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  1. Neighbors have a 4166 I think, could be a 56. They use it to pull their heifer feeder in the spring and that's it.
  2. That's a beast Chris....
  3. Great looking tractor and a neat backdrop!
  4. Fire is a terrible thing to experience, our family had a bad fire in the early 90's which ended our family dairy eventually. My thoughts and prayers are with you Dale, it is nice when the community comes out in support. Lots of decisions will be made soon, keep a clear head and think things through. Orin
  5. Had a local dairy 4 or 5 years ago have a free stall fall in the middle of a big snow storm and it was a mess. Lost a bunch of cows. Glad yours wasn't to bad and no one got hurt, that's the best thing. Fix looks good. Lots of snow and then warm wet conditions are a bad combination.
  6. Hope for the best, will definitely pray for him.
  7. Look at Walker mowers, great mower heavy built with shaft drive decks. Most the bigger commercial guys use them around here. Little pricey though.
  8. Were they trying to connect with the small part of people that fly? Hey, at least he gave his horn a short blow to warn people he was backing up!😛 Or was that just an accidental blow.... we will never know...
  9. And here it's in the 30's and hardly any snow! Thanks for your winter Troy! Orin
  10. I have had engines going from full load and rpm and come against something hard that kills them make a rattle or dieseling kinda noise. Maybe you were running it hard enough to get hot quick. They don't make good sounds then either and the results usually aren't the best in that case like a scored cylinder which when run afterwards can make an engine not sound right. Good luck with it. I would say pull the pan off and have a look, doesn't take long and then you will know what to rule out at least.
  11. Good tractors if used right and greased every day, I like them enough to have 2 and wouldn't turn away another. I wouldn't run front duals unless your doing light work with it. Not worth chancing a front axle failure.
  12. I'm guessing you mean the 3588's. If that's the case 6588's and 3588's have the same front axle. It was only changed when they went to the super series like 72 and 74's. All the generations before those have the lighter front axle. The only difference between the 60 series and 30 series 2+2's is in the cab with the right hand shift with electric ta and hydraulic levers. Pretty much everything else interchanges.
  13. Curious things they are...
  14. Put a 466 in it and you'd have a TRUCK!
  15. That's a very nice original 2+2 Bill. Very nice winter pics!