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  1. I'm in! Only 50 miles away. When can I come get it?
  2. That's Skip! He is 16lbs too! His dad is only 8.6, mom 10
  3. It's nice that u could help her. 😊 I love my yorkies. I wish I could help all the dogs.
  4. The older I get the less people I like the more I like my dogs. We have 6. This is fritzi and his son skip.
  5. X2, I personally don't care who you call what. But if u want the advice of others that know a whole lot more than you apparently do. It would be wise to listen. Especially pete23.
  6. .
  7. That's the whole point of a TA shifting on the go so u don't have to use the clutch. Ur causing a lot of excessive unessacary clutch wear for no reason.
  8. sold! $12000 & &13500. Minus all weights.
  9. Samsung or LG, make sure it has the 120hz refresh rate. Depends on ur budget I'd look at the new UHDtvs also. It's an amazing difference as compared to an HDTV.
  10. I have a 251. Just the next older model of the 252. Keep an eye out for one of those.
  11. No, just disconnected.
  12. Awsome tractor, would look good at my house, Craig... 😉
  13. Nope my '75 is not louvered.
  14. It is his tractor.
  15. Serial #14136 has seen better days.