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  1. Must have been the movement in the video. Standing still the right side looks like it's got some teeth left. Good deal. Run er hard D
  2. She sure sounds and runs good. Looks like that right side sprocket is kinda nubby, but in that soft dirt probably won't hurt. Good to have you on the board. We love pics, and salivate over videos. Stick around, glad you made it. Dave
  3. Blacksmithing?

    I work in some of the silica steel and manganese alloy plants doing vibrations. All three are spending money right now on controls and infrastructure (cranes, tracks, etc.). Been told they are selling all they can make, and that the immediate future looks good. They have started back up part of a rolling mill up around Youngstown. Would like to see all these get going. Met coal market would help WV out a lot too. D
  4. Blacksmithing?

    I worked for a company that owned an old forging company up in WV that made forged crane hooks. They used an old steam hammer, and basically did just like these guys with the labor it takes to move it while making the forging. They got big money for those hooks. D
  5. searching for red power magazine articles?-

    Unless they've changed it, the search function here is pretty non existent. You can however, use google and after your search term put Red Power Magazine and come up with a lot of threads. Here's one of several hits when I searched "Lift All Hydraulic Pump Red Power Magazine" D
  6. Their aim was off

    That's what I'm thinking too. I just don't see a man carrying his AR outside to sit on the porch with, unless he's in a very, very rough neighborhood, or he's got someone looking for him. I've been hunting for the rest of the story too. D
  7. IH 3984 series b trackhoe/excavator

    Here's a link to a thread on them here on Red Power D
  8. Their aim was off

    Spray and pray has never been a good philosophy to try and live by. Good one to die by though. D
  9. Td 151

    What does it seal? Front cover of what? D
  10. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    Chris, I'm not sure if you can get in with enough room or not, but if they are broken off even with the casting, you can weld a nut on the broken off end, let it cool, and very possibly screw the stud out of the casting. The heat from welding will expand and then contract the broken stud as it cools, loosening the rust enough to unscrew it. You have to have enough room to get at it though. You need to weld all the way around the nut, then fill the middle as well. Need all the heat you can get till you fill the nut full. D
  11. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Electrolysis tank is the "E" tank. Google that with the words Red Power and you can find some previous posts on its setup. D
  12. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    There are several things you could use, but I'm going to spout off and say that it would be a crying shame to farmer fix that radiator without getting it rodded out and boiled, and then fixed right. Awfully good lookin tractor to have a piece of crap radiator trying to keep it cool. Just my 2c D
  13. Hi from oz

    Most generally you would just copy the URL to the post. I tried your URLs several different ways and got an error from photo bucket saying they were in error. I would say you didn't copy them correctly or something. Go back to your photobucket account and display the picture one by one. right click while the mouse is on the pic and select COPY IMAGE LOCATION. Come back here and paste into your post. See if that works. I don't use photo bucket so I am not much help there. Maybe someone who does can help more. D
  14. TD Something pictures 5/6 ?

    Hector good to see you're still on here. Hope all is well and you're selling all the parts you have. D
  15. redpower thread td18a diesel injection pump

    Google "TD18A Diesel Injection Pump" or "TD18A Fuel Pump" (without quotes) and see what you get back from Redpower. I just did and the second one down had 4 hits with another link that said "more from redpower magazine" D