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  1. Dad passed away

    Sorry for your loss JD.
  2. Retirement

    My idea of retirement is going back to working for myself. The life I have now without the job. I live modestly,have little debt,low overhead it may well happen.
  3. International 250 Loader

    Neighbor had one. What a beast.
  4. Inversion tables

    Definitely you.
  5. A lost trait...

    Nailed it.
  6. Building a Sentry Module

    Really cool topic.
  7. Need info on 46 Balers

    I have a two inch three ring binder of 46 manuals and blue ribbon manuals and nothing on wire ties. Just looked.
  8. SCH Sickle on 973 New Holland Platform

    The register is how the knife tracks side to side and how the the sections correspond with the guard points at each end of the stroke.
  9. SCH Sickle on 973 New Holland Platform

    Did you check the register?
  10. Amazon is considering Pittsburgh

    I think Youngstown,OH did also.
  11. 2018 C.A.F.E.show poster is out !

    How can you get that poster? I have a friend in Sonoma that would love to have one.
  12. Long time forum member passes away.

    Really good man gone. Just got the Stueckle Combine book down off the bookshelf. I got it from Chub years ago.
  13. I'm just absolutely blown away and it's all IH!
  14. Going look at a 1970 Pick up

    Ditto on the looking for rust in stange places. The cowl and where it drains down between the fender and door. Other spots that don't drain. These trucks are deceiving. A lot of them look great at fifty foot but the closer you get,ugh!.