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  1. gmc 2002 heater fan

    FYI - Looks easier than I thought to replace the filter. Good luck with your fan problem. That sounds more challenging.
  2. gmc 2002 heater fan

    I have this problem. Where is that cabin filter? How hard to change it? I just changed the oil on my 2001 2500HD with the 8100 and the Alison, and it might be the LAST time I do it myself. If the cabin filter is a similar effort to changing the oil filter, I might gladly pay to have it done.
  3. No more Obama micro managing. Get ''R" Done.

    I’m not sure where the mentality of “being nice to our enemies” has come from. It certainly hasn’t been that way in any of our successful conflicts in the past. granted WWII was fought against nations instead of groups, however how many civilians were killed in Japan and Germany by the allies? And not long after the war they were 2 of our strongest allies. Maybe we forgot that you have to defeat the enemy first before you help them rebuild.
  4. flu fires always in the back of my mind

    We are going to be doing a serious remodel to the house in the next 2 years. I currently have an indoor wood furnace in the basement (fuel oil backup), but have seriously considered going with an OWB as part of the remodel. Then again for the same or not much more, I can put in a geothermal heat pump and get AC. Dont know which way to go. Good points to both. Either way I don’t think there will be a wood stove inside after the change. It’s amazing how much of a mess wood inside the house makes (smoke, ash, bark, etc). Maybe a small wood burner (stove or fireplace) for ambience.
  5. Big Bud plant burned on Christmas Eve

    Hate to ask it, but how was the company doing financially? I would think it would be hard to make it supplying parts and service to such a small market. But with the longevity and simplicity of the big bud design, I could also see where the tractors would still be in high demand. No emissions and easy to work on.
  6. chain saw compression release mod

    My advise is to trade it in on a similar saw that you can start easier, or if you have limited use for a saw; try one of the new electric/battery powered saws. if you really want to pursue the modification, talk to the fine folks at the link below. They know as much about saws as the members here know tractors, but i will say it’s slightly more like tha bash board than RPF.
  7. M or SM, based on ID plate

    Late regular M. If I’m reading the serial # correctly, it appears to be 29x,xxx. Should make it 51 or 52.
  8. Dashing Through The Snow

    I think I just changed my request to Santa this year. That "sleigh" could stop by here anytime to drop off a present.
  9. Apparently they acutally work

    Probably ok for emergency conditions. Meaning if you can’t quite pull the trailer out of a snow bank or slid too far and dropped the fronts in a ditch. It would be cheaper than calling a wrecker, but 50 feet maybe 100 feet and I would want them off. Assuming they make them for passenger vehicles too.
  10. Hidden foreign land ownership in Wisconsin

    Corporations don’t perish like sole proprietor’s do. Basically ownership can transfer in the form of stock (or whatever) to the next owner or group of owners. Lots of advantages over an LLC but corporations are also double taxed. increased value of ownership would be taxed as capital gains once sold I believe.
  11. 7588 #501 selling this morning

    That’s what I vaguely remembered for prices on the 73 and 77. Those 2 were bargains in comparison.
  12. Big money in tomatoes?

    Good luck rerouting the pipeline. What incentive does the gas company have when they likely have a lifetime easement. If I were them I’d tell the new owner to pound sand.
  13. 7588 #501 selling this morning

    Isn’t that higher than the 2 other #501s out of Canada? seems very high for the condition.
  14. Case IH 9190 - Ever Built?

    I happened to be on Tractordata looking at something and happened to notice that CaseIH and/or Steiger has a 9190 listed. Its listed rating is at 525 HP, but doesn't have any numbers built. It appears it may have only been built in 1987. Was the model discontinued? Were they ever built? The 9180 was only rated at 375 HP, so this was quite a jump. Since there was no 9290 built and the 9390 was rated at a much lower HP (425 HP), I would assume that the transmission and drive train was insufficient to hold up to that amount of HP, but that was just my speculation. Or is the information on tractor data incorrect? Just curious as to if anyone had any information or history on this model?
  15. This is impressive, but definitely pushing the limits of common sense.
  16. Case IH 9190 - Ever Built?

    Interesting. So sounds like Steiger had a 500+ HP tractor, and maybe versatile. Big Bud had been there for awhile. Did Deere have anything that even came close at the time? Seems like there wasn’t a huge demand for that much H.P. but it was available. was there anyone else with an offering in this horsepower range at the time?
  17. Over-sized Load or Under-sized road?

    If he was doing this at 8:00am or before on a Sunday, and had spotters front and rear and was only going a mile or two on dirt roads, I wouldn’t have too much of an issue with it. Having some help to direct traffic and pick up any debris seems common sense to me.
  18. Over-sized Load or Under-sized road?

    I'll post the picture so everyone can see without clicking the link.
  19. Something I'm looking into for the farm. It's getting really hard to find good used 15" tires for all of the hay racks, grain wagon, implements, and various trailers, however, good 16" truck and trailer tires are still relatively easy to find and we have a good supply of them (8, 10 and 12 ply). Has anyone else bought new 5 bolt rims to put 16" tires on instead of 15"? I realize that the weight rating would still be limited to what the hub could support vs the weight rating of the tire. Also, these implements never really leave the farm or go down the road at more than about 20 mph, so not too worried about how they would act on the road Just looking for any experience that others may have with this. Here is one link for something that may work.
  20. If I'm reading this correctly, you changed 4 and 5 bolt hubs over to 6 bolt hubs that you purchased thru Shoup. If that isn't correct, please explain what you meant.
  21. New Sled

    I have one of those also. Yours looks like it is in better shape than mine cosmetically. I’ve pulled a face cord of firewood out on one of my sleighs though. They pull like no other in low range. Also very comfortable with a full size passenger or up to 4 small children (going slow of course)
  22. babysitting tax question

    We pay $625 per month per kid (now 3 kids) and we consider that cheap compared to what some other are paying. In metro areas, its $1000+ per kid per month. I was of the same mindset you have at first, but the more I'm exposed to it, the more I see the value of it.
  23. Hauling Tractor or Truck

    Take the duals tires off. You only need 1 on each side going down the road on a trailer. They fit on trailers just fine unless they have the extra wide front axel.
  24. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    Did they ever decide what caused the failure? Parts? Machine work? only curious so that myself and others can learn from it.

    Yes, but for different reasons. More of a musty moldy smell now. Just think 50 lbs and “don’t freeze”.