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  1. I hope this ole girl goes in the shed, and gathers dust till May, but I wouldn't bet on it. Mike
  2. 706 engine question

    I figured it out----Engine size is stamped on the side of the block-----DUUHH!!!! Mike
  3. 706 engine question

    Is there a difference in block casting numbers between the C263 and the C291?? Mike
  4. Today's Quiz What is it??

    BINGO---- Mike
  5. I have NO idea how to reply without getting banned---or sued---or jailed!!! Mike
  6. Today's Quiz What is it??

    If you know, let it run for a little while....... Guesses welcome... NO prize will be awarded.... Have fun Mike
  7. New joke

    Now THAT'S FUNNY!!!!!!!! Mike
  8. Anybody looking for a 'hobby' farm????

    Wheat and sunflowers mostly----some corn moving in. Mike
  9. Yikes..... Only $1193.93/acre.......... What a deal Mike
  10. Really dumb question---oil change

    That would explain it--- Thanks Mike
  11. Just changed the oil and filters on the 1066---- I-T manual called for 18 qts. Does that 18 number include the filters, or do I need to add 2 more? Level is on the add line on the stick, which brings up another question. The rubber seal at the top of the dipstick that came with the tractor is getting a little iffy. Part # 672412C2 I picked up a used one at the ASAP salvage yard. It is part # 672412C3 The add and full lines on these two dipsticks don't agree------ 18 quarts of oil bring the level to the "L" mark on the C2 stick. The tops of the two sticks are even. It has me a little confused. Mike
  12. Wish I was 1000 miles closer.......... Mike
  13. IH 1066 black stripe w/ Belly Fuel Tank

    And a clutch booster-----------SWEET!!!!!! Mike
  14. Our new Collie puppies

    Two things come to mind---- 1. Fun is where you find it!!! 2. NEVER walk if you can ride!!! Those two look like a LOT of fun... I envy you. Mike