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  1. Went to the dark side

    You can also decode the serial number. Has a lot of basic info.
  2. Favorite Truck Ever?

    Mack Superliner 348 Pete K900 Kenworth
  3. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    It'll start. Won't even breath hard. Mine would start if it was below zero.
  4. Any of you guys remember rendering lard?

    When I was a kid we would skin the head out,cook it down and make headcheese out of it. They used to eat it over pancakes.
  5. "I`ll be honest with you"

    Some people will keep talking until they find what you want to hear.
  6. Got my Red Power Today

    I haven't been to the mailbox since Saturday.
  7. A little fun on a deere powerlesshift

    Another guy I worked for during that time had a 2010. Row crop.The only thing it did was drag a spring tooth around his Rodeo practice pen. Everything else and i mean everything was done with a 4020 PS. He still has it.
  8. A little fun on a deere powerlesshift

    The gated syncro mesh we all know and love? It's been thirty years . May have got my number wrong. JD utility with the cobweb on the right side of dash. It was pretty beat.
  9. service truck layout ideas

    Reece hitch receivers at various spots and heights. Then a vice mounted on the male part. Has a service bed set up lil this. Open a compartment and there was a receiver. Plus one on the winch bumper . Handy. Can just see it on the right.
  10. A little fun on a deere powerlesshift

    Run one that's got a little wear.%$#%&% My experience with syncro smashes was mostly with "hired help" tractors. I one told a particularly rigid old boy to take his tractor(2020?),rake and my days wages thus far and keep them. Got in my truck and left. Got complimented a few days later at the coffee shop by the assembly. Apparently "that Yankee boy" learned what everyone else already knew.
  11. A little fun on a deere powerlesshift

    So you're saying you should have bought a 1026?
  12. A Railroad Question

    Simpler,cheaper,easier to maintain and lower failure rate. Spread that over 8000 locomotives and your talking serious money.
  13. A little fun on a deere powerlesshift

    I like 4020 PS just fine. It does what it's supposed to ,keeps the Deere engine in the sweet spot of that narrow torque curve. IH didn't need a PS ,again torque curve. T/A was more than adequate. JD quad range,with six redundant gears. IH syncro tri six. Not a true PS!See previous torque curve statement.
  14. Another cat topic

    Contrary to popular belief cats are trainable. Flyswatter or rolled up newspaper work well for negative reinforcement. Doesn't take many repetitions either.