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  1. D282 or D310? I'd make sure the pump isn't stuck wide open before attempting to start. So minimally crack the lines open at the injectors to see what kind of fuel delivery it's getting. Should also tell you if it has oil pressure before you get it fired up.
  2. I'll guess, The 'tandem tractor' used in the plow planter picture was not a Deere production tractor. So they are advertising a piece of equipment that Deere didn't make.
  3. there is a 1066 hydro on CL on the st cloud mn site. Might not be too far for you.
  4. Unknown. He bought it with roughly 125,000 on it, and it had some work done prior to that, so anything is possible.
  5. UPDATE: Turbo was toast. The oil seals were leaking and the exhaust side (impeller?) was damaged. I haven't heard of everything that is being replaced, fixed, but minimally it's getting a new turbo.
  6. I'm not near the truck personally, but he said it's leaking oil out the tail pipe. Unless it's unburnt fuel, I think the turbo is likely leaking.
  7. No idea. Is there an easy way to check for this?
  8. I have a 7.3, my BIL has a 6.7. No issues with either. he thought he was getting a deal on the 6.0.....
  9. No boost, 25 mph top speed. He limped it to a friends place. Beyond that I don't know.
  10. Thanks. Yes EGR valve is what I meant. Like I said, I know just enough to be dangerous.
  11. As usual, I have just enough information to be dangerous, so I'm coming here to get some clarity. My dad has a 2005 Ford F350 with a 6.0L. I know, I know. I advised him not to buy it, but he doesn't listen to the kid. Anyway, this truck had about 130,000 on it when he bought it and it has had some rebuild work done to it. I don't know exactly what, but I think injectors, and probably the usual Ford 6.0L stuff. Anyway, he has about 160,000 on it now and the Turbo went yesterday. I don't know the extent of the damage, but he told me it was the turbo. He is bringing it in somewhere.... probably not a Ford dealer, and will probably do the bare minimum to get it running again. Which I would assume would be to put on a rebuilt Turbo. What else should he be looking at doing? I know that oil cooler and ECM valve (I think that's what it is) are problematic on this engine. Do those need to be looked at to make sure they aren't plugged? I kind of suspect they were done before he bought it, but I honestly have no idea. What I'm really worried about it he spends a $1500 or whatever to put a new turbo on, cheaps out on the rest of it, then blows the motor in 5,000 miles becuase he didn't spend the extra $1000- $1500 now and ends up with a $8000-$10,000 repair bill. Any input appreciated.
  12. Hey mudfly

    i see from one of your posts that you have a 99 873. I am looking at buying that same model. It does have a strange hydraulic leak that only happens in cold weather.  When I do run it in cold weather, it'll leak a steady stream the size of your finger. Does yours do the same? I'm guessing by your location you must operate it in freezing temps.

    thanks for your help


    1. Mudfly


      Yes I have that model.  Yes it is used in cold weather quite often.  I don't have a hydraulic leak that size, just the small weepers here and there.

      Where is your leak coming from?  A leak that size should be able to diagnose pretty easily.

      Also not sure what the cold would have to do with anything.  Are you allowing the hydraulics to get warm before using it?  

    2. Sawmill joe

      Sawmill joe

      Thanks for the reply Mudfly

      I wasn't in the market to buy last winter but was borrowing the machine and trying not to run it in cold weather knowing of the problem. When I did use it in the cold I would let it run for a considerable amount of time expecting the oil to warm up. It didn't change though. I now have a few panels off the machine to be able to monitor it more closely but the cold weather has passed along with the evidence.

      I have been told that the pressure relief valve will give way in cold temps but I'm still trying to find it on the pump or the control valve assembly. 

      Have you ever heard of an outside temperature causing hyd leaks?

      Thanks for your time


    3. Mudfly


      Never heard of temperature causing a problem.  I'd call your local Bobcat dealer and see if you can at least talk to a technician.  If its a common problem they might know what it is, or they can suggest things to try/test.

      Or ask here.  CATTECH seems to know hydraulic quite well, as do a few others, so they may be able to point you in the right direction.  Relief valve, might be it, or if there is water in the fluid then maybe the filter is froze up and bypassing some how.



  13. Seems to me it wouldn't take too much figuring to make a bracket that would 'lift' the weights off the ground. Essentially like a 3 point on the front of the tractor. Drive up to the weight, latch on, lift, pin in place. I would think that a it could be an add on option for new tractors, or something that would be easy to retrofit on an older model. I see a lot of machines with hydraulically controlled stairs now, so one more hydraulic cylinder/circuit shouldn't be that hard to figure out. The cylinder could even be removable with long hoses to a back remote. Just attache the cylinder when installing/removing the weights, otherwise leave it on the shelf. Just a thought for someone out there that moves weights around alot.
  14. My favorite and we actually get this question quite often. "Do you have 'soft' hay?" or "Is your hay 'soft'?" I kind of know what they are asking about, but we always tell them to come and look before buying.