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  1. I can't help it---I gotta link to this, because Suzey Lee has a similar situation---- Listen till the end. Mike
  2. Or "Reptile Gardens"---or "Cosmos" signs.......... Mike
  3. Arguably one of the inventors of Rock-n-Roll........... Thanks for a LOT of GOOD music!!! We'll miss you. Mike
  4. I've seen many remarkable nature photographs over the years but this photo of a nesting Falcon in an old tree is perhaps the most remarkable nature shot that I've ever seen. Sorry---I couldn't help it. Mike
  5. Punch it Margaret!!! Mike
  6. Be aware that W-6 front spindle thrust bearings, (the flat ball bearing on the bottom of the spindle, that carries the weight of the tractor), are NO LONGER AVAILABLE---anywhere!!! If you find some, count me in for two!!! The ones in my W-6 have a dent in the top and bottom race where the balls have hit them on every bump for the last 60 years or so-----unfortunately they are not EXACTLY in the "straight ahead" position, so a tractor ride is a never ending left-right-left-right deal. (gets old---quick ) Also, not having a TA means that for most tractor runs you are either wound tight in 4th or lugging it in 5th.....(at least on the runs I've been on) Good luck and have fun... Mike
  7. AMEN!!! Mike
  8. Took off early Saturday morning, went down I-29 to exit 10 in Iowa, then jumped over to US 75 in Nebraska City, NE and went south to Independence, Kansas. Then came back today, (Sun.) I waved at Casey when I went by, but he was looking the other way. How many others on here did I go by??? Mike
  9. ENJOY every second of it---it's STUNNING how fast they grow up!!! About a week from thursday they will discover girls, and it's over We didn't grow up that fast----did we??? Mike
  10. Looks like a GOOD way to get a bull gear up your ******* I wouldn't ride on it on a TRIPLE dog dare!!! Mike
  11. I bought a stuck W-9 a few years back. I managed to get a 3 foot pipe wrench on the crank nut, stuck a pipe on the wrench handle, and hung a 5 gallon pail of sand on the end of the pipe. Every two or three days I would shoot some more knock er loose in the plug holes. One day a few weeks later the bucket was on the ground. Ole girl still runs pretty good, but doesn't get worked hard. Good luck Mike
  12. I went through the USS Alabama in Mobile------ Make time if you are in the area------- Worth every nickle!!! Mike
  13. I'm speechless----------- https://fargo.craigslist.org/grd/6007777325.html Mike
  14. I've gotten some things from these guys------- https://daytonaparts.com/ Mike