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  1. That's different,.sure sounds alot like Mr. Cash
  2. Happy birthday Hope you all have a great day.
  3. Happy birthday guys
  4. I agree with IHrunner.
  5. If i remember correctly if there is any alfalfa left in the stand there will be a toxin in the ground from the alfalfa, so you would have to rotate away for a year.
  6. You and your family have our deepest sympathies and will be in our prayers. I lost my dad 14 years ago,still miss him,i've still got mom and memories.
  7. I envy you being able to get down on that bike and pedal . Enjoy being young and flexible. Fun video.
  8. Hope you guys all had a great day. Happy birthday.
  9. Happy Birthday guys hope you all had a great day and many more.
  10. I think he's fishing for information on you for possible identity theft.
  11. Hope every one has a wonderful day.
  12. Consider it done Bill. Easter is tomorrow when Jesus rose from death so we who believe will also rise on the last day,should be of comfort.
  13. Congratulations on your retirement. I second all the comments already made , i keep hearing that once you retire you get busier than went working. God's blessings.
  14. Congratulations, Your new blessing, means that your life will never be the same.It will be Better ,enjoy him while he's small, they grow fast.
  15. Thanks guys It's been a pretty good day, got 3 loads delivered,empty now pick up one load in the morning that should use up the morning then take off for the Holy hours and the rest of the weekend. Looking forward to seeing everyone at RPRU. Thanks Again John