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  1. If I had to pay even half of those rents I would go backwards money wise. Hard enough with the rent I have to pay. X3
  2. Around here and I'm sure everywhere, Napa has a spring and fall filter sale. I buy all the filters that I need and apparently some extras at that time. I believe you save about 50% off of list during those sales maybe even more on some if you buy a value pack. Orin
  3. Won't work, the 30 series and 60 series are almost identical from in front of the cab forward. The drive to the front axle is the same so the center drive from the 5488 won't work. You would have to build a new cast center section to a accommodate the center input for the front end. If you go through all that work might as well put a magnum behind it and a beefier front axle.......
  4. Had a neighbor that had a chopper fire that was put out by a small fire extinguisher called stop fire I think. He said it was expensive but worked very good.
  5. Got two big storms today. First one was short and fierce and the second one was long and fierce. Got 4 1/4" between the 2 and flat sweet corn. this was the first one coming...
  6. My gramdpa was one of the German solders that survived after the surrender at Stalingrad. He was a medic on the Russian front. He was released from a Russian concentration camp in 1951 after going mad. Before the war he was a master cabinet maker and the Russians used him in that capacity. When I was growing up he was my only grandpa as my dads dad had died when I was 2. He would tell we stories about some of the conditions that he had to endure in Russia and they weren't good. After his unit surrendered, he said that most where just shot, he was a very religious man and also had a friend that was religious and as they were shooting he was praying and said the gun wouldn't fire when they were trying to kill him and his friend so he went to the consitration camp. While we where feeding calves I would listen, it was always very interesting to me and he had a ton of stories. My mom's family grew up in Germany during the war and then in 1956 escaped from east Germany to West Berlin. They have many very interesting stories, growing up my mom and all her family wouldn't teach any of us kids German as they said that we were Americans and Americans do not speak German.
  7. Keep a positive attitude Jere, prayers for you from NY. Orin
  8. If you touch the red power banner at the top of the page it takes you to the home page, then scroll all the way to the bottom and it should say who is logged on. Orin
  9. Troy, when we were driving through the state, I saw a lot more hay piled then I remember in the past. Also saw more corn planted on pivots then I remember in the past. Orin
  10. Ray, hope you heal quick and well!
  11. I pull the battery and battery box on the left side to make it easier to adjust the clutch after its together but you don't have to. And yes, it should be dry in the clutch housing. To get to the bolts on the cab side you will have to pull the floor mat and cover inside the cab.
  12. You still have to split it, just not all the way. Put splitting wheels on the front of the nose. Take out all the bigger bolts, there is one 3/8 long bolt that goes through the lower bearing flang and then the worst one is on top of bell housing on the cab side kinda above the starter. When you get them all out and then roll it apart as far as the hoses allow and then turn the bell housing out as far as you can with the steering wheel. That will give you access to the pressure plate and clutch and flywheel. Putting it back together I find it's easier to leave the washers under the pressure plate arms so the clutch will move with a little friction and roll it together so things line up and then tighten the pressure plate. It does take a extra step but I find its worth it because you don't have to fight the clutch plate as much. Hope this helps, I just split mine because of the ajusting nut on the pressure plate arm came of for some reason. It took me about 4 hrs to take it apart and put it back together. Orin
  13. Amish....
  14. I have narrowed 3 of my tractors in the last couple years and all of them are outside all the time and tubes looked rough. Soaked the first for a month or so before I even attempted it with a product called trick shot which is made from soybean oil and doesn't evaporate. Loosened everything and it was already to go. The hardest one was my 986 this spring. Soaked it for a while with sea foam penetrating oil and ended up tapping on the knee a little with a sledge and a block of wood to get it moving. Still only took a couple hours to narrow up and the tie rods were harder to get loosened then the tubes.
  15. I agree that it looks uncomfortable to ride in on those hills, but if you have both hills and flat land it would seem to me a good alternative to a hilco and cheaper.