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  1. I watched a show on that accident a few years ago, bad thing for sure. It always makes me wonder when things go wrong like that and it effects lots of people why the company or government just sits by till something bad happens when all along they knew something was going to happen but took their chances anyway.
  2. Glad to hear your home Bill and healing well. Wish I was a little closer so I could help you pass time by bs'ing a bit. Keep your head up, follow your doctors and therapist's directions and you'll be back in the barn with the girls in no time. We will keep praying for full healing. Orin
  3. On a gasser I would think if the knock stopped after removing wire which is in turn stopping combustion, I would think piston or rod because your taking away any pressure by doing that.
  4. They are a European model of new holland chopper that was their replacement for the 1915/2115 models. I believe that the 2205 was the 1915 replacement and a 2405 would replace the 2115 with some differences. I'm not sure how easy it would be getting parts over here.
  5. Much easier in those conditions to pull a cart or dump wagon next to the chopper. End up tearing something apart on the truck. Been there done that...
  6. Very nice!
  7. Thank you very much for the update, we will definitely keep him in our thoughts and prayers. My wife who is a PT says to tell him to be a good patient.
  8. We're thinking of you Bill, have a speedy recovery. Them foxes are sneaky ones...😟
  9. We have a local gas station that sells non ethanol gas, I use it in all my small engines and will drain other gas out of tractor when I'm done for the year.
  10. Spartan's are my favorite.... A good friend of mine has an orchard but is on a much smaller scale. I get 100 gallons of cider from him a year. Going to pick up my first 25 next Friday.
  11. Couple weeks ago my 966 was driven home by my brother, as he came into the driveway I could hear a definite miss and was smoking blue. Pulled the valve cover and was a bent rocker. Put another one on and runs great again. Wouldn't be surprised if that's what is wrong with yours. It's either that or a bad injector, either way fix it before something else gets ruined.
  12. If I were buying new, I would definitely go with the 2 point hitch even at the extra money. That type of hitch will increase the life of your pto exponentially. Drive lines are one of the things that really take a beating on a mower with all the turning and the 2 point hitch will eliminate all that wear. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with a Deere mower, they do a nice job.
  13. That's funny, sold my 8315 this year to a local farmer and haven't gotten paid either. He's using it all the time... On the hesston 1340, make sure all the wear plates under the cutter bar are there and not worn out. Also since its s draw bar pull, make sure that the pto joint that connects to the tractor isn't really sloppy. that that cv joint is really pricey, around 2k I think. Those mowers are very hardy machine as long as the cutter bar has been taken care of. As far as running it, I would think both the 756 or the 4020 would run it, probably not super fast but you will be cutting more hay then you think with one that's for sure. My dad and brother have a 8312 and a 1340 and they run them with a 806 and a allis 7000 and run about 8 or 9 mph. I mowed with the 806 last week a bit for them and it has plenty of power mowing in 2 hi, so you should be fine with your tractors.
  14. Pulled chopper motor that has new look inside window, and getting other motor ready to put back in.... wish I was on vacation in outer banks......
  15. Driven by it a few times, was a really nice big barn.