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  1. Nice pictures ole815, got to love the close up of the 66 front end.
  2. What after corn planting looks like this year....
  3. Thanks for posting those, very nice job!
  4. Very neat read. Thanks for posting it.
  5. That sucks Bill, this rain has condensed the beginning of summer that for sure.
  6. Sorry to hear that desiel doctor, if I could I would share our water with you. Was a beautiful day today, need quite a few of them to be able to get back out to the feilds.
  7. I apologize, I was going off memory and apparently it's not great. The cutter bar takes 2.5 quarts in the 3312 and 3315. Sorry for the misinformation.
  8. The book I have is for the 3312 and 3315 only, I would assume the 3309 would be about a quart and a half or so because it has 2 less turtles then the 3309
  9. Went out and looked at the rain gauge and have gotten around 2 1/2" since Sunday afternoon. It's rained hard most of the day today and is still raining right now pretty good. Streams are getting high.
  10. Which mower are you needing info on. They are different cutter bars, the 3309 has the smaller bar and the 3312 shares the main bar with the 3315. There isn't a good why to check the oil level that I've found other then draining it and refilling. Not sure about the 3309 but the 3312 and 3315 take 1.9 quarts of 80/90w gear oil. I usually use a synthetic equivalent.
  11. Might have to take the firmers off to finish this weekend if it gets a little dry. Should take a picture of the planter and tractor as they look kinda like something you'd bring home from a mud bog. I'm going to pressure wash them when it stops raining. I guess feed might be worth something this fall not sure if it will make it to maturity if it stays cold and wet.
  12. It's tough out there, raining right now and it started this weekend on Sunday early afternoon. I was mudding some corn in and got to the point where the firmers where plugging the seed tubes.... a lot farms have no corn planted around here and most have not done any haylage yet either. Since Sunday we have gotten almost an inch, hasn't rained hard just steady for the most part. Everyone has big plans for this weekend since it's supposed to clear up. Probably going to turn dry and burn everything up later in the summer....
  13. I think we all know why it broke..... (hint, black cats are bad luck)
  14. Here's the link for machinery Pete of the 8020 selling.