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    One of the Lutheran churches in town has their Lutefisk and MEATBALL dinner this coming weekend. (interesting that spellcheck didn't recognize lutefisk) There is almost always an alternative menu for the victims, that get drug in kicking and screaming. Dad always claimed that it was cod fish, that was half digested when it hit your plate..... ENJOY---- Mike
  2. Brochure Comment and Video

    Good Job!!! Mike
  3. Clutch booster---TRACTOR RELATED!

    Called Ed and got it done....check is in the mail...... Thanks Scott!!! Mike
  4. 706 3 point

    I agree----ground is hard, and teeth are dull----------BE VERY CAREFUL--------I used to know a guy that lost a leg to a post hole digger, trying to MAKE it dig!!! I also have a Farmall 340 that has down pressure on the two point....(if you put a lock pin in the bottom linkage). Mike
  5. Clutch booster---TRACTOR RELATED!

    I Think I will bounce this to the top one more time, before I start calling dealers and salvage yards... Mike
  6. Mice

    A large hungry cat with a really BAD attitude will work---------- But then you have a cat... Mike
  7. OH MY !!! (auction)

    Check it out!!!!!!!!!! http://www.girardauction.com/rush-estate-antique-tractors.html Mike
  8. Equifax has been breached

    Update----- I heard last night that Equifax has clarified their position, and the free credit monitoring WILL NOT affect any future settlements. Mike
  9. Equifax has been breached

    By the way----I heard today that if you accept Equifax'es offer of free credit monitoring for a year, that you give up any rights to sue, or receive anything from a class action law suit. NICE------------REAL NICE!!! Mike
  10. For the aviation guys-----

    Free--- Enjoy http://www.zenoswarbirdvideos.com/MATINEE.html Mike
  11. 1966 BBC 396/427 film

    I think this has been here before---- Still cool........ Enjoy Mike
  12. It's a 28 footer according to the ID plate....Plenty high for the stop at the bottom to hurt!! Mike
  13. I've had this hiding behind the barn for a WHILE now, and finally got around to working on it. This was the week...........so here we go...... I spent a lot of time in a bucket truck a long time ago...........I don't remember it being THIS EXCITING!!!!!!!!!! Kinda purty from up here!!! 12 HP Kohler running the pump at about 1000 rpm....That's sneaking right up on the border between bucket truck, and carnival ride!!! Look MA,,,I can fly! I have NO idea why this pic tipped over....Sorry Mike
  14. We are so skrood in this country it is terrifiying----------- At first glance, this is hilarious-----------but then reality sinks in. I'm afraid we are hosed------- https://townhall.com/columnists/toddstarnes/2017/08/30/discarded-banana-peel-causes-racial-hysteria-at-ole-miss-n2375376 Mike