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  1. I hope she doesn't get those mixed up.......... Mike
  2. Round here, we call that a "Goldenrod". You can get a barb wire fence tight enough to keep the wind out----- Well----maybe not!!! Mike
  3. I had an IH school bus that the grand-kids had kind of outgrown, and a friend of a son-in-law had a 706 he had retired, but needed a bus for his guided hunting business, so the deal was done. Gonna be interesting to see how this post comes out. Mike
  4. Has anyone here tried to put a Year-a-Round cab off of a 66 series onto a 706??? I can't think it would be too difficult, but then I tend to be overly optimistic at times.... (I would like to avoid the "It'll fit, grab the plasma cutter and the wire-feed syndrome") Thanx Mike
  5. I had to put my zip code in to use my Shell card in a Shell pump today, and I was only 80 miles from home, and had used that card in that station before-------- I'm OK with that, but declining your purchase because the paint was the wrong color????????? That's getting awful personal if you ask me What ELSE do they know about you????????? (And who are they telling?) Mike
  6. Funny?---YES! Also very true---Unfortunately Did our parents REALLY think we were this screwed up? Mike
  7. So, what's hangin in the tree, that looks like a LONG dead rabbit??? Mike
  8. Better than a DV-550---- http://auction.bigiron.com/Lots/InternationalHavester605PowerUnit That'd make it scoot--- Mike
  9. See this one yet?? https://marshall.craigslist.org/grd/6047159192.html Mike
  10. This gonna be an oil thread??? Tom Fogarty----brother John ain't bad either Here's a clip of Tom Fogarty and the Blue Velvets........ A while before CCR. (The bad list is too long to enumerate!!) Mike
  11. A friend has a 574 with a 3 point that will just quit. It loads the hydraulic system when the lever is moved, but the hitch doesn't. All of the other hydraulic things work fine---(loader, steering etc.) Pressure is good Nothing is found amiss on disassembly, and it may work when reassembled, or it might take a couple of trys. It's in the fourth shop as I type. (fortunately not mine) Evidently they are REALLY hard up!!! Has anyone ever seen any other 574 with this issue, or is this gonna be a 'one off'?? TIA Mike
  12. If they aren't bothering you, there is an upside---skunks will decrease the rodent population in their area. We had an old mama that set up housekeeping under a redwood watertank years back. We didn't bug her and she didn't bug us, but the rodent population fell to about zero for the time she was around.... Just sayin--- Mike
  13. https://d323w7klwy72q3.cloudfront.net/i/a/2017/20170503ag/video/HDDM9191.MP4 I love it!!! Mike
  14. Anyone here ever see one of these??? Actual Farmhand production. Mike
  15. So now we know the REAL cause of the hole in the ozone layer??? Mike