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  1. After dad died mom sold some equipment to them and later on I bought a corn head from them and they seemed reputable to me.
  2. Don't rush it. Let it heal properly. 40 years down the road it may make a big difference.
  3. They didn't have a 6 shooter? Lol
  4. Not much 2500 probably
  5. I'm sure he means H1 TA
  6. I'm old. Was trying to remember what LaGod told me once.....
  7. DT- diesel tractor DTT- diesel tractor turbo
  8. You need to use insecticide and later on fungicide.
  9. Best- Frank Sinatra
  10. I posted in this thread.
  11. Could be the regulator inside the alternator causing the drain.
  12. McDonalds workers want the 50k reward for alerting police. I think they should get it if they don't I wonder if the company will step up and reward them.
  13. Praying for strength to you Mark. Jerry