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  1. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    Did they ever decide what caused the failure? Parts? Machine work? only curious so that myself and others can learn from it.

    Yes, but for different reasons. More of a musty moldy smell now. Just think 50 lbs and “don’t freeze”.
  3. 666 basic questions

    I would love to have a diesel 686 with a roll bar and canopy. I think they would be extremely handy size. The only thing I don’t like about them is the mechanical TA. I think IH could have upgraded that to the hydraulic version easy enough. Or even better used the back end of the 674/684 and had a 6 cylinder row crop version. By this time the 766 and 786 were the same physical size as the 9, 10, 14 series tractors. A smaller frame version with 8 speed and hydraulic TA would have been great. as a note, I also really want a diesel 756, but they are hard to find and really expensive when you do find one.

    On a related note. Found this box in the basement; repurposed of course. i believe this box is probably close to 50 years old.
  5. self propelled round baler

    I believe the reason all balers had to reverse early on was that when you dropped the bale you had to pull forward before closing the rear gate since they didn't have bale kickers. I think all balers now have that function or something similar.
  6. self propelled round baler

    That makes some sense. Seems like you could just drive the pick up wagon the other direction on the field, but maybe there is more contour on the field than I remember.
  7. self propelled round baler

    I saw it. Why did they turn 90 degrees before releasing the bale. That didn't make sense to me. they should have made it outbof their continuous round baler. I also don't like that the pickup is under the cab, behind the operator. It should be more like a combine with the pickup out front.
  8. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    Can someone please explain to me the purpose of building permits? In my opinion if I want to build a crappy structure with no foundation for an out building (i.e. chicken coop), that's my business. I guess if the county/state wants to know so they can tax it and make sure it's actually in my property and meets setbacks, that I can understand, beyond that it's not really any of their business. It should be a rubber stamp at that point, for the fire fighting stuff, where I live it doesn't matter, while our volunteer fire department is very good on the ambulance, the mostly just contain any fire they are called to. Meaning they haven't had a driveway burn yet. Again why should the county care if your building burns down. That is part of living where you live and between you and your insurance company.
  9. Pole barn header

    There is NO weight on the gable end. The truss carries it all just like it does on the other trusses. If the truss couldn't carry the weight, you would need a post in the center of every truss in your pole buildings. Onthe long sidewall, the truss needs something to sit on, hence the need for a large beam if there is no post.
  10. Sticky fingered women

    I don't know whether this comment is hilarious or sad.
  11. Pellet grills vs gas grill

    I specifically said my pellet grill. I guess I should have stated my Traeget pellet grill. 500 F is about high end for everyone I know with Traeger or similar pellet grills. I probably know 20 people with them. Your brand sounds higher end or at least heavier construction to hold that amount of heat. Maybe better controls. Can wood get that hot.... Sure but the pellet grills I've been around don't.
  12. Pellet grills vs gas grill

    Yes, but still takes more time. Gas grill will run 650F plus pretty easy. My pellet grill might hit 500F but I usually try to keep it closer to 400 - 450F. It takes 10 minutes to warm up, the gas is warm in less than 5. they are both great just different styles of cooking.
  13. Pellet grills vs gas grill

    Gas grill is a lot quicker, wood fired is easier to manage heat, but it takes longer to heat up and cook. In my opinion, the wood, and slow cooking leaves a better, juicier taste. That said, there is nothing wrong with a gas grill either. I use both. Gas for everyday stuff when I'm in a hurry, wood pellets for weekends or when I have more time. If I had to choose 1, I'd probably go with gas, but I also love my wood pellet grill. just not quite as practical when the family is hungry and I want to get food on the table quick.
  14. 1206-501

    Why would he be upset? An auction is generally a pretty good indication of market value, especially on eBay. If he doesn't understand that then nothing is going to make him happy. I also assume that his eyes will roll into his head when he finds out it's going to be $40k to make it right.
  15. 1206-501

    Does anyone have a picture of how it sits today? How rough is rough? Not interested in buying, probably like most of the people on here, just interested in the history and this is something out of the ordinary.
  16. 806 gas turbo?

    Might be a difference of how I'm looking at it as well. It is possible that the governor won't have to be nearly as far open to make the same HP. Or if not doing PTO work where engine speed isn't important, gear up and throttle back. If the turbo can help create more torque at a given engine speed, then yes it could be more fuel efficient. Again, I don't think there will be much difference either way.
  17. 806 gas turbo?

    So why does Ford tout the Ecoboost with turbos? Those engines seem to do alright on fuel economy. Maybe it has to do with the Turbo size and design, but they are designed to get boost at low RPM's and honestly they pull HARD at about 1500 rpm. So lots of Torque on the low end. I don't think that the Turbo would hurt you much if at all in terms of fuel efficiency, but I don't know that you would increase efficiency that much either. Likely some extra ponies there.
  18. V8 in super MTA

    Sell the MTA to someone and buy a non running straight M and probably pocket $500 to pay for parts.
  19. Ads on Craigslist

    That's the funny part. I wasn't going to be able to see it until it goes back to the dealer at some unknown time. The add had only been posted for a day or two so it's not like it was a month old.
  20. Ads on Craigslist

    I recently contacted a small dealer/jockey who advertises on CL about a tractor they had posted. Asked a few questions. Received this response, "it's on consignment and the owner took it back home to use, so I do t have it on the lot". Ok - I understand consignment and all that but I wanted to go look and possibly buy it. Then it is unavailable. Why post it if you don't have it available to sell? i don't believe it was a scam, but just not something I want to deal with.
  21. STOLEN 966 HYDRO

    I had figured it was something like that. He has much nicer stuff to steal than that 966 hydro on his lot. Hopefully not too much damage from either the joyride or the fill up.
  22. 5488 Sentry Module

    I have asked this before. Does anyone have the functional diagram (circuits, and logic) for this controller. i can almost guarantee that a good electrical engineer (not me, I'm a Mechanical) could design a simple circuit board to duplicate these controllers. Might have a few days of design build and testing. But once one is built it would likely cost little to nothing to replicate these. or what about using a PLC? Almost anyone can program one of those if they know what the inputs and outputs need to be.
  23. STOLEN 966 HYDRO

    You say stolen off his lot, was this off Rudnicki's sale lot? I go thru Blackduck occasionally.
  24. 560D ta combine speed question

    Not to hyjack the thread either but..... here is the video of our 560 and AC 66. Sorry about the poor resolution.