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  1. Sleeper Cars.

    I was drag racing in '62. The hot stock class car to beat on the street or strip was a '57 Chevy 283 3 speed. And they all got beat on the strip by a stock model A Ford. Funniest dang thing you ever saw. All the out of towners had to try and none could win. No one ever tried the second time. The hood was never opened on the Model A but you could hear that it was just a 4 cylinder engine and you could see that the transmission and rear were stock. It even had wire wheels until the rears started to fail. The fun only lasted about a month. The word finally got around that that Ford had an overhead valve setup and multiple carbs, etc. I have no idea what was done to the internals of the engine or if anything was done to the driveline. I just know the danged thing was very rapid. And sort of dangerous. It did have stock brakes. I think it is probably still in existence somewhere in a shed. A real sleeper for sure. Ron
  2. I am on my 3rd border collie. First was a rescue from the local(not national) humane society. Wonderful dog that just needed out of the city so she could sleep by the back door on a snowbank if she wanted, or in her dog house if that was what she wanted. Always right by my side and wanting to work. Second was a stock dog that just flunked herding. Not really a rescue, just a dog that didn't have to herd and was the most wonderful partner I ever had. She just died this fall. Only 13, but she spent 10 years as my shadow and I sure do miss her. The third and present one is a rescue from the city life penned up in someone's back yard for his first 2 years with no education. He was a complete knothead 4 months ago. But he is smart and is catching on fast. I won't be training him to do much of anything except be a buddy. I am the one that is almost too old to keep up with a young border. He does want to spend his nights in the house and that is okay. Porch and basement. During the day he is outside doing mostly whatever he wants which is mostly chasing sparrows from one bush to another or carrying sticks around. The gal I got him from is actually a groomer and not a rescue outfit. She just knew this dog needed help and I accidently found him looking around on the internet last spring. She mentioned him in one of her postings having to do with grooming. My first and third borders were obviously started by someone who thought border collies were cute and smart and really did not understand the environment in which they needed to live. Lots to do and lots of space to do it. I got the second one from the breeder that supplies stock dogs to ranchers and shepherds. Free dog, paid for shots and spay and air freight from Idaho to Iowa. 200 bucks and a real bargain. Ron
  3. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Ya, but........What are all the farmers going to do if they can't buy a semi and start trucking? Ron
  4. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Excellent, Roger. Ron
  5. What I've been doing today

    Having any luck corn harvesting today? It is a little damp here south of you. Ron
  6. UH_OH------ 1

    I don't believe the Rush A has a two-row mounted cultivator.
  7. California is #1 AGAIN!

    They only report the ones they know about. Right? I am with TroyDairy. Ron
  8. Best area to buy a used truck?

    The steel lines on the GM units have really got me ticked off. About 2 months ago while changing the fuel filter on my '96 K2500, I discovered a very rusty fuel line that needed replacing from the filter to the engine. Both pressure and return were replaced. I had to move my '97 Tahoe out of the garage to put the Silverado in to work on and I discovered it was leaking fuel under pressure in the area just ahead of the rear axle. It is still awaiting attention. Then 2 weeks ago while traveling to get my CDL renewed, I lost the brakes on my 04 Suburban. It is sitting in the garage with brake fluid coming from the frame above the rear axle driver's side. More rusty lines, I suspect. It is sitting in line for attention. My 79 GMC one ton and my 89 Silverado 1500 have not pulled that act......yet. I also am looking for a non-rusted Tahoe to replace my '97. I don't worry much about the mileage as mine has 120000 and is good except the body. Lots of expensive parts in one pile. Ron
  9. Vintage Ads

    My dad bought a new open cockpit 101 in the summer of 1958. I ran it mostly. I did not like it in itchy milo and when it got a 2-row corn head in 1960, I really didn't like it. Dang near froze to death on that thing in late Nov and Dec. I left for college in the fall of 1961 and when I stopped back at the farm, it seems the chickens, milk cow, and combine with no cab were all gone. Ron
  10. Oh Christine

    Never saw the movie, but played Boney Maroney at lots of sock hops. Does that date me? Ron
  11. A Video Of The B-29's At China Lake

    A second cousin transitioned from the B17 to the B29 in Sioux City. Picked up new B29 at Seattle and was enroute to Hawaii when the Japanese surrendered. Landed in Hawaii with no mission, nowhere to go, and nothing to do. He enjoyed a 30 day vacation until he got orders to board a ship for the States. Mustered out of the Army Air Corps in San Francisco, I think he said. Never flew an airplane again. Was a lawyer in Des Moines. Ron
  12. Maiden voyage of new to me trailer

    I should be there Saturday, Pete. I intend to look you up and ask some questions about my P2000. It is going to need a little work on an oil leak by one of us, and I am sure you will have the answers. Ron
  13. Hey Art....

    Yes. You are right, Art. Got my P's mixed up. Ron
  14. Hey Art....

    Concur!!! Peony Park was quite the place. Ron