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  1. What to do with old tires ???

    That's the way they do it here too. That also includes other big and bulky items such as old appliances and TV's.
  2. Spark plug Question

    Just buy Danny Anderson a round trip ticket and a room for one night. Bet he can get'er going right in no time at all. :-)
  3. Again and again

  4. I want to know more about IH??????????????

    My question would be "Why weren't all the records better preserved?" For example, what new tractors were shipped to each dealer and sold and when? And records to clear up some of the controversy and misconceptions about the early LP tractors?
  5. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Yep I Guess cause it is what l grew up with. This one pic you posted looks like a later style tank on that F-20, like off a M? Did your Dad build that system himself?
  6. Remembering the farm crisis

    I was in the FFA my Jr. and Sr. years, graduated in '72. Was the chapter Sgt. At Arms my Sr. year. If I remember right, didn't some chapters have a white jacket for a chapter sweetheart?
  7. Peanuts, Filberts, and other stuff....

    I really don't know much about growing peanuts other than it takes fairly sandy soil. But a friend that lives west of Lubbock, Texas farms in sandy soil and a neighbor of his was harvesting peanuts a few weeks ago and he sent me a few pics. First is a digger that digs the peanuts and then turns them over. Then they use a Amadas combine (built on a JD chassis and powertrain) to harvest. Then the peanuts are dumped into a big shaker to get rid of most of the dirt dust. Then hauled to a "elevator" type storage facility for drying and storage.
  8. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    Well Tony it's been a long row to hoe on the 806 but I'm glad you got her done! Hard to imagine it all started as a joke about LP and cotton tractors in a e-mail. And I bet 'ol John A. is glad about it too.
  9. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I wonder if it's a early LP tank system. I've seen some odd looking set-ups on the F series with LP.
  10. Friend's corn and cotton

    Friend sent this pic to me today. His father-in-law used his green and yeller machine to cut my friend's black eyed peas yesterday. He went from picking corn then the next day started stripping cotton. On top of that he got his combine switched over from corn to milo and started cutting that yesterday.
  11. New joke

    Man walks into a bar and ask the bartender "Hey, isn't that President Trump and Senator Cruz sitting over there?" Bartender says "Yes it is." So the man walks over to the table and says "Wow!! This is a real honor to see you guys!! But what are you doing here?" Senator Cruz replies "We're here planning WW III." The man says "Really? What's going to happen?" President Trump tells him "Well, we're going to kill 40 million Muslims and one blonde with big tits.' The man asks "Why kill a blonde with big tits??" President Trump turns to Senator Cruz and says "See....I told you nobody gives a damn about 40 million Muslims!!"
  12. Friend's corn and cotton

    My friend sent this to me today. Pic of the JD 484 again and the module builder that he took yesterday. His wife's uncle has been helping the past few days running the module builder.
  13. Friend's corn and cotton

    That JD module hauler is pretty neat!! Never saw anything like it. And speaking of using combine chassis for other things (like your "winch" combine!!) here is a pic I took off Facebook. lt belongs to my friend's father-in-law. It's a Amadas peanut combine. Amadas uses a John Deere frame, drive train and cab then builds their peanut combine around that.
  14. What's your favorite crop to harvest?

    I've never harvested corn or beans either. Went on the wheat harvest right after high school. I enjoyed it but it wasn't really about cutting wheat, but more about making my own money and seeing parts of the country l had never been to before. So l guess cotton harvest is my favorite. Guess because l was raised on a cotton farm and later worked on a few farms and in cotton gins also. I love how cotton smells when it's just been stripped and when it runs through the gin.