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  1. 15 k an acre land sale.

    I'm from NW Illinois. Doesnt surprise me one bit!
  2. Fall red iron pics!

    beautiful pics. looks like some good ground!
  3. What should this Super C cost me?

    If this the owner is your neighbor, and you are interested in the tractor, I think it would be fair to get the tractor, see what it's going to take to fix it, and then come together on a price. Even then, $2k is the max I would pay for all that with it running. Also, the implements that come with it are only worth it if they add value to you and your operation. If you already have a blade and a mower on another/newer tractor, then I dont see the value of having them on the SC.
  4. Take over!

    Too small for Labadie.... Maybe Meramec?
  5. Roosa pump question

    Im certainly no expert, but have you tried a little sniff of ether on it? If it is stuck a little, sometimes that helps unstick it and get it going. I'd just try this one time to see if that gets it going, especially since it ran when parked a couple weeks ago. The bad news is that once it starts sticking like that, you'll probably need to have it gone through sooner or later. If you dont run it much, or run it hard, you might think about switching it to a fuel with less lubricity/bio so the pump doesnt gum.
  6. My daughters new Tractor

    Awesome!! The only thing I've ever won from a raffle was a Miller High Life mirror with a trout painted on it....but you can be dang sure I hung that ugly thing up with pride. ...the wife loved it.
  7. New Firestone 18.4R38s

    BUMP, just to keep this picture at the top...
  8. New Firestone 18.4R38s

    I dont know about you all, but I cant get enough of that picture with the 14 and the 1 ton square body. That needs to be on a calendar!
  9. New Firestone 18.4R38s

    Thanks. Agree on going for the extra bars. You wont regret it. I think the deep treads will be the route I go on my 1256 if they have the same amount of bars. I really dont want to put 20's on it. I wonder if the deep treads squirm around on the road more than the standard tread?
  10. New Firestone 18.4R38s

    Lookin sharp! Do the deep treads give a little more height? Still the same amount of bars as these ones you just put on?
  11. Best area to buy a used truck?

    I had a 2004 Tahoe Z71 with barn doors. I love the barn doors, but didnt love the Tahoe. I like the extra length of the Yukon XL and the Suburbans. Also, I have a 05 Yukon XL loaded with all the options. 175,000 miles and in great shape & no rust. (I bought it as a program car with 15k on it in 2006). Just took it on a 3600 mile trip out west this summer with the family and it never skipped a beat. I am never trading that thing in....especially when a new one (similarly equipped) is $75k!!!!
  12. IH 1456

    Lookin so fine. the white breather really makes a difference, doesnt it!
  13. Farmall C opinions

    great tractor, and really nimble as others have mentioned. Great for odd jobs, and moving stuff from A to B. It'll do everything you'd expect out of a 50+ year old 23 HP tractor. Although, there are better choices out there if you wanted a loader tractor, or need hydraulic hook ups.
  14. Safe distance between 706 tires

    It's 40 miles a few times a year...is it possible to take the back roads and drive it there? Just you and the open road......
  15. led headlights

    I will tell you that there is some cheap overseas made crap for sale, and you will not be happy with those cheaper ones. If you are really going to use them, call Mike and he will get you some that will work and hold up. He has gone through all that hassle and has the good ones you will want. If you dont plan on using them, then just put the original halogen style back on.