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  1. Jim wanted me to share pics of his 826 he bought. I knew some 34" wheatland centers were solid but didnt know they mounted on a 10 bolt 3.25" axle mount hub.
  2. I love the early 66s with white cab. I wonder if those are 11.00x16 or 10.00x16. I have a 1256 id trade for a nice 1466 with white cab. I let one get away a few years ago. Even had my prefered Longbar axles. I cry a little everytime i look at the pics of it, which is too often. Kristen Gall posted a pic a while back of twin 1466s sold new at his local dealership. I believe 1 or both were still around him.
  3. Yall act like the gov rolls into a farm and selects tractors at random and tells the farmer he has no choice. This program is voluntary. Farmer enters the tractors on his own and can back out at any time. Takes over a year to get the credit.
  4. Troy, the TERP credit amount is only shown on final bill of sale. End user never gets a check or cash, just credit issued to the dealership who entered the tractor. It can be new or up to 2 years used under so many hours. Tractor must crank and drive on it own power and thats it. Farmer can keep the TERPd tractor or sale it. It just cant be put back to running condition. If one is and sold off as a running tractor and it makes it way back into the program or later on another state starts a program alot of heads roll for .gov fraud. Its a big deal if you get caught trying to cheat the program here.
  5. Oleman, i know many farmers in and around McKinney personally. All of them have TERP'd tractors and trucks. Infact, collin county was dominant red untill the mid 90s but there use to be alot of red iron there. What all ran has been TERP'd. All of the tractors ive bought to part out came from McKinney Area. Talked to a small rancher 2 months ago. He knocked an 806 in the head and bought a new holland. He got $33k credit and $ for selling parts off of it. I got some but its the 1st new tractor theyve bought since the 806. Dallas suburbs was knocking on his door and he figured in 10 years he'll be bought or pushed out. I know the program doesnt have the $ that it use to but its still largely funded. Most of the tractors that qualify have been TERPd. Now they are brining in junky runners and holding onto until the next round. As for South West Auctions, they do not carry a trusting name anymore. I bet alot of people would be suprised to find they have a welded up TERP tractor some jockey fixed up and sent north and south west is a major hub for that.
  6. End user never sees the $, its just #s on paper.
  7. Noooo, ive got them priced as normal tractors. Not all counties quallify for TERP. Its only metroplex counties. Alot of farmers have become tired of dealing with yankees. Piss and moan cause its TA delete, piss and moan cause it has longbar axles. So they just enter it in TERP, get the credit and apply it to a new one. Yall act like they are killing low hr pristene equipment......its not just tractors, its road trucks and construction equipment too. When theres no buyers up north the Mexicans get it and after they pay the cartel and taxes at border its never to be seen again.
  8. .gov gives us $35k for a 856, $45k for a 1456, $75k for a Steiger Panther. I have a good 1256 and decent 826 listed for sale and not 1 phone call from you "tractor savers" to buy them. 9/10 of these tractors being TERP'd are clapped out POS and its the best thing for them. Farmer only has to own the tractor 2 years prior to being TERP'd. Program has been around for over 10 years. If a guy wants my 1256 or 826 to knock in the head and gives me what i want for it its his. Chances are ill turn around and buy it back as a parts tractor. So i say all you "tractor savers" are full of crap, all talk and no action and have no clue what the exact program is.
  9. 1566 and 1568 #1 were white cabs. They are shown in one the latest Farmington Imp. IH video. Its the one with all the factory pics.
  10. 6 bolt front hubs on a 1066, yuck.....
  11. Current model S/N registries are starting to provide a certain S/N range for gold demos especially 1456s. So far all the legit ones are in late S/N 12000s to 13375 being the higest legit gold demi know. Its not down to "it has to be a 1970!". Were beyond that, were getting in down to certian months range of production.
  12. Im not a fan if these black stripe or gold demo fakes and replicas. They will be sold later down the road. I know better, i know exactly what to look for to prove a legitimate black stripe or gold demo. Most do not. I believe gold demos would be worth far more than what they are now if there wasnt so many fakes and replicas out there. Mecum and other auctions have no clue about tractors. They dont care they just want the $. Fake a yenko camaro and roll it into mecum as legit and see what happens.....different world of collectors and deeper pockets there. Lots of huge IH collections being auctioned off or coming up for auction. Im afraid theres more to come. No telling what fakes or replicas are in these auctions and will soon be scattered and the buck has been passed. Its gonna be a mess for my generation. When i do see a fake or replica sell for big $, that just increases the value of my legit tractors.
  13. Photobucket isnt allowing 3rd party hosting anymore unless you pay $400yr. That isnt gonna happen.
  14. Royce Sr. (Father), Royce Jr aka Butch and Billy Aycock on 2 IH 1456s and 1 706. Both 1456s were bought new from Meadors Imp, Whitewright TX in Jan of '71. Both were matching 1456s....almost. 1 is a gold demo with narrow front axle center tube and front mount aux hyd hook ups. Both were factory TA delete, 11L15 8 bolt fronts, 18.4x38 rears, 4 sets of wheel weights, standard steering, mech seat. Both 1456s are still in the family. They are equipped with 4r wide front mount cultivators and 4r wide cotton lister planters. The other 1456 is on an IH 55 chisel plow with wide sweeps. This was a very common sight in Texas Blacklands. Just got this one the other day. Pic is from late 80s early 90s.