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  1. Propane torpedo heater

    I burn diesel in a radiant style heater in my shop without many fumes. I have a MIT-M (Val-6 knock off)

    Yes, a couple years here.
  3. plowing with quickhitch?

    Yes, everything is just a few inches farther back from the tractor, but all the dimensions are the same.
  4. Do wild corn dogs grow in your area?

    Here, they grow all around our pond. We control them in some spots and let them grow on others for fish cover.
  5. OK, lets see ya favorite tractor you own and use

    Tires are 23.1 x 34
  6. OK, lets see ya favorite tractor you own and use

    I don't really use it much (altho it loves a parade), but it's my favorite.
  7. 1586 Pictures

    They could be I guess, but they look more like 23.1 X 34 in that rear view.
  8. Windbreaker window?

    I got one for an IH windbreaker from the CIH dealer a few years ago. It didn't actually come from IH, but they said the company they bought it from had made them for IH years ago. It fit perfectly/
  9. 1586 Pictures

    What size are they, I thought 20.8 at first but they look wider in the rear view?
  10. Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    Prayers sent.
  11. My turn for prayers

    Prayers sent.
  12. I hate this job
  13. Had a buddy years ago that mated a 1066 and 1086 (both had problems).....he had decals made that said 1076 for it. He pulled it some and it was funny how many times we'd hear a couple good old boys talking and one would say: "I never heard of a 1076" only to have his know-it-all buddy say: "yes he'd heard of them but IH didn't make many". We would just laugh.
  14. I hate this job

    I'd say Woodford is as good as any.
  15. Dt407 rebuild problem

    Oh, how many times I saw that when we used to put 45 heads on a 4020 pump to go tractor pulling........