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  1. combines in your life

    Growing up my dad liked combines and custom combining oats. The very first one I remember was a IH 62 that he was always fixing the canvas. In the late 70’s he bought a case 600 and that was a big time machine for us. No cab and I remember playing in the tank with the crippled grasshoppers which is kinda horrifying looking back at what could of happened. Then he bought a 403 with a cab. I bought a 83 n5 gleaner as my first combine and ran it till a couple years ago when I replaced it with a R62 gleaner.
  2. Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    Don’t hesitate to ask for prayer, it’s one of the things we can easily do for each other here on this forum. I will add your family to my prayer list. Orin
  3. life in our corner

    Nothing good about a back injury. Let it heal slowly Troy, it’s kinda an important part of your body....
  4. My turn for prayers

    Will pray for a successful operation and recovery.
  5. 3 year old in the hospital

    That is really tough Dale, we will keep your family in our prayers.
  6. A few harvest pics

    That looks like absolute foolishness... Glad yours is yielding good Chris, mine not so much this year. Got an early frost around the 1st of September which I thought only hit a little of the field but ended up affecting about 70% or so.
  7. Dad passed away

    My condolences to you and your family. I understand to a point your feelings as we are dealing with the same situation with my mom. It’s hard to watch and be around. All of us on here will be supporting and praying for you through this hard time.
  8. A video for those people scared of heights

    At least in the first videos they had safety gear on that at least me feel safer.... the last videos are just plain foolish
  9. life in our corner

    That does look like a horrible mess...
  10. life in our corner

    How much snow did you get Troy? That really sucks for that guy....

    I just don’t see cars becoming obsolete in 13 years.(could definitely be wrong) If That’s the case then the middle class and below will be held hostage because of cost. I can see it becoming more common seeing driverless cars mixing into daily traffic. Could get interesting for sure moving big farm equipment down roads.
  12. D358 block

    I would assume as much or more then they want for the block. Got some row cleaners shipped by old Dominion Freight a couple years ago from Iowa and was $350. Orin
  13. Veteran's Day

    A big thank you to every veteran for helping give and preserve the freedoms that we all enjoy!
  14. What to do with old tires ???

    Give them to Troy for his stalls!
  15. Poor UPS service

    Was talking about ups service last night with my cousin, he owns a local bee supply store and has had terrible service with ups and shipped glass wear items. Says as of right now 70% arrives broken. Were using fed ex and ups salesman gave them better shipping rates so they switched. They are thinking of going back to fed ex were they had very few broken and lost items.