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  1. And thank you for all the replies. It's good to hear from people that have already been down the road.
  2. Strange Bean Harvest

    Down here we've had a bit of rain. Now sure how that will translate out for beans. The humidity though is kind of ridiculous. Overall it's been a decent year for hay if we could get a stretch without it sprinkling every couple days. Do you think it's just the temps?
  3. I didn't think about it, but you're right. I've never seen a load on a G before.
  4. Seems like that 4100 went cheap, unless it looks worse in person.
  5. Summer Parade picture of Petey 😊

    Same question I had.
  6. In Indiana you don't need a CDL if it's only for farm use (not personal use) up to 80,000lbs. Only good for 150 miles from your farm and only within the state to and from your farm. But, if I would buy one, I'd get a CDL anyhow.
  7. Yes, I've been knee deep in reading all this stuff for months now.
  8. Possibly so. In Indiana there is a supplementary tag you add on showing the revised GVWR as I understood them. I didn't realize you could actually run a tractor trailor for personal use (outside of farm) without the exceedingly expensive insurance. Now the wife and I are discussing goals and such as it applies to our needs for farm equipment transport and my own desire for cool stuff
  9. I understand some of the regulation in so far as forcing people to become educated about weights, trailers, road restrictions, etc... Even for my chauffeurs license (now called a for-hire endorsement) the biggest part is reading and understanding regulations and limitations regarding. The CDL I understand... it's the DOT requirements that get screwy to me. The same with insurance. It's all or nothing. Seems like there's got to be a better way to both ensure safety but also be reasonable and flexible.
  10. Anyone looking for a driving job?

    Expect more of this with assisted driving becoming more popular. The deaths in cars are already starting to climb. A year ago we had a woman who took one over a historic bridge, with full weight signage, the whole deal. of course it collapsed. I heard she is actually going to do jail time. I think that might have been over kill, but still pretty serious. http://www.newsmax.com/TheWire/paoli-bridge-collapse/2015/12/28/id/707260/
  11. That's very true. Never know how long you have a job these days.
  12. Lol... you aren't kidding. To be honest, if the haul insurance didn't go straight to 750k, I'd just go all the way and not about it, but I can't afford $500 a month for just one truck unless I was hauling for money... but I really don't need a 4th job. Though I'd probably make more driving for a living, but I can't be away from home that long either. From what I was reading I could take the CDL test with anything that falls in the category. So even if I got a medium duty and a gooseneck I could take the skills test with that. Just couldn't run anything with air brakes on it. Of course that brings me back to, medium duty or heavy duty
  13. Ah, that's possible in Iowa. Indiana equipment is also under the exemption but still the previous requirements apply... purely for farm use. As I started looking into all this stuff a few years ago, I was surprised that there were no graduations between 26k and 80k, but keeps it simple I suppose.
  14. In Indiana you don't have to have a CDL to drive even a tractor trailer if it's for farm use only (your own farm). But like F30 pointed out, you can't leave the state (which I don't have any land outside the state anyhow). It has to be explicitly farm, not personal. As a second question, if I went whole hog and got a tractor/trailer (with CDL), from what I understood from the USDOT website, you don't need a DOT number unless hauling for hire, correct? So if I got a wild hair and decided to go to a tractor show in another state, that's legal?