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  1. how do you guys handle snowmoble trespass

    I would go with what is mentioned, talk to the local club, see what they have to say
  2. Pickup chains...who else uses em..

    stuck with chains is better than stuck and trying to get the chains on, much better
  3. Heet ISO

    we use it, and its been out for a long time (maybe since the late 80's) it does work well
  4. Pickup chains...who else uses em..

    I have a couple sets, one set of four from heavy equipment are kept in my Diesel 3/4 ton. I do not like them but they sure give you some grip when you need it, so when it rains or some such I use them. Four of them with cross bars off of an old set of triple rail semi truck chains sure make a truck move
  5. Life in Alaska

    After enjoying Troy's post so much over the last year I thought I would start an Alaskan post. Nothing much but some photos of Alaska as I raise my boys, work on my tractors and try to keep life's merry-go-round spinning
  6. What welders say

    lol. I was the one burning his hand cause its hot
  7. What welders say

    Yeah, I tried it at one time, I didn't notice enough gain for the effort
  8. Life in Alaska

    Nope, I didn't get the name on it,
  9. Life in Alaska

    Not something you see everyday vehicle manufacters doing winter testing. They want to keep it a secret.
  10. On a brighter note................

    I saw something that Apple is paying a bonus, and bring some cash stateside so they will be paying 52 Billion in taxes on offshore money. So so when is the world going to end?
  11. What welders say

    Yep, holes in everything. And things were tight, my wife sewed patches on them for awhile, then finally she just would glue patches. In the end I was cutting up welding jackets and gluing leather over the common spots
  12. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    The A-10 is a great plane for its mission, and no matter what the fighter pilot mafia tells everyone I think it will be here for a long time to come. When you see them fire that gun or fly between the trees and the targets go boom it is impressive, a true example of death on call or close air support.
  13. Give and take word game

    Selective reporting
  14. snow shovel

    You mean my BIL deterrent? I buy from Lowes, they have true temper and Kobalt. Whenever they have true temper I buy it, made in America to. Otherwise a nice grain scoop for digging out, a cheap plastic shovel with no edge for the wooden deck and stairs.
  15. What USED to sell newspapers?

    Exactly, it's just easier for us to get more views an
  16. What USED to sell newspapers?

    I have gotten to the point that I read from a spectrum, BBC, FOX, CNN and others (local papers and even links online) and then make up my own mind. I have been part of some of the news, or traveled thru areas they have reported on, and it all seems to be about like reality tv, exaggerated and with a bias
  17. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    I currently have slow internet so I can not look at the links in this article, but he idea of a 1958 design, however it is resurrected, competing and bettering a new design fighter surprise me. Is this a top to bottom deal with just the silhouette the same?
  18. F240 manifold question

    Agreed, I don't think melting anything will end well
  19. F240 manifold question

    Agreed, I don't think melting anything will end well
  20. Transmission pictures.

    Hey gonzo, if it's not to much trouble can you start a build thread so we can watch the deal? I would really enjoy seeing it, and maybe others would to? thank you
  21. IH Clearing Auction - Western Australia

    Next day air?
  22. Vintage Ads

    "Doing about 10,000 of those and putting in a hay mow". I can't see doing it with cubes either anymore. But they did. I sometimes wonder how much little hay bales were limiting the size of farms
  23. Dr.Pol

    Been watching it with the kids for years, I enjoy it, and he is non stop for a guy half his age,
  24. Give and take word game

    Quality control
  25. Vintage Ads

    Well that made it expensive. Guess I need to go trade ole Tom some welding for another tractor