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  1. You have our sympathies, you will all be in our prayers.
  2. That's really cool looking. How about a picture from the rear?
  3. Happy Birthday Guys Hope you had a good day.
  4. Happy birthday guys Hope you all have a great day and many more.
  5. Happy birthday guys.
  6. Welcome back home and Thank You to all of our outfit for your service.
  7. Welcome back.
  8. Welcome aboard .
  9. Living,learning and planting pioneer
  10. I heard that too, just hope celebraty status doesn't make his head swell. ha ha
  11. Hope you have had a great day, and had time to enjoy it . Know your busy with work and planning for RPRU 2017. See you in June.
  12. Ok thanks for the replies.
  13. I have the opportunity to get 2 5 gallon pails of low ash 30w both are still sealed . What are they worth?
  14. That is cool.
  15. Happy Birthday. hope you have a great day even with the snow.