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  1. There was a set of frame weights on craigs list in the st. louis area a couple weeks back for a 400. The guy wanted $500 USD.
  2. Wow, what a beauty! Nice work Mike!
  3. Casey's gas. There's your problem.
  4. I personally have never had a problem with gas sitting in old tractors that dont get much use. However, I do shut off the fuel at the tank and let the gas in the carb run out till the tractor shuts off. I dont fill up the tank, and add a gallon or two of fresh gas whenever I use a tractor. For small engines, I run them all till the gas runs out in the tank. I put fresh gas in to start things off next spring, and everything starts right up. For trimmers and blowers, I do use the True Fuel stuff in a can, which works well. Believe it or not, I have a 14 year old Homelight trimmer than I bought at a big box store that is still going strong that I use for trimming around the house.
  5. You could try websites where you enter your design idea and the amount you want to pay, and then artists submit design ideas, and you pick the winner. Check out sites like https://99designs.com/ https://www.designcrowd.com/
  6. farmall 400

    From a guy that has been there and done that - with a 400 yet besides - you will never regret getting that tractor back. Even if you have to sell it for some reason down the road, you should get your 500 bucks back out of it pretty easily. It looks like there still may be some paint left under that oxidation. You'd be surprised on how you can bring that paint back to life and make a pretty nice shine. You'll need some elbow grease (or a buffer wheel) and some compound. I use 3M's Finesse It II. Its a 2 part step with the glaze and then the finisher. Makes those old tractors look great, and in my opinion, more interesting than a new fancy paint job. Here's my 400 (which was grandpa's) for reference:
  7. McMaster Carr is usually a good source.
  8. I'm still in......
  9. Sure looks like a mean tractor with the matching rubber!
  10. Those are some pretty trucks!! The red one with the steel rims and the duratracs....I'm in love.
  11. Congrats on the find. I'd love to see some more pics of that square body Chevy!!! Nice looking rig! I like it when guys keep that factory look instead of jacking it up and putting 35s on it.
  12. I second Porch Electric. Lostant, IL.
  13. For that, could you fab a hand-hold that bolts to the axle or fender extension? I'd also run a piece of flat stock across the drawbar hitch (run it from the single bolt hole to the other toward the front of the hitch), and run a little past on one side to make a nice, sturdy foot rest on the same side as the hand hold. That would allow you to be offset behind the operator, and have something to hold on to when the kids are are learning how to let out the clutch (other than a thumb hold on the seat pan).