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  1. Sell the MTA to someone and buy a non running straight M and probably pocket $500 to pay for parts.
  2. That's the funny part. I wasn't going to be able to see it until it goes back to the dealer at some unknown time. The add had only been posted for a day or two so it's not like it was a month old.
  3. I recently contacted a small dealer/jockey who advertises on CL about a tractor they had posted. Asked a few questions. Received this response, "it's on consignment and the owner took it back home to use, so I do t have it on the lot". Ok - I understand consignment and all that but I wanted to go look and possibly buy it. Then it is unavailable. Why post it if you don't have it available to sell? i don't believe it was a scam, but just not something I want to deal with.
  4. I had figured it was something like that. He has much nicer stuff to steal than that 966 hydro on his lot. Hopefully not too much damage from either the joyride or the fill up.
  5. I have asked this before. Does anyone have the functional diagram (circuits, and logic) for this controller. i can almost guarantee that a good electrical engineer (not me, I'm a Mechanical) could design a simple circuit board to duplicate these controllers. Might have a few days of design build and testing. But once one is built it would likely cost little to nothing to replicate these. or what about using a PLC? Almost anyone can program one of those if they know what the inputs and outputs need to be.
  6. You say stolen off his lot, was this off Rudnicki's sale lot? I go thru Blackduck occasionally.
  7. Not to hyjack the thread either but..... here is the video of our 560 and AC 66. Sorry about the poor resolution.
  8. That will probably be good enough.
  9. I want one. Add a 50 ton hydraulic winch on the back with 200 feet of cable and use it for stuck tractor recovery. A true multipurpose unit.
  10. I put some videos of our 560 pulling an All Crop 66 in oats on here a few years back. They weren't heavy enough to have to worry about using the TA though. I think my dad was in 2nd or possibly 3rd for some of it.
  11. I'm going off topic here slightly. So what if you are driving one of those new tractors that will do 30 mph? Is the slow moving vehicle sign no longer required or is it only required when you are accelerating under 25 mph or going up a hill? Seriously, I know we have become a litigious society, willing to sue for nearly anything, but a little common sense here people. If you have a piece of Ag equipment that goes on the road, it should have a SMV sign on it. If it is hard to read or see, clean it or replace it. As far as the other idiots in vehicles are concerned...... all i can say is maybe self driving cars aren't such a bad idea.
  12. Thanks for confirming! I was hoping that either you or Danny would chime in.
  13. Thanks. We will give some standard fuel hose and clamps a try. I have read that the return lines from the pumps on the bigger engines has to be An IH part, but wasn't sure about this hose. It sure looks like any hose would work. And a heck of a lot cheaper than replacing the hole assembly.
  14. we split the fuel return line on our 884. I looked up the part number and it includes all of the banjo fittings. Is it a problem to just replace the hose with standard fuel hose or do you need to replace the whole thing? replacing the whole thing looks like a pain also. reolacing just the hose would be much easier. it's $80 plus shipping for the part. Other wise it's 2 feet of fuel line. appears to be about 1/8 or 3/16. Any advice or experiences welcome
  15. We would put up to 200 bales stacked in a thrower rack. If we just use the thrower and not stack, a good operator can get about 120 bales in our biggest racks without any stacking. 200 bales on a load, 60 to 70 lb bales, gets to be real hard on tires. We don't do it often, especially now that we have a gooseneck for deliveries straight from the field.