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  1. McMaster Carr is usually a good source.
  2. I'm still in......
  3. Sure looks like a mean tractor with the matching rubber!
  4. Those are some pretty trucks!! The red one with the steel rims and the duratracs....I'm in love.
  5. Congrats on the find. I'd love to see some more pics of that square body Chevy!!! Nice looking rig! I like it when guys keep that factory look instead of jacking it up and putting 35s on it.
  6. I second Porch Electric. Lostant, IL.
  7. For that, could you fab a hand-hold that bolts to the axle or fender extension? I'd also run a piece of flat stock across the drawbar hitch (run it from the single bolt hole to the other toward the front of the hitch), and run a little past on one side to make a nice, sturdy foot rest on the same side as the hand hold. That would allow you to be offset behind the operator, and have something to hold on to when the kids are are learning how to let out the clutch (other than a thumb hold on the seat pan).
  8. Mike Links is the way to go. Night and day difference. Literally.....
  9. There was a real nice 715 sitting for sale along I-55 between St. Louis and Springfield for the longest time. Maybe around the Carlinville exit. If I had the space and need, Id have bought it! My grandpa ran a 715. Nothing special, but it got the job done.
  10. I've never really noticed, unless youre talking about a Hydro. then yes.
  11. IH wine is WAY better than the John Deere Kool-Aid. Sorry, couldn't help it.
  12. There's some OLD iron in the back of that picture!
  13. Thanks fellas. I did some research, and the fuel I had in it has some bio component to it, so I am pumping that out and putting in some other #2 for now. Appreciate the input.