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  1. Propane torpedo heater

    As I seat here today in the new shop with floor heat ,fluorescent lighting and insulated overhead doors I have to think back on the OLD shop . It was an army surplus Quonset hut with a back wall installed no door no lights or heat whenever we had to work on something in the winter it was brutal, but at least we were out of the snow and wind, I can remember one winter in the 70's we had a gehl 95 grinder mixer the seal went out on the gear box, unknown to us, well all that ground corn mixed in with the grease and kind of made a mixture similar to tar. We fired it up to grind hog feed heard a loud pop and pieces feel out the bottom. we backed it into the old shop the wind was howling and snow was blowing in circles inside the building. We went to work on it ,but our hands got so cold we couldn't feel our fingers so my cousin and I found an old tarp and hung it over the door it slowed the wind down some ,but it was still colder tan the dickens. Now being pretty creative we got an old metal bucket and filled it half full or so with some gravel out of the hog shed poured a couple gallons of diesel fuel in it and lit it up at least we could go over and warm our hands up .Well after a couple hours we got it out tore it apart and I headed to the dealer for parts. When i walked in the old boy behind the counter just stared at me first then busted out a laughing i had no idea what was so dad blamed funny till he finally told me , go look in the mirror, when I did it was pretty obvious that diesel smoke had turned my face plum black except for white circles around my eyes. I guess it's a wonder he didn't choke to death but we got it together the hogs got feed and we threw the diesel bucket idea away.
  2. Salvage values

    look at all states ag parts they have a link on there website
  3. 806 wet stack/slobber?

    check the radiator are you losing antifreeze
  4. drain tile?

    Looking for some help , in our part of Missouri drain tile is a rarity but we have several fields of what we call buckshot or crawfish ground that is wet anytime it rains. We have talked about installing drain tile for several years, but the weather never allowed ,now it is bone dry and we are looking for some guidance . wanting information on how deep, how far apart, what size line and any other important lessons that anyone has learned I sure appreciate your help
  5. 66 series steering orbit motors

    All States Ag Parts has them rebuilt one year warranty for 525$ plus 150$ core I tried to get mine rebuilt but it was much higher .
  6. 1586 Pictures

    they are a good ole horse, sometimes a little short on gear selections though, we have had ours for many years nephews wanted to get rid of it several years ago but were out voted [since I have the majority vote] I put a nice farmhand loader on it and use it as a chore tractor it will stay as long as I stay.
  7. 1486 first serial #

    I just saw this advertised on St.Louis CL the first 1486 made. Sale is in Perryville MO on Dec. 2nd no picture and I did not check into it ,but I thought someone on here might be interested. Perryville is probably about 50 miles south of St.Louis right off of interstate 55.
  8. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    As far as braking what I have read is that they have an electric motor on each wheel including trailer which provides acceleration as well as braking. Computer monitoring is supposed to eliminate jack knifing as well by applying braking to each individual wheel as needed. The problem is see is that you either are limited to one trailer or you would need a fleet of trailers compatible with these trucks.
  9. Take over!

    I can see the steam from my farm and have driven by the plant several times do they give tours ? I'm guessing not, but it would be something to see.
  10. 1206 prices??!!

    a 1206 with the original solar turbo just has it's own unique whistle if you have ran one under load or tractor pulled one you would understand.
  11. 806 TA

    nephew came by last night to mess with the 806 told him first thing it needs is a bath, when he started it up he had no steering so we had to remove a plug on the mcv to prime it wondering if this is related maybe an internal leak?
  12. Look at this cherry red manifold on this 1456

    I've blown a fair amount of silage in my time the "super" M would make the muffler glow then we went to a 560 then a 1206 an 826 or 856 I never saw any of them light the manifold up like that. I did see the neighbor's 4440 deere glow like that he had his city boy son in law V ripping is guess he decided it was going to slow so he raised her up and shifted the deere to about sixth gear.i could see the manifold glowing from the road and the next day I saw it going down the road -------- on a rollback
  13. 806 TA

    he changed the filter flushed the transmission with diesel. the oil on the dipstick looks good to me steering works fine ,brakes work fine the light on the dash does not work it's an electrical nightmare as far as the linkage it appears to be adjusted to specs. just seems backwards too me that it holds under load [brakes depressed ] and stalls otherwise?
  14. Look at this cherry red manifold on this 1456

    silage blower? a pyrometer may be in order.
  15. 806 TA

    my nephew bought an 806 tractor had set outside and the hydraulic fluid had water in it he drained it ,flushed it out and put new oil in now the TA does not work right if he holds the brakes down hard it will shift every time otherwise it stalls and eventually downshifts or upshifts any ideas wondering if he flushed something loose and now its stuck in the MCV