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  1. A side note if your hauling big square bales ,They require two staps anything over four feet long requires 2 also watch working load limit of straps.
  2. Hope everyone had a great day.
  3. Congratulations BJ nice loking outfit. Next purchase chains and binders, I woulld suggest getting rachet binders.
  4. Hope all you guys have a great day. It's the Lords day of rest so take it easy.
  5. happy birthday hope you all had a great day.
  6. Hope you guys have a great day., Iowaboy1965 buy that car as a birthday gift for yourself. If you don't try to get that car you will regret ti someday.
  7. Hope you all have a great day. Todd if your out in the feilds all day you should have something tall and cld when you get home.John
  8. Happy birthday guys hope you had A GREAT DAY.
  9. Hope you guys have a great day.
  10. Weber Tractor Works, / 10 Elderberry Dr. Newton,Ill 62448 / 618-783-4102 /815-335-9232 /email : That everything off of their ad.
  11. Hoping all you guys have a great day and many more birthdays to come.
  12. Consider prayers sent.
  13. Hope you guys had a good day.
  14. How did your auction go? Did you have a good turn out? hope your enjoying the freedom from milking every day, that's what we learned there is life after cows. John
  15. Happy birthday Guys & the USA