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  1. Sad night for a good guy...

    Prayers for your bil and family. Thankfully no one was hurt,things can be replaced.
  2. Dad passed away

    Sorry for your loss,You and your family will be in our prayers. Your dad will be celebrating Christmas with Jesus.
  3. Happy birthday Farmerboy72

    Happy birthday to all hope you had a great day.
  4. Will I lose all of my hydraulic fluid

    On what tractor or peice of equioment?
  5. Happy Birthday Jesse in Wis

    Happy birthday Jesse Hope you have a greatday.
  6. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday to all.
  7. Quick thank you

    I enjoy your posts also , so thank you.
  8. Happy Birthday ny bill o

    Happy birthday Bill , I won't forget it in the future because it's my wifes also.
  9. Happy Birthday Smoker and others

    Happy birthday ,Hope you all had agreat day.
  10. Birthdays

    happy birthday guys.
  11. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday guys , hope you have many more.
  12. hey Wilson! happy birthday!

    Happy birthday to you guys, have agreat day.
  13. Gittin` the "wood"

    Your absoluly right.
  14. Happy Birthday

    Hope you guys have a great day.