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  1. Beware of scammers!!! Tis' the season

    When they call I usually ask if they ever have any issues with anal leakage....click comes real fast!
  2. first time diabetic nice to meet you

    Truthfully bacon grease lard and butter are healthy fats. Any fats that are a solid at room temp and don’t need refrigeration your body will use for energy.
  3. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    There are more than 100 people killed everyday on our roads so the argument about driverless being unsafe is simply not true. The truck I drive now is half way to being driverless. Auto shift collision mitigation adaptive cruise control automatic braking lane departure warning reads the speed limit signs as well as alarm sounds and read out says exceeding speed limit it also has radar and reads out the speed of cehicle ahead of you. I pretty much set cruise and steer. The new Detroit auto shifts are tied to the gps and know all the terrain they are driving on and know to select the proper gear for grade curves etc. by 2020 we will see platooning of driverless trucks.
  4. 2188 unloading swing switch accident

    No but the switch will lock in transport and also in full out but you can swing auger to any position in between and stop it. You have to really be not paying attention if you hit the switch with your thumb and swing auger out.
  5. 2188 unloading swing switch accident

    Put a big sign on the window so they pay attention!
  6. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Trucking show on radio stated starting around $300k depending on options. Jerry
  7. 2188 unloading swing switch accident

    Put the safety clip in up on the top and it won’t happen
  8. Bottle bombs

  9. What should this Super C cost me?

    800-1000 tops.
  10. 966

    There is no separate power steering pump. Maybe he means the steering motor?
  11. Land rent contracts

    Right on. I was using a six figure job to try to finance the farm the last two years and said enough farm is gone wife is gone stress free now! I go run a tractor for anyone now and don’t have to make decisions.
  12. Dad passed away

    My condolences jd. Jerry
  13. Unusual Phobias or fears

    Isn’t that kinda what you’ve been doing now?
  14. Bottle bombs

    And when I saw the title at first I thought you meant those bottles with the off colored water in them truckers toss out....
  15. Bottle bombs

    Not Drano but toilet bowl cleaner. We did that 30 years ago when it was actually tin foil this stuff now a days is aluminum foil doesn’t work.