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  1. National anthem protests

    20 minutes away from me but I hardly ever go in that direction. Might have to check it out. Dennis
  2. Mel Tillis

    Went down to Tucson quite often. RIP Dennis
  3. 1985 s2300

    Should be wire running to the tank with the fuel sending unit in it. Pull sending unit, ground it and have a helper watch the gauge for movement as you move the float arm up and down. If you don't get any movement put positive lead from ohm meter on wire from the dash gauge and the ground lead from ohm meter to the body of the sending unit. Move the float arm up and down and the meter should show movement through the whole range of the float arm. Don't remember the ohm range is but you should see movement on the meter anyway. If you have full movement on the meter the sending unit is good and the problem is with the gauge. There are different ohm ranges depending on the manufacturer. ie if you have a gauge with a 60 to 100 ohm range the sending unit has to be a 60 to 100 ohm range. If one or the other has been changed over the years and the ohm range is not the same on them you will not get a good reading. Dennis
  4. Unusual Phobias or fears

    I represent that remark!
  5. Save it

    Looks about the same shape as my 66. Same drive train. Drive mine everywhere, get a lot of thumbs up. Be a good truck to teach those girls to drive a standard transmission. Dennis
  6. Help me start my channel!

    Welcome to the forum. Good to see young people interested in old iron. Not bad for a first time out. If you get a chance checkout Loadstar (Roosty 6) or( plowed under productions,) can't remember which forum member he is on youtube and you can get an idea of what makes a good video. These guys have been doing videos for a long time and IMO have it down pretty good. There are others on here as well but my old brain can't remember' Keep with it and it will come together. Dennis
  7. Hey Santa.....

    Slope nose IH truck, if that won't fit in his bag a Highwheeler would be OK. Dennis
  8. Barn with IH equipment

    Pretty neat stuff there, like the H with the heat houser. Don't see that everyday. Are those Allstate mopeds in the picture with the 70? Dennis
  9. Take This Classic Car ID Quiz

    aced the first one. who cares about the second one. new ones are like a field of corn, they all look the same to me. Grew up in the 50's and 60's and proud of it. Dennis
  10. 1948 KB 5 restoration

    Wire in steering column for horn. Good old fashioned auto parts store for carb kit. Find the oldest guy behind the counter. Dennis
  11. Blue jeans

    Work jeans from Goodwill or some kind of thrift store. 5.00 a pair. Good jeans from Goodwill or some kind of thrift store. 5.00 a pair. I'm starting to see a pattern here. Dennis
  12. Tinnitus

    If wives know you have a hearing loss they talk quietly so they can complain about you not hearing them. Full disclaimer, Wife never looks at this site. Dennis
  13. Best area to buy a used truck?

    NOT OHIO!!!!!!!!!!! Dennis
  14. What's your favorite crop to harvest?

    Not to hijack but I see most canola post come from our brothers up north. Is there a reason for this? (climate, ground, etc.) Dennis