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  1. TX to IN "IH 1456 Road Trip"

    It was a quick trip but a fun one. 1st stop was at Coy Winslows and the Winlows Farm. Everyone knows Coys 1456 and his pristine paint, body work and detailing. Coy showed us the progress on a friends 1456 Gold Demo. We then viewed Coy's and his family collection and James Dean memorablia and history tied to Winslow Farms. Very nice time and he was very gracious to take on the paint and body work as well as show us around and entertain us. Not only is Coys 1456 and the 1256 he restored top notch but he has the 3 best Massey Fergusons ive ever seen. Theres also another original low hr 1456 that is sharp. After Coys we headed south to Richard Walkers. Barns full of neat stuff. Plows. 4wds, corn pickers, belly tank after belly tank and quick hitch after quick hitch and memorablia that would take 2 days to view. Now there's no pics from Richards. Just so much stuff put away and packed tight you cant get a good pic that it deserves. All super nice equipment and cool stuff. Richard is a 560 guy. Knows his 560s. Has a 1456 he bought new. Its was a very fun time seeing his collection. The new rubber and fresh paint smell was awesome in his barn. Left walkers at a cold windy sundon and met Jeff Foreman and his Son for dinner @ Texas road house. Steaks, beer and margaritas and more tractor talk and parts swaps. Great time, great conversations with great people. Great road conditions too.
  2. Picked up another belly mounted fuel tank. Only Top plates i have were for 66/68 and only 66 i have is a 1066 so that answered what i was going to mount it on. Ive plumbed in belly tanks on 56 before but never on a 66. Its a little different and i have an idea on how i want it done. Also need to find a transfer pump. If anyone has a 66 with belly tank still hooked up or and belly tank spare parts let me know. Ill post pics as i plumb in tank.
  3. IH 1066 black stripe w/ Belly Fuel Tank

    Heres one more goodie. Big thanks to Jeff Foreman for this lil treasure.
  4. IH 1066 black stripe w/ Belly Fuel Tank

    It never ends. Remote started leaking bad putting a halt to my 1066/2350 photo opp. With hyd seat, check valves and front mount hyd, its a pain to tare into just to get to 2nd remote. When i do have free time to work on these i enjoy and try to be productive.
  5. IH 1066 black stripe w/ Belly Fuel Tank

    Thats a 1026 hydro in that pic.
  6. IH 1066 black stripe w/ Belly Fuel Tank

    This is how it works on 56 series. Bottom tank has a transfer pump, pulls diesel from bottom of belly tank to x-fer pump, Ts to inj pump tank return line and fills upper tank from the return line. You are supose to install an overflow tube in upper tank to drain back into bottom tank to prevent overflow of top tank. All engine fuel to inj pump is drawn from upper tank and filtered through both filters. Ive seen some crazy bypasses on a few dandys that ruined some inj pumps.
  7. TX to IN "IH 1456 Road Trip"

    We'll be back. I have my sheetnetal to pick up and a 1206 is there to be started on after this 1456.
  8. Case IH 9190 - Ever Built?

    Those cards were terrible. I laid my phone on the side in a panther kp1400 and if it rang, it killed he tractor.....
  9. TX to IN "IH 1456 Road Trip"

  10. TX to IN "IH 1456 Road Trip"

    I have taken several pics over the years documenting the gold sheetmetal on this one. The back side if radiator side panels will be left original gold on back. It was just part of the deal. If you want a Coy Winslow paint job its done his way with that in agreement. Hes a paint and body guy. He wants a clean slate to work with. Progress and pics are posted of this 1456 sn 13313 under the restoration section.
  11. TX to IN "IH 1456 Road Trip"

    Ha! That fat SoB. No telling how many times hes sold that trator in his ads. Hes big into tax fraud and diesel trucks now.
  12. Case IH 9190 - Ever Built?

    They are models i made and recreated old ads. No true Case IH badged and 9190 decaled tractor has surfaced and been photographed and posted on line. A few true red tiger IVs with 9190 sn have have surfaced and some Tiger IVs once green painted red and decaled a 9190 have popped up too. So far there is no other 9190 decaled pic 4wd outside of the brochure.
  13. TX to IN "IH 1456 Road Trip"

    Im not a fan of the spray bombed all factory red look, because then filters, wiring, belts and manifold would all be red and after 1st service its was burnt, flaked, and filter changed. Its cool to see original red alternators on one.
  14. Case IH 9190 - Ever Built?

    The last 2 green Steigers were decaled as 9180s, but some of the 1st CIH 9170s and 9180s had the early Steiger Panther 1000 body style. Tiger IVs are awesome 525hp brutes but if the 4spd drop box grenades, its a 25ton brick. No more parts. The Tiger IIIs are more sought after. Some Tiger IIIs ST-450 and ST-470s went back for upgrades and came back decaled as ST-525.
  15. Case IH 9190 - Ever Built?

    ^ i know they were the same tractor, but some of the 1st SN 9190s still had Tiger IV emblem on hood, Case IH on grille and painted red. When they used up old inventory they started putting 9100 series decals on and badging them as 9190 like in the pic and most of those are down under. The Steiger to Case IH 4wds had some mix matched mutts untill they assembled what was in the line and used up parts on hand. Then they all started coming out red with 9100 series and all case ih badging.
  16. TX to IN "IH 1456 Road Trip"

  17. Case IH 9190 - Ever Built?

    Some of the last Tiger IVs were painted Red with 9190 S/N tags.
  18. Something you don't see everyday

    Wonder how many combat landings it made dropping off, resuppling and extracting Marines in Vietnam. Few Hueys in Iraq still had combat badges from Vietnam. No telling how many times they were rebuilt over the years.
  19. My new to me 1456

    All is lost unless you kow ownership history from day 1. My 1456 gold sold new at Goss Imp, Honeygrove TX, im 4th owner, the 1456 gold Jim has came from Greenville MS area to Tx several years, ago. My 826 gold which im tired of, sold new in decatur TX area, im 3rd owner. Friends 1456 thats in IN getting painted sold new at Meadors Imp in Whitewright TX. He bought that 1456 new in '71, tracked it down, bought it back and restoring it. Some JI Case nerd in '85 was probably put in charge of dealership sales and gold demo records and threw them in the dumpster.
  20. My new to me 1456

    All gold demo dashes are black
  21. My new to me 1456

    Check on a few things for me. Look under top of donaldson deluxe precleaner and see if its gold and if the 4" pipe was gold too. Ive seen 2 donaldson precleaners that were gold from factory. But ive seen red and gold stock air stacks. Also, does it still have factory single 1000rpm pto? Have yet to see a 1456 gold demo factory pto delete. Theres not many options or variations on this one that stands out, but what impresses me is its a true factory gold demo open station and still has alot of the smaller sheetmetal pices. Alt belt cover, battery cover etc. Im still excited that it all worked out and the plan came together. Get it warmed up one warm sunny day, park it on wash rack still running, few gallons of gas, purple power and few hours of power washer will turn it around. Id pull every piece of sheet metal, platform and fenders and show no mercy with the soap and water. Get more pics of sheetmetal under sides to document even more. Itll start showing all those oil and diesel leaks real easy then and next thing you know, youre at CIH parts counter buying $150 in orings and gaskets that fit in your hand.....
  22. My new to me 1456

    Ive drug home worse gold 1456s. Did you ever find out where it sold new at?
  23. 1256 and 1456 differences.

    Ive seen both on 1256. Early had square bottom edge, the late one i had that a fellow board member now has, had the beveled. That 1256 was 64th from last. Both of my 856s were 69s and square bottom. Ive seen both on 856s too so mid-late 69 had to be the change over.
  24. A few 1456's in town

    Quite a S/N to have! I have wondered for years where and if that particular S/N was still out there. Which of the 4 1456s is the best of the bunch. There's always one better than others.
  25. Beware of scammers!!! Tis' the season

    my granddad is 84 and I keep in the loop with what all phone scams are current. he then plots his soon to be conversations. seems a lot of the Dr.s and medical supply companies are selling the info because a certain group of men get the same calls from same # and they have the same problems and suppliers. I love twisting them up and if they call with an indian accent I have an Indian accent too, where ever they are form Im right down the road. if im in the mood ill twist them up.