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  1. Still has muffler guards and the cowl cover, that's not a bad deal. BUY IT!
  2. Love my white planter, very simple and easy to keep running. If I get another corn planter it will either be another white or a 1200 series ih.
  3. The picture was blurry, so I asked my wife to help me get it into focus. Now I can't see the picture at all.....
  4. Neat picture!
  5. Happy birthday Chris!
  6. Hope they figure out what's wrong, we'll keep her in our prayers. Nice it's dry enough out there, still very wet here and expecting more this weekend. Very few have done anything.
  7. Glad everything went well!
  8. If it does I'm buying one, otherwise not very interested.
  9. Being a former body man , I have a very good idea how much time and effort you had to put into that. You guys did absolutely gorgeous work on that truck. Not being a huge fan of that body style by no means diminishes how awesome it looks. Fabulous job Mike, that's something to feel famous in!
  10. The coyote seems to be very interested in something else then you👍🏻
  11. Good deal, hope it works out well for you. Post some pictures
  12. Congratulations!
  13. It's all the rain Bill, helps skin grow. Glad your healing up good.
  14. Very neat! I love steam engines. Just something very alluring about them.
  15. Just tell her that the td is needed to run the generator and you'll will be fine....😳 That's what I would do....