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  1. I know 8930's had the option of dual pto not sure on the 72 series
  2. See the ladder on the end? Catwalk over to door then.
  3. 180 base hp, Hypermax and Banks still have turbo kits available to bump it up some but they were slow and dirty compared to anything today.
  4. Why didn't you just swap tire,rim and hub from side to side? Then only the four bolts holding wheel to axle.
  5. Long stroke low rpm engines will surprise you.
  6. Looks like ta delete by the mcv.
  7. Southern Belle!
  8. Case uses the block for frame. There are no frame rails on them.
  9. Man my ears are ringing just from the pictures of the 15. We had two with that same cab.
  10. I got some from Walts never any problem.
  11. If it's still in Lake Geneva it's still behind the cheddar curtain
  12. That's why it's secret!
  13. Look out Mrs amsashooter!
  14. After 35 years that crap got old
  15. Heck it might be 549 gasser!