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  1. Not comericial grade. But not junk either. Way better than my old cub cadet rzt50. Was a demo model. With 8hrs on it. They have really good post season deals on demos. Newest version of this model is the Patriot.
  2. Best stand out there for rearend work. Imho.
  3. Could be a 2455 also.
  4. For the Coleman transfer case of the Elwood?
  5. Have you eliminated the muffler? Usually good for dropping the egts at least a bar on the gauge.
  6. πŸΆπŸ˜ŠπŸΆπŸ‘
  7. Good job cattech. I knew I wasn't seeing things.
  8. The thought had crossed my mind. Just want to know for sure.
  9. Coming home from work today and watched a new magnum right from the factory turn in front of me at the intersection. I did a double take and a triple take. The decal was definitely 3154. What did I miss??? Have they come out with a new numbering system? It doesn't show anything on their website. I know I wasn't seeing things. I was in a state of shock otherwise I would have snapped a picture for evidence.
  10. yep, had one set up similar to Danny's. pulled 2nd hi. Was a fun ride.
  11. What did the 4386 sell for?
  12. Crossing renewal, Mooreland ave. Waukesha, Wisconsin. Mp98.6