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  1. Like a little ham with your corn?

    Couldn't agree more! red211 Nothing that --- does surprises me.
  2. Battery life

    I bought all of the following equip. new '00 Case 1845C Skid Loader M. free factory battery lasted 12 - 13 yrs. still has the second battery in it now don't remember brand '01 New Holland Excav. M. free factory battery made in Germany lasted 14 yrs. kinda hated to throw that one away, it didn't have a trace of corrosion. '09 Kubota excav. M. free battery only lasted about five yrs. '10 Kubota tractor M. free still going strong ,
  3. National anthem protests

    Ian Thanks for posting ,that was a great response from Sarah, I love it! ( The Truth Hurts! ) In the future can we all refrain from using the name of the last former president on this forum? The mention of that name alone makes me ill not too mention thinking about all the damage that was done too our country. Charlie
  4. National anthem protests

    What a P O S ! at least his buddies standing behind him didn't follow suit. As everyone on this site knows he went there just to be seen and probably doesn't even know whats going on there. One more point, if the bad ol USA was giving away free phone cards or free what ever and you were required to stand up to receive said goods, I wonder what he would do then?
  5. National anthem protests

    Steve, You nailed it with the second paragraph. VERY WELLL SAID, THANK YOU! Charlie
  6. Tractor Production Locations. re-up from 2011

    Doctor Evil your a great source of IH history, I really enjoy reading your post. Charlie
  7. National anthem protests

    Well said Bitty, I don't watch any form of sports at all never have never will, too much money, too much praise! I happen to think the Hard Working Men / Women need to be praised for what they do day after day. I don't respect anybody that would protest our National Anthem or our flag Period! I would gladly pay for as many of these POS I could to leave our Great country and go live in N. Korea or under some other dictator and see what they think about our Great country after a few years with out enough food or basic needs or Freedom To Protest! Way too many Good people have died & continue to die to give me my Freedom that I love and respect! End of rant. Charlie
  8. Rantoul or Bust

    Brady Boy, Thank You for sharing all those Great pics, its very nice of you to take your time to do so. I also enjoy watching your videos of the wheat harvest in the Palouse, Great stuff! I went on a road trip to IA. back in '15 and saw a few sites along the way but was on a tight sch. and couldn't wander much but enjoyed seeing what I could. Be safe! Charlie
  9. Here is a 1486 in a museum and its pretty to

    I saw this tractor when I was a youngster and I can remember thinking two things, wow this tractor is almost new and it will be here forever in this condition and how could a famer give something away like this, funny how you can remember things like that. Who knows what would have happened if I had saw the FIVE MILLIONTH that really would have done some damage! I always liked those with cab, rear duals & MFWD with the large front tires.
  10. fastenal question

    I bought a tread chaser from them a few months back to chase the treads on my head studs, I checked it out on one and it took too much off and the nut wobbles on the treads, I took it back and told the guy what happened, he said you used it we can't take it back. So I said you sold me something that isn't right, sorry sir store policy. I should have waited another day and returned it when another employee was working and just said I didn't need it after all. Never again, I hope that their policies can stand the test of time.
  11. Sheep and shearing time.

    Hello 696IH, Thanks for sharing your pic's & video its nice to see other parts of the world. I like the flat farmland landscape with out housing developments, traffic or shopping centers intruding on it. How far are you from the coast, what type of storms do you guys get down there Hurricanes / Tornados? What are your winters like? I wish we were heading into spring / summer here instead of fall then winter, I don't like the cold at all. I hope you don't mind all the questions. Charlie
  12. Lawn Mower Recommendation

    TN, I had this question back in the early part of this summer about what brand to buy. I really wanted a Lawn Tractor but was not liking the Cubs at all (CRAZY LOOKING) and not worth the over 5 K. I looked at the Deere's, ok I guess but way to much money imo, I also looked at the Husky's not bad. I went to the Kubota dealer on Sat. morning looking for a Kubota rider but they didn't stock any, salesmen asked why not a zero? I said I didn't like them for what I had & of course, he said get on this 125 with 54'' HD deck, 25 HP K. and try it out & see what you think, Monday afternoon it was setting in my DW ready to go. I can't believe I didn't want one its sooo much more comfortable for me operate and cuts my grass better then ever. Not to mention it saves me about an hour or more. I'm really glad I bought it, I hope this helps. Charlie
  13. My new second favorite tool

    Looks like fun for you Trucker. All my tractors came from out west so I don't really have that problem with rounding / breaking bolts, except for a couple on each of the track spring guards. Charlie
  14. My new second favorite tool

    On the rear of the main frame there are two round covers (one on each side) with thumb nuts
  15. My new second favorite tool

    Hello Trucker, If you happen to have an original port cover for the steering clutch lubricator and a good set of lights I could use them on my 14A Thanks, Charlie