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  1. Use it for the church parking lot!
  2. In Illinois for a CEO you have to back straight, back like into a dock, and parallel park in order to pass.
  3. I see diesel being turned into noise......
  4. Better have a log book here or you'll sit there for ten hours if you're hauling for hire.
  5. Happiness is a choice. So is anger...
  6. Cam Beertz maybe? Best man in my parents wedding worked for IH then CIH for a long time, Ralph Binnie.
  7. I didn't think 390 and high performance went together.
  8. In Illinois under 26k with a gooseneck including horse/stock trailers no cdl required just a combination license. Bumper trailers ok to 26k then both will be in cdl territory. All these women showing horses are illegal but my bil delivering hay got popped and had to sit there and wait until qualified driver showed up to drive it. I'm cdl with triples endorsement so no worries for me.
  9. Most of the Case stores were company owned in our area so the IH dealers got to stay.
  10. Down to just one in the hoosegow now!
  11. Last summer one from our coop didn't see or hear the train coming. Killed instantly.
  12. Did you buy this out of Illinois? Looks just like the one my brother just had on auction time. He used to pull the 4 bottom at plow days and it never starved for fuel. Extra fuel pump was always unhooked as long as he has it. He bought it out of Wisconsin.
  13. If he pulls it in Illinois he will at least need a combination license to pull it.
  14. Most electronic cats I've heard about have easily made a million some n-14's easily make 1.5 before needing overhauls.
  15. Why did it need an overhaul with only 500k on it?