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    Looking for Dad's 560G. Last 6" of the shifter is bent vertical to wrap around the steering column instead of horizontal. Don't know the serial#.
    Wood working, cabinet making, pretty much building anything with wood.

    Tony, are you referring to 'ebelskiver'. Every year the Luthern church has an 'ebelskiver' supper. We usually try to go every year, I shouldn't because of the sugar, but hey.. I can fall off the wagon once in a while. A lady I know who is in her 80's still uses her family recipe, and has her grandmothers cast iron ebelskiver pan. She tells stories of when she was a young girl and families had quarrels about who would inherit the ebelskiver pan. Usually it always went to the oldest daughter. Making me hungry. ps: she also told (corrected) me that it is not pronounced like it is spelled and that only a true 'dane' can pronounce it. Something like 'ublske' only all rolled into a single sound with kind of a slur at the end. Each year she forgives me for not pronouncing it correctly. Like she says, 'what the he** does Scotsman know'. Great thread. This could lead to some great food conversations. I like to cook and to try new recipes, but I'm one of those cooks who uses every pot/pan/dish/spoon/etc. just to make toast.

    Grandmother and Grandfather (mom's side) both came from Germany in 1910 +/-. They wanted to be American, so they did not cook a lot of traditional German meals. Possibly when mom was growing up, but not much that I remember. Somewhere in there I acquired a taste for kraut and sausage. Everytime I cook any, the wife says something like..."get that stinking sh** (stuff) out of this house" so I'm relegated to the grill outside. But if she is ever going to be gone for a couple days.... oh doggy.... "sauerkraut with grilled onions, sliced polish (cause I can't find german) sausage, and german mustard". I eat until my toes curl. I'm not a drinker, but this is one meal that an ice cold brew is a must. Didn't mean to hi-jack, the traditional food thing did it.

    I remember watching Bizarre Foods TV show once. That guy will eat a 10 day old road kill cat, but Lukefisk he couldn't handle.
  4. Propane bottle .. aux. compressor tank

    Thanks for all the advice. I think I'll just invert a couple and use a 'T' fitting. The part that I thought I was going to get beat up on regarded insurance, but nobody said a word. I've heard that using something like a propane bottle would void insurance. I know that there have been many used for compressed air.
  5. Farm Tool Trivia

    Either a chicken feeder or waterer. I'm leaning toward waterer.
  6. corn is late , really late

    Problem here is that it won't stop raining. Beans are starting to swell and break open. Have heard stories of 10-12 bushel on the ground. BIL has tried to run a couple days this week, but quit after a couple hundred feet. He said 15.2 was the driest he had. He has some on our farm here that is starting to break open. Probably a couple bushel, but if it turns warm and dry you will really see some shattering as the pods are already starting to open. He has a couple hundred acres of beans left and hasn't turned a wheel in 10 days. Cloudy today with rain scheduled this afternoon and the weekend. Corn is still in the mid to high 20's so nobody is running corn either. The local BTO still has 2000 acres of beans I heard.
  7. I have about a dozen of what I call 250# propane bottles. Approx. 16-18' in diameter and 4 1/2' tall (+/-). I also have about 4 of the 20" by 5' bottles. My question.... how thick are they and could they be tapped for a drain pipe. My plan is to mount a couple horizontally in the loft of the wood shop and plumb the air compressor into them to create a larger air storage for my air tools. Can I drill a hole and tap a 1/4" pipe in each for a drain. I could just drill a hole and weld a pipe fitting, but would prefer not to. I could probably invert them and mount them vertically if I had to. Then I could put a 'T' at the inlet and use one side for air and one for a drain. Now, before I get beat up here (because I'm sure it is coming), they have been sitting with the valves open for probably 20 years. Yes, there may be some residual propane, but I intend to remove the value and fill them with water at least once before use just to be sure. And second, there is probably a 99+% chance that I would never use this air in a tire. Just to inconvenient, and the intention is for powering air nailers etc. only. I already have other compressors plumbed in the other two buildings for airing tires and air tools. Plus a portable on wheels if needed. I'm still gonna get beat up here, but that is the plan. And if you beat me up, give me a better idea of how to clean them.
  8. A new trapper....

    Probably the only person who hates mice worse than me is my wife. I actually hate rats worse. Anyway, I told her about the water bucket mouse trap. I started to build one, and got called away. She finished it. The first morning she caught three. Oh my god, now she has a whole trap line. I think she has one in every building and 2 in a couple. Every morning she goes out and checks her 'trap line' and comes back in to report. She reminds me of when I was 10 years old trapping muskrats for spending money. Those first three mice, she was ginning from ear to ear. She is experimenting with different bottles (she uses Dasani water bottles) She even has a couple small ones made with ice cream buckets and pill bottles. She's also experimenting with the amount of peanut butter. She caught my buddy licking the peanut butter off of one. You would have thought a timber wolf was raiding her traps. She blamed me for it, so I just got him and we went to the wood shop while she continued checking her traps. I told her she was going to have to start sending trapping articles to Fur-Fish-Game magazine. I don't think I'll skin them because I don't have any pelt stretchers for them. Besides I don't think the fur is prime yet. And it would take to many to make a coat. I've often thought about setting a few muskrat traps in the creek to relive my youth. Maybe she'd want to go along. Thanks for the water bucket idea.
  9. Gimme a minute alone with her please

    Off the subject, but the people who leave their kids in the car in the summer. Don't send the parents to jail, put them in the car and walk away. But first strap them in so they can't get out of their seat. Yep, now that I could sit and watch. Heck, I know some people that would buy tickets. Yes, I'm a cold hearted Bast**d. Deal with it.
  10. Dream job...?

    Being part of the Corps of Discovery.
  11. Trip to the USA

    Soybeans will be harvested. and given decent weather, corn will be nearing completion.
  12. Concrete sealer... yes or no?

    I finally got tired of dealing with the dust from the dirt floor in the machine shed. I posted here a year or so ago for suggestions and finally just told self to do it right once and be done. So, today they poured the first half, and will pour the other half next week. I told them I wanted the floor smoooooth, which they did. A winter project this winter is to electrify the heck out of it and put in plenty of lights and more lights. Probably run just a couple of air lines simply because it is easy and I have an extra compressor. As for a shop, I already have one as well as my wood shop, though I will probably put in a couple saws just to free up room in the wood shop. It will be used mainly for tractor/pickup/misc storage. My question.... did any of you seal the concrete in your sheds or just leave it as is? I'm considering sealer because the 706 has some leaks. Not serious but still enough to let you know it drips. I'm not wanting to put a thick seal on it like you will find in some business floors. Mostly just something to keep from staining the floor. The hoarder in me had a chunk of carpet that I was saving (hoarding) just for such a purpose to park the tractor on. But Mrs. Clean (the anti-hoarder) ordered it to the dumpster a while back.
  13. National anthem protests

    Rick, I agree 110%. If they have a legitimate issue then protest all you want, but find a different way to protest. Not wanting to make this political, but part of HRC issues were that no one knew what she was for or against. Same here, .... "what is the protest"? I also agree that the best way for you and me to protest is to not buy a ticket, or a jersey or anything related to the team. I watch my Hawkeye football, and the Hawkeye womens basketball. If not those two, ESPN never gets turned on. I can't remember the last time I watched pro football, and I have no intention of starting anytime soon. Yes, the pocketbook trumps the protest. I can't tell you but about 2 or 3 NASCAR drivers, to paraphrase what an owner was quoted to have said to his drivers.... "If you take a knee, I'll buy you a bus ticket home".
  14. National anthem protests

    Welder, about that time I would have needed bail money because I would have lost it. Where do these people come from??