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  1. CaseIH 7130 #2

    Was around Racine/Sturtevant, somewhere. I cannot come up with the name of the trucking company. The mind is the first thing to go I guess, when we get old. 😕
  2. CaseIH 7130 #2

    Obviously spirit of ‘76. I think the 1594 was the last one built at Doncaster. The others are of course 5488 #4452.
  3. CaseIH 7130 #2

    It was at the company caseIH used to ship tractors. The name escapes me now. Everything was outside. As I recall it was around 2007 when I took these pictures. The 5488 was there to go to the 100 anniversary IH show in Illinois.
  4. IH service tools

    Some of the service tools I’ve collected over the years. Most all are for the 88 series. Only one I don’t know of for sure what it is for.
  5. CaseIH 7130 #2

    It’s my fault I didn’t get any more pics of it while I was there. I should have taken a closer look at it. I was more interested in the 5488 they had there, Serial #4452.
  6. Tractor pics

    It was a horse for sure. Was the same one I used to pull with before I bought the mfwd for it.
  7. 6R 1200 planters - good, bad, ugly.

    We have a 6row 1200 no fertilizer. Had a 400 cycle before that. Quite a step up. Use it only for planting beans. The row units are very similar to the 800-955s. We have have different seed disks for different sized beans. Helps to control the speed of the disk in relation to the population. Stand is great, for beans. Can’t comment about corn. Have not had any issues with it, other than the afs universal display. I think it’s more me than it. Is also nice that it has yetter trash whips on it also. Has a pto 1000rpm pto pump. We run off a John Deere 4020. No issuse or problems with it at all.
  8. CaseIH 7130 #2

    Found some more old pics from caseIH
  9. Tractor pics

    All around 2003 My first 5488, on the right. Buddy’s 1st 52 on the left. Super M the day my fiancé picked it up from Jim Johnson in Iowa. And 1566 with 26’ brillion field cultivator.
  10. 527 B

    My dad and uncle have a 527b. They try to pull it with 7130mfwd. It has the power. Nowhere near enough traction tho. Tractor will spin out immediately if u sink it in to deep. Id rather they have a 7 shank caseih/dmi 6750. 4 chisel shanks an 3 subsoiler shanks. That or one of those newer blue landoll disc chisels. Points need to be ran in the hardpan or just below to be effective in living and fracturing the soil.
  11. Gehl gx45

    Anybody know anything about this model of mini excavator? I can find much on the web. Talked to them today. ‘92 model 4000hrs 46hp Isuzu diesel. About a 12000lb machine. Just can’t find any others like it to compare it to. Or find any reveiws on it, Good, bad or otherwise.
  12. Where was the IH dealership located in maquoketa?
  13. Trip to the USA

    Just down the road from my house when u come visit the magnum tractor plant. Just a short 3hr drive to dyersville then.
  14. Change of pace

    No video. It’s been awhile since I ran one. This one has a ton of power. 6.8 Deere engine. All the old ones I ran, had 2 stroke Detroits. I like the joysticks to control the wings but the electric over hydraulic switches for the templates are really unhandy. I think id still rather have manual levers on the dash and maybe cable wings. I could make ballast fly with those.Have got keep the rock moving, MkIV and a backup tamper can really put out footage. Not like the old days behind a MIII that was broke all the time.
  15. Powershift problems

    That’s right, the “first” gear behind the odd/ even clutchpacks. 👍