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  1. Where was the IH dealership located in maquoketa?
  2. Trip to the USA

    Just down the road from my house when u come visit the magnum tractor plant. Just a short 3hr drive to dyersville then.
  3. Change of pace

    No video. It’s been awhile since I ran one. This one has a ton of power. 6.8 Deere engine. All the old ones I ran, had 2 stroke Detroits. I like the joysticks to control the wings but the electric over hydraulic switches for the templates are really unhandy. I think id still rather have manual levers on the dash and maybe cable wings. I could make ballast fly with those.Have got keep the rock moving, MkIV and a backup tamper can really put out footage. Not like the old days behind a MIII that was broke all the time.
  4. Powershift problems

    That’s right, the “first” gear behind the odd/ even clutchpacks. 👍
  5. Change of pace

    Got to run the ballast regulator on the surfgang this weekend. Nice break from welding.
  6. Powershift problems

    Low range clutch pac is the common denominator with the gears mentioned.
  7. Quest is over, 6*88 2+2 showed up

    Was that the one for sale out by Iowa city, Iowa a few weeks back?
  8. Poetic Justice Finally

  9. Poetic Justice Finally

  10. Rantoul HCOP pics and videos

    What reason would I lie about walking the whole show? It's not that hard to make an effort. No one said u had to walk. I chose to 5k isn't exactly a marathon.
  11. Rantoul HCOP pics and videos

    I walked the show. Saw everything plowing, shelling earcorn. Combining beans, picking corn and walking all the static displays. Seemed ridiculous to me all the carts' and utvs'. I understand if ur elderly or have young kids along but it seems to me there were a lot of people that should have been walking. Would have done them a lot of good.of course the shape they are in it might have done them in as well. Not passing judgement. Just my opinion. There was one cart there that some Mennonite people had. Was pedal powered. There should be more of those to rent.
  12. Magnum

    Did u take the plug out of the bell housing? They like to fill up with oil. Usually engine. Sometimes trans.
  13. Western Star side dump

    Most have or always used to have a set of chains on each side of the frame, behind the cab. with a rail tong like clamp to hold the truck on the rail. when dumping off to the side, perpendicular to the tracks.
  14. Missing has been found

    I have one of those. Not in quite as good of shape tho. 😕
  15. 400 LP problems

    Points maybe? Does it make a difference when u switch it from vapor to liquid? Propane filter?