbers of employees from when it was a Goodyear Plant and I've heard the work conditions and pay are not near as good either. I know the general area you lived, my family farms close to there.
  6. Seriously LMAO!!! How did you happen to come across that? That used to be parked 2 blocks from where I work.
  7. Which part of Freeport is beautiful?lol I worked at Kelly Springfield while in college and still work in Freeport now but don't live there. It is depressing enough just working there. Dan
  8. For the first time in several years I feel like there is hope for this country to stop being intentionally sunk.
  9. You can drop the reservoir by using two pieces of all thread rod, one on each side and ease it on down yourself. Dan
  10. It might be the belly pump drive shaft seal if it has one. That is replaceable without splitting the tractor. Dan
  11. Hi Arno, Nice to see you posting. So far, I have installed just the two temperature gauges. One on my SMD and the other on my Super C. It is nice having an accurate temp gauge on the SMD with the sensitive head. Do you have any pictures of your fuel gauges? Thanks, Dan
  12. Hi Arno, Are you the same Arno making gauges? Thanks, Dan
  13. Is it true that using a Petronix kit will "fix" timing issues caused by slop in worn distributor bushings and slop between the shaft and cam? Thanks, Dan
  14. I'm from WI. Maybe they haven't called me yet. Dan
  15. After going through everything on my rebuilt SMD with a fine tooth comb and coming up with nothing mechanically wrong that I could see, other than the gas residue on the manifold walls. I took Cardale Bob's advice and tried using some 100LL aviation gas and I now have no more rev ups on switch over either hot or cold. It may or may not be a band aid fix but it works perfectly now. I used to shut the gas off and then let it almost die before switching over to try to keep it from reving to the moon. I killed it the first two times on 100LL because it just died, so now I actually have to give it a little diesel first. Dan