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  1. yep, had one set up similar to Danny's. pulled 2nd hi. Was a fun ride.
  2. What did the 4386 sell for?
  3. Crossing renewal, Mooreland ave. Waukesha, Wisconsin. Mp98.6
  4. No. Super 70 series are closer related to a 52 & 5488 than anything else. Other than how they look and being called a 2+2 they are not interchangeable with a 30 or 60 series. Especially the centerline driveshaft.
  5. I've spot sprayed crossbow on my lawn to kill broadleaf plantain. Worked well on the weeds killed the lawn though also. 😕
  6. 7pulls the past 3 weeks already. East Troy, shopiere, Big bend, Jefferson, Waukesha. lake county was Thursday. Racine county was last nite. Kreuschers 966 got 1st on Thursday and 3rd last nite. Boone, mchenery & Kenosha county will all be coming up in August. Couple of other pulls in September and that's about it.
  7. I'm in! Only 50 miles away. When can I come get it?
  8. That's Skip! He is 16lbs too! His dad is only 8.6, mom 10
  9. It's nice that u could help her. 😊 I love my yorkies. I wish I could help all the dogs.
  10. The older I get the less people I like the more I like my dogs. We have 6. This is fritzi and his son skip.
  11. X2, I personally don't care who you call what. But if u want the advice of others that know a whole lot more than you apparently do. It would be wise to listen. Especially pete23.
  12. .
  13. That's the whole point of a TA shifting on the go so u don't have to use the clutch. Ur causing a lot of excessive unessacary clutch wear for no reason.
  14. sold! $12000 & &13500. Minus all weights.