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  1. Anyone want a 4 year old?

    Did give my dad a 1/2 of it because he loves pie also. I'd share but your a ways away to make it worth it.
  2. Anyone want a 4 year old?

    Went and picked raspberries on Sunday, had to make my own pie. Was good through, when you make your own pie you get to eat it...ALL!
  3. Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    Corn looks nice as does the equipment picking it!
  4. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    That is a very nice and clean installation, they had told me to use a radiator clamp with a spacer but wasn't sure how to make it work and look good. You do great work and have beautiful equipment. Thank you for the pics. Orin
  5. Snapledge

    A screen makes a nicer product but your processor will work just fine. The only difference I find is that with out the screen you get more leafs and long pieces in it as with the screen it's all sized small and uniform.
  6. Snapledge

    Bill, does he run a pan under his rolls?
  7. Snapledge

    I run earlage through my nh2100 with my gleaner head. Made my own adapter, it's not to hard. Get the head that you want, fab up an adapter. You seem very proficient in that department, should take you a few days. The hardest thing is that most heads are driven from both side so you have to make a through shaft that is driven from the left side that also drives a a roll or beater to help the ears into the rolls. If you chop the corn to dry it will shell a lot through the rolls which can be a problem. I like it in the mid to low 30% range. Makes great feed.
  8. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    Tony, was wondering if you could take some close ups of the 68's muffler shields. I have a set of chrome stacks mufflers and shields to put on but was wondering what kind of a clamp you used to install the shields. Thanks, Orin
  9. Kicked the can down the road

    That is one nasty gasket to change. Ran mine leaking for over a year. Saved the frame from meeting the same demise as the cab and box.
  10. For you old gleaner fans

    Not enough
  11. Kicked the can down the road

    Make sure it's not the lifter cover down on the left side. Mine let loose somewhere around 250k.
  12. For you old gleaner fans

    I run a gleaner R62, love it. It does a great job on very little fuel. Last year was about 1 1/2 gallons an acre in 180 bushel corn.
  13. friday's work

    Nice looking corn Bill, I had about 10 acres or so that got hit by frost the first week of September. Hope the weather holds off for you.
  14. 30 years ago today it snowed

    Happy anniversary!
  15. Pulling ripper with 1086

    Wish we had a like button....😆