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  1. C263 Gas Questions

  2. safety shields

    One would think the government would force manufacturers to replace them free of charge.
  3. A waste of Michigan Tax dollars

    Could be like Illinois, we pay to keep former governors in jail.....
  4. Ford Air Bag Recall

    My 2000 has been on for ten years......
  5. Punishment for hired man? Color choice.............

    Sometimes you gotta drive the bad to appreciate the good.......
  6. Quick question

    I think he is working on a 3588.
  7. M, what oil in rear?

    Fill is on top cover, side is level.
  8. life in our corner

    Glad I’m not out there with the cough I’ve had for three weeks.....
  9. This POS put law enforcement back 15 years

    Or Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey or any other flaming liberal
  10. F240 manifold question

    Weep holes?
  11. 66 and 86 Tractors - What Are You Getting Into???

    866 is Australian I think.

    No better forum to post that I would say!
  13. Fuel problems

    When I used to have to run tractors or combine in this cold weather I would take a propane torch and heat the fuel filters for awhile before starting and it helped a lot.
  14. COLD

    This was coming thru Sterling Illinois early this am.
  15. 66 and 86 Tractors - What Are You Getting Into???

    SRC engine rebuilds are questionable at best.....