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  1. Happy birthday!
  2. As I was reading this topic I was going to say there is a big difference between GMO's and hybrids but you explained it well. I don't have any problems with GMO's and plant traited corn every year. Roundup ready gene isn't natraul in any way to the corn plant and I don't think anyone knows the exact long term effects people or animals if any will have from them. I use them simply because they help me reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides that we know can cause damage from over exposure. I feel they are the best of the two evils as of right now. When I am around people that are explaining GMO's as just a hybrid, I feel we are doing a large disservice to the uniformed public because if they look up on the interweb what a GMO actually is they will feel that the farmer is intentionally misleading them and it will increase the level of mistrust between the farmer and consumer.
  3. She will be in our prayers for healing.
  4. Are you in any position to buy it?
  5. I'm not saying that's nice... I have seen much worse. A 966 that was owned by an aquantance looked really bad a few years ago, I would be impressed if it was still running. Tin work was all bashed in and fenders partly missing. Had a folding chair as it's seat and that wasn't even nice....
  6. I have never put in longer bolts in the pressure plate arms, but it should work I would think. I would try it.... Not sure what that says about me.....
  7. That's nothing! China will give you guys a loan!!! That's how we do it down here!
  8. Happy birthday!!
  9. Welcome back!
  10. Nice looking rake, you'll love it. Winter kill looks about normal for around here on lower grass land. I have some low ground that doesn't drain well that I have to seed a little every year.
  11. A couple years ago when I was doing construction with a friend of mine, we got a job installing a kitchen in the house of the dewalt rep for the northeast. I use makita xlt and Milwaukee M12 cordless tools. When we got there he wouldn't let us use anything but dewalt tools, so he provided them for us. At the end of the job he gave me a complete set of 20v tools to have. They stay in my stop to use and still use my other tools when I need them on a job site. Last year a friend of mine bought a m18 1/2" brushless impact and the thing was a beast. Not having any m18 tools I figured I'd get the dewalt since I have those in the shop. It's not quite as nice as my friends, but it's still a very nice tool to have and has a lot of torque. If you already have dewalt batteries then for me it's a no brainer. I personally am not as fond of dewalt cordless tools as I am of Milwaukee or Makita but they do the job. Make sure you get the brushless 1/2" impact as the brushed one will disappoint you.
  12. One of the funny times in my childhood was when my dad decided to turn our old wooden churn into drill powered. Everyone around ended up covered in cream... He bough a electric churn that looked like a gallon mason jar with a motor on top and a little paddle inside, would make butter in about 4 or 5 minutes. We drank our own milk and my mom would skim the cream. Your right about homemade butter, tastes better then anything I've ever had from a store. Last time I've had homemade butter was 20 years ago but I still can taste it. We used to eat 2 loaves homemade bread with butter every morning after chores.
  13. It all kinda sucks, things were drying out. We got in the 15" or so range. All the wind was nasty, steady around 30mph and gusts up to 50 or so. That's what makes things uncomfortable for sure.
  14. The shifting looks real nice, not sure about the pad in the middle of the steering wheel though. That looks like problems. You all think it will bring more than 32K?
  15. I'm guessing a wiring problem, should only be on when actually depressing the brake pedal. If it's on and you aren't using the brakes that wire is grounded somewhere.