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  1. funniest commercial I've seen in a while.
  2. Hmm, not too far. Hard to say how much they will go for.
  3. Great looking machines. You can tell he enjoyed them. I like hearing he enjoyed sharing that interest even with the young.
  4. That works. Is that him on the last few tractors?
  5. Sounds like a great guy and a blessing to those who knew him. I'm sure he will be missed. the photos do not seem to be working for me. It just says update your account (photobucket's new thing to generate revenue).
  6. I was born after that, but the space program was a major influence and inspiration in my youth. A news event that captured the world's attention and was something positive and uplifting. Hope to see something like that again.
  7. So another topic on 06 seats got me looking for a replacement for the fiberglass one on the 806. Are there reproductions out there? Google didn't help me on this one.
  8. Wow... that's cool. I've never seen a chain drive tricycle.
  9. Pretty cool. I'd love to do something like that, but I've got too many tractors already. If my uncle takes my grandpa's 806 (his dad's of course) then I might... but I'd probably hold the spot for a 2+2
  10. Any reason for a small SUV compared to a small 4dr pickup? I don't know much about the Rogue's but the other two have reasonable durability but Honda's build quality has been suffering and I'd put them about level with an escape. But I don't know of anyone that has really put them to hard use. My sister bought a newer Honda Odyssey. I know that's not what you're looking for, but just commenting it did have some cool features.
  11. Not sure. Both the 806 and 706 had the fiberglass backs.
  12. I've sold a lot on craigslist but I see a lot of funny things on there too. I had posted a while back about a 1 ton chevy dump truck that burned to the ground. The ad actually said "ran when parked". I'm sure it had to be a joke. I think they wanted $1500 for it. Cracks me up.
  13. We are at a point today that no one trusts anything anyone else says (for reasons one way or the other). But media has always been notoriously untrustworthy and worse in recent years. Only strict liberals in the US seem to still be buying into the man made climate change thing, flexibly using heat waves or cold snaps to justify their stance, depending on which happens to be in the news at the time. Now, I do have concerns about the environment, but prime amongst those is our disposable culture. The use of plastic for all manner of convenience that is supposed to be pitched after 5 years concerns me a lot. We discussed on here not long ago how a lot of "recyclables" actually just end up in the dumps. I live somewhat close to a landfill and can personally vouch that quite a lot of recycling goes to the dump, simply sorted. Electronics are the worst... yet we are pumping out disposable electronics at alarming speed... completely supported and condoned by liberals. That attitude needs to change but it will also require a real change in both economic behaviour and lifestyles. It is my personal opinion that such changes will only come when no other option presents itself... mainly the result impoverishment. Right now our society has it pretty easy. Personally I think hardship infused a lot of character into our ancestors. It forced them to be frugal and think about choices. But it has to come naturally. Any forced hardship only causes terrible things.
  14. If it were me, I know I would regret not buying it. It's pretty clean and you won't get tied in knots driving it. Just a good fun car to drive around and remember.