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  1. Finally we are pulling our head out of our rearend on a lot of things.
  2. Road Rage, Russian Style

    Russian Style. lol
  3. STX 325 issues

    I had a coolant loss issue on my 5.9 Cummins a few years back. It was running warmer than usual. I couldn't find a leak anywhere. I rented a coolant pressure tester and found the radiator cap was only holding about half the rated pressure. I didn't think that would cause my issue, but thankfully I was wrong. Cheap and simple.
  4. Dashing Through The Snow

    Very Nice!
  5. Who wants manuals?

    I'd take the International Diesel Engines service manual for the 14, 18 and 20 series engines if available. Shipping to 53504. Thanks, Dan
  6. I've been working on this for the last 5 years. It's still a work in progress.
  7. TD 9 over rev

    Glad I could help.
  8. TD 9 over rev

    That's great news! Thanks for the feedback.
  9. TD 9 over rev

    The RPM problems are fixed, correct?
  10. TD 9 over rev

    Now that you fixed the fuel leak, is it running normally now?
  11. 3 year old in the hospital

    Very sorry to hear about your son. It is tough when it is out of your control. Prayers for your family.
  12. Anybody need a mother in law?

    At least the end is in sight. I hope my MIL never needs a place to
  13. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Maybe it is only lacking compared to the Jetta. My Jetta was a 5 speed Automatic and would cruise up any fairly steep hill around here in cruise control without downshifting out of 5th. That impressed me. The Prius revs to the moon in cruise control to pull any of these hills. The Jetta was only rated 90 or 100 HP with 177 ft./lbs of torque. It was 10 times more fun to drive to me. I've never driven a Volt. I still would rather drive a simple diesel commuter if I could find one that didn't have all of the emission stuff.
  14. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Not to get off subject but I can give some feedback on this comparison. I commute 40 miles to work through some sizeable hills and flat land in southern WI. I had a '05 diesel Jetta I bought new and put 140k on before I sold it to buy a used '10 Prius. I sorely miss the Jetta. It kicked the crap out of the Prius in torque and overall mileage. The Jetta would get 49 mpg in the summer and 44 mpg in the winter. Was fun to drive, but the lack of a local dealership kept me from getting a new one. The Prius gets 47 mpg in the summer and 37 mpg in the winter. I just took it on a 8 hour trip to Duluth and it got 33 in the cold and headwind. The Prius really suffers in the cold and hills. Toyota tells me the batteries really lose their efficiency in the cold. I think the Prius would be best in stop and go driving, but the diesel Jetta was king in the highway commute department, at least for me. I still wish I could get an economical diesel commuter without all of the emission b.s. on it.
  15. Red Power Magazine page 90

    I forgot to mention the coupling was actually a T coupling. I can understand threading a heater into the pan, but what is the other plumbing for?