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  1. Theft of new Farmall Parts out of my Truck

    sad thing is they probably will sell it all to someone for 5 or 10 bucks.
  2. Ain't that just special

    Only the media gives them any air. To be honest, I only know one... maybe two people who support PETA. And they are the types you would expect them to be. I'm sure the coasts pay more attention to them... maybe... but if it wasn't for media most wouldn't even know who they are.

    We are quickly working towards a cliff where few will be making money and no one will be able to afford anything. I don't think anything can stop it. Just have to do it the hard way. Where I live they are struggling to come up with tax money because all the jobs that replaced the old factory jobs pay half what they did while costs continue to climb. For myself and I think many others, there is also the treatment of employees. I don't trust any company to have my interests in mind. Bottom dollar is king and everyone has learned that now and has translated into bad blood. No fixes really. What I always tell people is you will never really make money working for someone else. There are exceptions of course, but they way companies have treated dedicated hard working employees has made me and a lot of people sick. They work them until they break and then boot them out the door. The company I work for has treated me well, but almost all the companies around have become horrendous. Of course no one wants to work for them because they pay little and work them like dogs. It's going to get worse until it breaks. We need an economic catharsis and it won't be pleasant for anyone. I agree though, they will automate as much as they can, but one day soon few will be left to buy their goods.

    Unless the new self driving cars are under 10k, or if suddenly everyone makes over 100k without inflation changing, they are dreaming. I can't afford a new car that won't last 10 years as it is. Have you read on all the infotainment screens these days that stop functioning under 5 years? And we expect self driving cars to behave better? No, they will place blame on something else. People can't even reliably use GPS to get to my house. I can think of a lot of times if following GPS it would have drove me straight into a building or off the road. The same GPS that is part of the self driving systems. I trust a human driver over a computer any day.

    They all still have pilots/drivers aboard. Remember when a couple years ago when airports had to realign? Imagine what would have happened without living pilots aboard. Then you also get this: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/melbourne-train-chaos-as-computer-glitch-shuts-down-all-lines/news-story/c2fa7df031ea0a5da7ca0bcfb01d2170 But now you're talking about vehicles that aren't away from roads, but right in the middle. I'm sure everyone has seen the video of the guys hacking the SUV, starting it and driving off with it without anyone in it. Engineers are warning about implementation. Think about automation in an active war environment. If we can't keep them out of our government networks, I think commerical would be extremely vulnerable. And for myself working with computers everyday, they have gotten more glitchy, not less as we ask them to do more. There is no way I'd trust my family to computer when I see what multimillion dollar computer programs mess up on a regular basis to the tunes of tens of thousands of dollars each time.
  6. A lost trait...

    That video is hilarious!
  7. todays dairy economics?

    Exactly. GM wouldn't have went under, but they certainly would have to had to reorganize. It would have been very bad for a while, but in the end it would have been better for everyone instead of propping up inflation. All it has done is prolong the issues to another day.
  8. todays dairy economics?

    Just like any other industry, it's bad when it gets too consolidated. All it takes is one poorly managed company to send the whole market into upset. But ultimately I say let them roll, but apply the same financial policies to them that everyone has to face. No bailouts. They like to use size and consequences as leverage to get treatment no one else can get.
  9. 1206 prices??!!

    Wow, I didn't know tractor tire explosions were so deadly. I guess with the lower pressure I felt more comfortable. I'll make note of that. I've only had one tractor tire blow and it was a front... and mounted at the time. Sounded like a shotgun. The tire had a failure and the inner tube came through.
  10. Ive got a sinkhole up top of our driveway

    After you fill it in, if it reforms have a sonogram done. We get some up here and you have to be careful. Sometimes there isn't much below the bottom, opening into a larger cavern underneath.
  11. A lost trait...

    It's a trait that has to be taught. I have to work with my kids on it and I remember my parents having to convey that to me. Depending on where you are from there are some areas where making eye contact can be perceived as a personal challenge. If you don't know how to deal with I can see it. Overall just a lot of timid people. Eye contact and intent require caring for more than just yourself and desiring to communicate with someone. A lot of kids are being left to fend for themselves more or less. And these days you can't tell anyone anything without it being an argument.
  12. The Other Green Invating From Down the street

    I've always liked how they looked. Their color schemes were great as well.
  13. Southern Cars and Northern Tractors

    When I first saw the picture before reading I thought you collected some Zambonis!
  14. Best area to buy a used truck?

    Yeah, Anything south isn't too bad. I know for us, if we by from southern kentucky on south, the vehicles are in tremendously better condition on the average. My 90 k3500 is rusting to pieces. Frame is still there but the leaf spring mount are rotting through as are the rear cross members. Have a 98 GMC safari as well and the body is coming apart. Cheap metal I suppose. Everything rusts in time. I got a GTX a couple years ago from So. Cal. Someone before me said it was a rust bucket. I got it out here and it had a rust bubble the size of a quarter in one of the rear quarter panels. The cleanest car of that vintage I have ever seen. Everyone I showed it to was amazed. It's all relative. Personally, it was worth the money to have it shipped from the southwest.
  15. Butter shortage in France?

    About the same for us below the mitten.