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  1. Looks great! My dad has one that he bought new when he was 15 in 1954 that needs a going over. Very nice job as usual.
  2. Ipe is great decking but is $$$ and very hard to work with. The charred cedar is in the same money as Ipe. Making a trip up to Swanton tomorrow, was wondering were your new venture is located. Will be coming up 22A and probably stop in and see our friends in Addison as they just put in 3 robots. Orin
  3. The composite's that aren't covered with a plastic coating will mildew over time. Trex had a large law suite over it and now trex has the plastic coat. Certainteed I think that's how it's spelled makes a nice deck board as does trex and azek. If money is no object the cedar that goes through a special burn process is very nice. $$$$ Can't think of the name. I think it's around $11 a linear foot.
  4. I believe that it's a humidifier, out west they have hay that gets too dry if you can imagine.
  5. You have a right to be proud of that young man
  6. Bought a new aftermarket fuel temp gauge for the 656. The original one the fuel gauge worked but temp hasn't worked in years. I had put a cheap one down in the battery box area so I knew what it was and always ran in the 180 - 190 area. My m&w turbo seal went out a couple months ago so got another turbo and figured while I had it apart I would put a new fuel temp gauge in it. Most of the aftermarket gauge don't look like my original, so after some searching I found one that has the same face as my old one. The first one had a broken glass, the second one looks fine but reads all the way past hot which at first really scared me. I got out my temp gun and it reads about 183 after running it for about 30 mins when the gauge is maxed over on the hot. Radiator reads about 156 +/- . I was wondering if anyone else had these problems. I guess the next test is to take it out and put it in water to see what it reads. I know the guy who rebuilds gauges is on here and I was wondering if someone could give me his number. Thanks. Orin
  7. Thanks to BJ I am able to post pictures again. My sister was wondering if anyone recognized or knew who the two men are that are hugging in the last picture under the far right engine?
  8. Can't get pictures to post.... my sister sent me one of Doc just after it had arrived at Oshkosh. I will post it for you guys once I get it figured out.
  9. The benefit is that they are very cool making it so you can't see or breathe....
  10. Wasn't the chopper on a later uni basically a 881 equivalent new idea?
  11. On my dad's side I'm a mutt, all of his ancestors have been here since the mid 1700's, English, Irish, Scottish, French, Indian...... My mom immigrated to the US from east Germany in the late 50's. They where from eastern part so they are also a mix of polish, Lithuanian, Russian and who knows what else. My wife's grandpa was Assyrian and her grandma's family started Seamart grocery stores in south east Alaska in the early 1900's so my son is quite the mix. Orin
  12. That's terrible, can't imagine how that family feels.
  13. Will remember your family in our prayers.