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  1. WELL DONE-----------actually, VERY WELL DONE!!!!!!!!! Mike
  2. All in their workin clothes--- https://www.westraatkins.com/auctions/large-estate-auction-tractors-machinery-vehicles-tools-and-more-beresford-sd-saturday-august-19th/ Mike
  3. looks like the seat blew out of the scout............ Sorry-----couldn't help it. Mike
  4. Any idea what the system is running for pressure? There has to be a pressure relief valve in the system somewhere....is it ok, or is there is an issue with it?/ (busted spring?) Looks like the chocolate Lab is doing a good job of keeping the bunnies from stealing any extra bolts. Good luck Mike
  5. Talk about "aluminum overcast".......... Mike
  6. Same way coyotes know from a half mile if you have a gun in the pickup....... Mike
  7. I saw a Jackrabbit carrying a canteen yesterday.............. Mike
  8. Hang onto your sox if the Russians ever hack into that system!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  9. ------" LAST ONE"-------- Wish I had a buck for every time I've said that.... (So does my wife) Nice buy Mike
  10. I sure hope he didn't go home and call his son, "the slip and fall" lawyer that haunts late nite tv. If the Sheriff pulls in your driveway and gets out with a handful of papers, be VERY careful!! Mike
  11. Are any of us REAL sure????? Sorry----couldn't resist. Mike
  12. SOME parts of South Dakota--- The drops on my sidewalk were 2 inches apart---- Oh well Mike
  13. I don't think I need say a word------ http://auction.bigiron.com/Lots/InternationalHarvesterTractorWeights Mike
  14. Did NOT see that coming----- Nice one Mike
  15. OH DEAR!!! http://hauglandsactionauction.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Rivers_Tony_Auction_7.17-18.17_flyer_FINALupdated.pdf Mike