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    Looking for Dad's 560G. Last 6" of the shifter is bent vertical to wrap around the steering column instead of horizontal. Don't know the serial#.
    Wood working, cabinet making, pretty much building anything with wood.
  1. Now they tell me I've been a racist since my first school Christmas program in 1956... and all this time I always thought I was just a normal farm kid. How much worse can I be.. a deplorable rural racist.... what's next? I still like girls, most major body parts are still where they were when I was born, I salute the flag, I defend my country, I tear up during the National Anthem, I own some guns, I haven't molested anyone except my wife, lordy what have I become?
  2. Do wild corn dogs grow in your area?

    I'd like to plant some but I can't find any seeds for the 'All Beef' variety.
  3. Not a member here hopefully

    It sounds like each state is different, and maybe even depends on the DOT officer. A quick question.... is there a manual/DOT document/etc. that shows the proper way for chaining/strapping/fastening a load? Years ago when I took my chaffeurs (sp) test I don't remember there even being anything mentioned about restraining a load. For example the backhoe pictured... I would probably chained the backhoe bucket, but since the front of the tractor was secure I probably would not have considered the loader bucket. Is the point being in case of a roll over or similar?
  4. OK, lets see ya favorite tractor you own and use

    Not to hijack, but Hydro I hear ya. Probably back in about '95 or 6, I went to a neighbors retirement sale, he had two Masseys that could have been twins to yours. One open station, one with a cab. We have lost all our Massey dealers. The closest is probably 80-100 miles away. I think the auctioneer ended up with them because they couldn't get much more than a couple thousand for either. I still kick myself. If I had raised my hand, I probably could have had my choice. I always thought they were a tough tractor. Dad almost bought a Super 90 back in the 60's. Besides, they are sort of Red.
  5. Not a member here hopefully

    Chains are cheap compared to the alternative. I'm a firm believer in more is better.
  6. Deer strike back

    I've hit 3 but each time the car was driveable and repairable. Last time was with the wife's Caddy, Took out a headlight, and never scratched the paint. $200 light , 1/2 hour, and it was good to go. Youngest son hit one several years ago. He had his whole family on board... he was on the way home from the dealership with his first brand new car, it had 36 miles on it !! For some reason, I haven't seen as many this year as in the past. Maybe some kind of disease hit them. Usually they are a nuisance. I'm not a deer hunter, but wish they would open a doe season to thin them out.
  7. Dec 7th

    I'm 67 and wasn't born yet, but I know there are others here older than me. If you are old enough, what were you doing on Dec 7th '41 when you heard the news? It's just one of those questions I ask men and women of my fathers generation.
  8. I think Jenny lived in every small town. She taught many a young man the facts of life.
  9. Over-sized Load or Under-sized road?

    Looks to be pretty flat country. So it's not like you are going to pop up over a hill a 'there it is'. As long as you had a flagger in front and back, with permits and no low electric power lines, that wouldn't get much of a second glance here. But yep, the DOT needs something to keep them busy.
  10. Rodeo...?

    I lasted till about the second jump. He weighed about 1500, I weighed about 165. I think he just considered me an annoyance. By the time I got my head unscrewed out of the dirt, he was probably already back in the pen eating hay.
  11. Shop interior walls

    The building that I cemented this fall is going to get plywood on at least one wall. Mostly to be able to get saws and such up to the wall, as well as being able to hang stuff. I will very rarely weld, but it will be wired for it if need be. I will put in air for nail guns etc. I plan on putting the compressor up in the trusses to open some floor space. But... I know I sound like a broken record, but lights, lights, lights, and then add a few more. I will wire mine on switches so that I can turn on a handful if I just need to go in at night to grab something and just need to see my way around, but will be able to create daylight if I hit all the switches. My neighbor said currently his lights dim when I turn on my shop lights, once this one is wired, they may need to add another turbine at Ft. Calhoun.
  12. Rodeo...?

    There are a lot of interests among us here, but I don't think I've ever heard anyone talk about Rodeo'ing. When we lived in Montana, oldest son toured on the northwest circuit. (bull riding). I was gone a lot then, but my wife says that many times she would wake up to see an old truck in the drive, and a handful of cowboys asleep on the living room floor. I've seen her cook breakfast, and a couple pounds of bacon, a couple dozen eggs, and a gallon of coffee disappeared in the blink of an eye. As rowdy as the reputation is, she said that she never heard so many "maam's" in her life. I remember one kid had a tee-shirt that said..."if 7 seconds is good enough... stay behind the gate" I guess what got me to thinking was King George just sang "I can still make Cheyenne" on the radio. Yes, I think every one of them would have traded it all for another ride. Oldest son quit when he got married and moved to Iowa. His worst wreck was a bull named 707... he said he rode him for 3 seconds and was hung up for 12. Nothing broken but he said he wasn't sure where he was for a bit. Yes, I tried bull riding a long time ago. (I never told my folks about it until I was in my 30's about 20 years after the fact) It was the Sidney Iowa rodeo in 67 or so. Let's just say I stayed on till they opened the chute.
  13. Dow passed 24,000

    D*mn capitalism.
  14. Power shifting

    Ahhhh Grumpy Jenkins many a Hot Rod magazine had his Camaro's pulling the wheels off. And always with a cigar. Or Smokey Yunick. Chevy genius's. If you want to see a driver back in the day (the class doesn't exist anymore) check out Wild Willie Borsch and his AA/FA. A couple thousand horses in a 90" wheelbase, driving one handed. Youngest son is restoring a 63 Ford wagon. He's putting in a 390 with factory Ford 3 dueses. I never even saw them back in the day, but yep, Ford made them.
  15. And I thought I was just deplorable....

    Who needs farmers anyway? The grocery stores have all the food the city folk need. We just stir up trouble, speak our mind, stand for the anthem, and say "Merry Christmas". And who do they think is going to defend their sorry a$$.