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  1. BINGO!!! Mike
  2. Speaking of two hump camels----anybody know what they call a 3 hump camel??? Mike
  3. There isn't a thing in the world wrong with a tractor in "workin clothes"... I recently bought back a Farmall 340 that my Dad bought new, and that I ran through Jr. hi and hi school. the second owner was careful with it, so most of the "dings and scars", I know the history of. I plan to leave it as-is. The family connection to a collected tractor can't be beat. Enjoy Mike
  4. 357023R1 comes back as a trans case for an M or Super M. I'm guessing the disc braes make it a super M trans case. A search for 257826R1 comes up empty....best guess would be a construction specific part. This is the search site I used........... http://www.tractor-part.com/parts?Make=i.h.%2Ffarmall Mike
  5. Outstanding thinking!!!!!!!!!!! You get a gold star for that one!!! Mike
  6. Something you don't see every day---- Hope the link works--- https://gsaauctions.gov/gsaauctions/aucbystate/?sl=91QSCI17227305 Mike
  7. So am I Mike
  8. X2 Mike
  9. I would try these guys----- http://www.meyerstractor.com/ I got 28 inchers for my 350 utility from them. They had used and new for that. They are 4 bar, but it's worth a try. They have TONS of stuff. Good luck Mike
  10. Another link--- http://www.secondchancegarage.com/public/608.cfm Enjoy Mike
  11. The news tonight will be about "Trump and the Russians HACKING INTO CHICKEN COOPS!!!!" Mike
  12. Sounds like an interesting project. Since that engine only had 6.2 to 1 compression, those numbers you have may not be far off. I was always led to believe that even numbers through the engine, ( not one or two way different) , was more important than the actual number. Old "MOTORS MANUALS" can have a wealth of obscure info in them that can be priceless. I have a 1950 edition that has been a project saver at times. Here is a link that you might be interested in. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontiac_Straight-8_engine Mike
  13. No comment required---- Mike
  14. Take a camera----post pictures and we can all come along!!! Mike
  15. They warned us----If you put the gubmint in charge of the sahara, we would be out of sand in 5 years----and now look!!!!!!!! Mike