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  1. 1256 and 1456 differences.

    Ive seen both on 1256. Early had square bottom edge, the late one i had that a fellow board member now has, had the beveled. That 1256 was 64th from last. Both of my 856s were 69s and square bottom. Ive seen both on 856s too so mid-late 69 had to be the change over.
  2. A few 1456's in town

    Quite a S/N to have! I have wondered for years where and if that particular S/N was still out there. Which of the 4 1456s is the best of the bunch. There's always one better than others.
  3. Beware of scammers!!! Tis' the season

    my granddad is 84 and I keep in the loop with what all phone scams are current. he then plots his soon to be conversations. seems a lot of the Dr.s and medical supply companies are selling the info because a certain group of men get the same calls from same # and they have the same problems and suppliers. I love twisting them up and if they call with an indian accent I have an Indian accent too, where ever they are form Im right down the road. if im in the mood ill twist them up.
  4. 1256 and 1456 differences.

    SD on the 16 hole option, are you referring to the 16 hole pattern vs the 12 hole pattern for the wheel to rim clamps, or 16 spoke holes in the casted center itself? ive thought of having one of mine changed to using 16 rim clamps on it but cant talk myself into doing it. if there was ever a pic of a 16 spoke 3.5" wedgelock wheel id like to see how it looks. Id like to see what a 5088 rear casted wheel looks like on a 1456 painted red too. As for the rear ends, seems more 1466s with larger rear end had way more problems than a 1066 with the smaller rear axle.
  5. 1256 and 1456 differences.

  6. 1256 and 1456 differences.

    front grille cast are the same from what ive seen, they just bolt farther forward on wet bolster. there's 2 different positions to bolt on the 856s, 1456s, 1026s. not sure about the 826 and 756 bolsters from '70 on.
  7. A few 1456's in town

    Pretty sure I would get along with this guy. Any of the 2 cabbed 1456 gold demos? Stalk chopper 1456 dash looks dark.
  8. 1256 and 1456 differences.

    ^ FRAMES ARE THE SAME RADIATOR AND COOLING CAPACITY IS THE SAME BOTH CAME FACTORY 1000 RPM PTO 1456 specs -TT407 C4 blocks from factory -different exhaust manifold center section -2 piston oil jets -HD front axle, slanted clamps, fixed squared fabricated wish bone, larger center pivot bolster -larger radiator fan 8 blade vs 6 blade -4 roller DC roosamaster inj pump w/Splined drive shaft. -larger wrist pins 1-5/8" vs 1-1/2" -larger brakes 11'' vs 8'' -larger rear axles, 3.5" vs 3.25" -wider bull gears and 3.92:1 vs 4.1:1 ratio -factory muffler - longer front hood and white side panels 1.75" longer than 1206/1256 hood. -Schwitzer 279 turbo vs 229 -larger trans/dif capacity 22gal vs 17gal one odd thing about 1456s is you will see more factory 6 bolt front hubs than 1256s with 6 bolt front hubs. 2 of my 3 were factory 6 bolt hubs one even being a gold demo. 1456s look goofy with 6 bolt hubs. although previous wheatland models could be equipped with 20.8-38 from factory 1456 was the 1st farmall to have 20.8s form factory.
  9. 1456 with detroit

    I could care less about those rear wheel centers. The 1456 front axle is gone. the hard to find 1456 hood and side panels are cut. Took a real genious to destroy a tt407 and thought detroit replacement was #1 answer along with torch and welder. If my FIL ever had a 1456 here it would be. And it would be the cleanest most original 1456 in OK. Nothing on it worth scraping out.
  10. 1456 with detroit

    What a cobbled up mess, but id still like to make a round on it. Might drive it off in a bar ditch and leave it there but atleast ill know what it was about.
  11. 1466 clutch boost remove and replace

    Drop the cab mount and there she be.
  12. 1466 clutch boost remove and replace

    Do you have factory cab? Ive pulled clutch assist off many IHs with cabs and never had a bit of trouble. If its the deluxe ih cab, pull the battery out and get after it. Youll have to pull up the parts diagram and buy each o-ring or see if there is a total kit listed in the CIH system which list more than CIH online parts. I rebuild the clutch assist all the time. If you need new rubber dust boots, bite down and spend the $30 ea on CIH ones. The $10 aftermarket ones wont last 9 months. Dont just replace the main o-rings. Replace them all while its off. Just remember which order the spring and caps go in. It can be put together backwards and set you back.
  13. 56 series diamond cab vs 66 series cabs

    ^ The front windows are different between a 26/56 and a 66/68 diamond cab. No way it will go on there and fit around the hood. The 66/68 hood is significantly taller and wider and thats where the shorter and narrower front windows come in.
  14. Good times with good equipment

    Black is a Sm465 4 speed, the red one is Th400. This style grille guard is made by Luvurene. Mr. Pickup made some round bar ones too.