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  1. Wouldn't a hydro 86 have 15.5's?
  2. The Mack I drive at work has the 12 speed Mdrive in it.
  3. Automatics have come a long ways from the old days plus no one needs a stick for a grocery getter. I've had my 6 speed psd for 17 years after having a '95 5 speed and I much prefer the 6 speed especially starting out with heavy loads. After this year Mack will no longer offer a manual transmission only their Mdrive automated one will be offered.
  4. Man who sold that thing to you? Warranty? Lol
  5. Watch what you say to her....mine were in their teens and my nice little 45th birthday gift is 5 now...
  6. I think this came from the big red tractor book Lee Klancher put out.
  7. Don't think that is the new one. Still has old style dash with ta lever on left which they had the ta integrated into the regular shift pattern by the 88 series.
  8. I never had an issue in the newer tractors doing it.
  9. Looks like maybe an 815 combine.
  10. Another brand of tire is all.
  11. You'll need different hoods. Won't narrow that much. You'll have to shorten auger as well as frame.
  12. Does that one have cast centers for duals?
  13. Napa usually has some like that
  14. There's an axle in the pic?
  15. Way back on the one I had they were 7.60x15's