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  1. What should this Super C cost me?

    I assume it is fast hitch and not a 3 point kit? if it is fast hitch and come with a fast hitch blade and a fast hitch adaptoer you have a fair bit of value. Where are you located?
  2. Where to get points for Case DI with 4-JMA mag

    These guys, they were great when I was dealing with my welder
  3. Dad passed away

    My condolences and prayers for your loss.
  4. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    That sounds like fun, keep us posted
  5. Meyers Plow issue

    Have been working on a family friends plow unit. Meyers E60, I have one last problem. When the plow goes all the way up it doesn't want to come down, but later will come down and then work fine for awhile. The solenoid is magnatizing, I just had the whole unit apart do to someone leaving a paper towel in after a recent rebuild, and the down solenoid valve could be fouled but it works so well even after sitting I am beginning to think I have other issues. The trouble shooting guild says put in a new valve and see if the problem continues, which is a $100 plus just to check. Anyone have any other ideas before I buy a valve and maybe find out it was fine?
  6. Meyers Plow issue

    Pressure was at 3600 instead of 2500, hopefully this was it
  7. Meyers Plow issue

    I will, thank you It only happens when the ram is fully extended, I wonder if the PSI is high enough that the solenoid can not over come the pressure on the ram until it bleeds down? Checking PSI tonight
  8. Meyers Plow issue

    Ok, I will look at pulling the valve out and doing a brakleen flush
  9. Meyers Plow issue

    It is electric control. And the three valves are each different so no swapping. What really puzzles me is it works and then will stop while fully extended, wait for a couple minutes to a couple hours and it works again. I will go check the fluid level again tonight but I do not have much hope for that

    If your kid doesn't want to go to collage (it is not for everyone) have them take welding in high school. Companies are training there own welders, paying well, and doing there best to keep them. If they have any aptitude to the work they can see a very good living with benefits and more. here in Alaska a CDL is better than a guaranty for a job. You will make money and can walk out today and start a new job tomorrow (if you can pass a drugs test and do not have a DUI/DWI)
  11. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    He will get his back pay, they will not change his status from a pow, it would make things worse. It is all distasteful but coming to an end,
  12. National anthem protests

    I heard something about that, nice to see they are trying to show some respect for the veterans. It is not enough for me to change how I spend my money, but thats me. Regarding the protests, I think they are showing less of the protesting to not stir the pot or annoy the sponsors, but i have no facts for that. I know they say that the protest is not aimed at veterans, but i find it offensive, and i am a veteran, so my money will go elsewhere
  13. Shipping container vs enclosed trailer

    we use them at work, with an 800 mile work site we fill them with tools and parts for the job at hand and ship it all off. Then when we get everything back we store stuff in them until we need them next time. we have connex's full of hand tools, and others full of pipe fittings, and so on. last count was we had over 70 of them in the yard and who knows how many scattered along the line. it would not surprise me if we had 250 of them I want to get two and then put a set of trusses over them with a gap in the middle, instant garage and storage. they are tuff, just make sure that you check the room first, one of the biggest reasons they unload them is if they leak
  14. fair price for a super C ?

    I shopped in Minnesota for a few years before buying mine, a running SC with wide front, good rims, average tires, decent tin, complete, and fast hitch was in the 3500 range. Narrow front, standard drawbar, average tires, good rims, decent tin and running were 1000 to 1500 do a Craigslist search in other areas and see what they are asking
  15. Retirement

    Glad to hear some of you are getting to enjoy retirement and the rewards that you earned, Me and the wife have a plan, but the truth is most of it centers on getting our kids out into the world first without going broke first. Like Catech we are in our 40's and trying to live life without debt, with my wife retiring in 10 years and me going a lot later we will see. Like most of the people my age health insurance will be a big factor in when/if we can both retire Dad retired this spring and has never been happier or busier
  16. Tractor Pull Roller

    thats an idea, i see used foam filled skid steer tires on the rim for sale on craigslist often enough
  17. What to do with old tires ???

    Christmas presents for all your favorite elected officials?
  18. Hey Santa.....

    How about a wonderful IH pylon store on my lower lot, the whole IH building with the tools, space, and everything?
  19. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    the veterans groups are a bit mad, and some are talking ugly. I hope he just lays low and maybe changes his name
  20. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    Tony that looks great, are you planning a house warming party for the red/gold ladies? We see steel buildings in different parts of the state here with differing snow loads, they may change the red iron and beef them up but more often they change the spacing of the purloins or stiffen the purloins and even the sheet metal. We go from a low of 20 pounds a square foot to something crazy like 200 pounds a square foot in Valdez. Check out Norclad span tables for some interesting numbers
  21. fencing pictures

    I bet he was grateful, most of the people on the road crowd big rigs. looks to be a little bit heavy
  22. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    I found it distasteful to even read about, no matter how they got to the decision (and I agree the POTUS comments limited the courts option) I think they have changed the military with the ruling.
  23. ice road manure hauking today!

    Glad it turned out for you, I can imagine having the floatation for the work defeats the traction on mud. If it it was an ice road show you would have had the most important load of the year, to keep the regions milk supply going, and if you slide just 2 more inches the whole rig will fall into the ditch and ruin this years profits and bankrupt the farm, while risking life and limb. They have a little bit of drama
  24. hours on a magnum?

    I finally got to a regular computer and looked him up, seems he has not been on since May or so. Hope all is well
  25. hours on a magnum?

    There used to be a farmer who did vegetables on here, I thought he had some high hour tractors? Haven't seen him in a few years, or maybe I got it all mixed up