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  1. I have narrowed 3 of my tractors in the last couple years and all of them are outside all the time and tubes looked rough. Soaked the first for a month or so before I even attempted it with a product called trick shot which is made from soybean oil and doesn't evaporate. Loosened everything and it was already to go. The hardest one was my 986 this spring. Soaked it for a while with sea foam penetrating oil and ended up tapping on the knee a little with a sledge and a block of wood to get it moving. Still only took a couple hours to narrow up and the tie rods were harder to get loosened then the tubes.
  2. I agree that it looks uncomfortable to ride in on those hills, but if you have both hills and flat land it would seem to me a good alternative to a hilco and cheaper.
  3. i got it! 806 man, I hope this makes you queeze😏
  4. There were a few that were even better, but couldn't post them.... First time I couldn't post a picture on here....
  5. We have gotten some rain the last 3 weeks, before that it was very dry and crops were suffering. We have gotten just enough so most corn looks ok. Corn overall looks shorter then most years I think as it is tassling and it's maybe 6 to 7' tall, some is even shorter but has good color. Grass land suffered the most and is not amounting to much but 3rd is looking good with the rain we have been getting.
  6. I would think that the corn would be killed with the fire that close, never see it done. Have heard others talk about it, was a very neat video, just wish it was longer🙂
  7. There is apparently a person who collects them over there. If you look at the list of serial #'s there are a lot of 68's in Australia. Guy was ahead of his time and collected them when no one else thought they where valuable is my guess.
  8. Australia looks right, plus there are a ton of them there.
  9. Would love to have a tilt in my 3588!😛
  10. I won't be surprised if that 1468 was in Europe pulling. The rubber is different then what is ussual for states.
  11. I second what you said, autism is something I wouldn't wish on anyone or their offspring. I have friends that have kids with the disorder and it's not curable, only can get the child to function better and that takes a lot of work and patience.
  12. Chris, support is poor for any brand around here. Pretty much have to get any part shipped here. I have run a N5 for the last 10 years or so and haven't had anything go wrong that a machine shop or a little inguinuity can't fix. I make sure that I go over the combine good before I start the season and all those parts are gotten from Shoup, Abilene, or Sloan and if they can't get it last resort is gleaner.
  13. Why don't you go to a gleaner R series, they don't need hill side packages under them. They aren't bringing a lot, I bought a R62 in January and it is a lot of combine for what I had to pay for it. I think gleaner claims to be able to go up to a 30* side hill with out any loss, it might not be that steep but it's close. I have a picture of a R72 that is crabing on a hill it's so steep and they said it was clean behind it. If I find the picture I'll post it.