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  1. IH 1456

    Got called out i had return line on wrong. Got it swapped around. Not sure if ill sell it or not. Its not ready to sell if i do. Few friends have 1456s for sale, some are moving, some arnt.
  2. IH 1456

    Wasnt happy with how tight the tilt was so i tore into it and made a few changes. Pretty tight now! Added emblems from Jeff Foreman, blasted, primed and repainted the pre cleaner. Installed a clutch assist. Mucho easier on the knees.
  3. finally got one back!

    That thing is a brute! Looks like a high plains juggernaut.
  4. IH 1456

    Mule, they are used Kelly Springfields. On the treads it still says 18.4....and it fades out. I hate longbar/schitbar tires.
  5. IH 1456

  6. Ih 2355 loader need to know specs

    16' trailer will get the job done
  7. IH 1456

    Just about have it set up the way i want it. New Turbo new manifold, new/used set of 18.4x38s. Will the new manifold eventually seal at the connections? Still have some work to do but im done with this one for a while.
  8. IH 1456

  9. IH 1456

  10. IH 1456

    Found some mounted 18.4-38 Kelly Springfield 95% tread along with 2 pallets of parts.
  11. Original Hydro 100 blackstripe in excellent shape

    He tried to pass off a 1456 wheatland as a gold demo. Got caught and called out. Took his toys else where.
  12. Original Hydro 100 blackstripe in excellent shape

    I think its Chad Houses hydro 100. It has several things going for it, Hydro 100, black stripe, low hours, well kept. Wish it still had the 2350 loader with it. Clean 1026 hydros are getting close to $20k now. Im a hydro fan but they have to be turbo'd. Hydros suck the power.
  13. International 1456

    Open station with TA, with a list of what needs to be fixed or replaced every bit of $10k. More weights, options, fixes, price goes up from there to $15k. Nice clean original, fairly low hours $17.5k. 3500hrs or less its $20k +.
  14. 2350 loader on 86 series?

    On a 06/26/56 Series it's not so bad since the hood is narrow. Put one on a 66 and 2350 seems tight and all you see is hood. Hydro 186 w/2350 and 3488 w/2355 have to be the 2 best IH cabed loader tractors.
  15. IH 1456

    Longbar/short bar tires are almost as bad as DT710s. Hate em and dont know why so many bought them back then.