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  1. led headlights

    I will tell you that there is some cheap overseas made crap for sale, and you will not be happy with those cheaper ones. If you are really going to use them, call Mike and he will get you some that will work and hold up. He has gone through all that hassle and has the good ones you will want. If you dont plan on using them, then just put the original halogen style back on.
  2. Different Sizes of Split Weights?

    Yep, me too. For now might just throw the fulls on until I can find some splits for "cheap". I am assuming I can install some long pieces of threaded rod to mount the splits and fulls together in one shot.
  3. 2017 crop pics

    I might just have to take you up on that some year! I heard Canada is really great goose hunting, but I bet that gets expensive going all the way up there.
  4. Different Sizes of Split Weights?

    Thank you! Always love seeing your posts of 14's and K30's!
  5. 2017 crop pics

    Beautiful country! I looked up Rugby on a map, and looks like some good goose hunting ground up there. Are you near that pothole area?
  6. Different Sizes of Split Weights?

    Thanks for the advice. Problem is I have a pile of full weights, and have no splits except this set I just bought as a starter. Well see if I can find some more for sale. So, for the future, I think I should be looking for the 400 178 R1's or R2's, and not the 366 109's, right?
  7. Different Sizes of Split Weights?

    Long Farms, the set I have are R2, so those will work for a starter set against the cast centers? I have some other full weights I can put on after the split starters.
  8. Different Sizes of Split Weights?

    I believe they are wedge locks.
  9. I picked up some cheap split weights. The cast number is 366 109 R2. I had thought all rear split weights fit all rear centers for row crops, but someone told me over the weekend this wasnt the case. I'd like to put them on a 1256 with 38" centers. Will these fit?
  10. double post. please ignore

    Double post. sorry
  11. Maybe dumb question, why no 1006 ?

    A bigger and heavier row crop, likely without power steering then. Your arms would be HUGE after turning that Farmall R at each end row all season.
  12. Super C brought back from the dead

    Mike, great job on the SC! Beautiful. I would think those would be so much more fun and gratifying than the big ones. When I redid my C, it was near impossible to find a good straight grill. Grandpa had a loader on it, so the grill was shot and the tank had a big dent from something coming back off the bucket. Found an "almost' straight grill for reasonable and straightened things out. I bought a set of steel blocks to shape out the fins, which worked pretty good. Still have them somewhere if you plan on getting into the C/SC restoration biz full time!
  13. How do dogs know?

    It doesnt take much to make a gun shy dog. one time with a negative experience, and they could be ruined for hunting. Other times, dogs just dont like the powder smell from the get go. For me, I introduced the pup to guns at 8 weeks. he was sleeping with an old gun case. let him sniff the gun, and give him praise and rewards when he comes up to the gun so that he thinks that gun is the best thing ever. Whenever he's around it, he's gonna get a treat and get some loving. after that, you can work the action around him, start shooting poppers, and then move into shooting 100 yards from him, then closer and closer until you are shooting over him. I also banged pots together when he was eating his food so that he got used to loud noises, and associated it with something he loved (FOOD!). Now when he sees the gun come out, he is excited, cause he knows he's gonna have a good time and get some attention (and get to go hunting, in my case). You should see him on the 4th of July. He gets super excited, and literally goes around the yard looking for dead birds. The point is to get them starting into it real gradually (never force it). It may take a whole year to get them to where they dont mind it. If your dog is still coming with you, it means he loves you still more than he hates that gun, which is good news I think.
  14. Farmall Frame Weights

    There was a set of frame weights on craigs list in the st. louis area a couple weeks back for a 400. The guy wanted $500 USD.
  15. Wow, what a beauty! Nice work Mike!