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  1. Yeah, complaining again.

    Yeah, like you need more than 1 for that
  2. babysitting tax question

    We had a good daycare at the end, but it was expensive, it was simpley math, they had to hire so many staff to cover the slots they had. They did have days off for holidays but if we chose the long term plan (a lower rate if you sign a contract that has weekly payments) you still paid the flat rate on those holiday weeks, this is what we did, and it was better in the long run. When we talk of the costs we paid please remember I live in Alaska where things are expensive, heating the building was 10,000 to 20,0000 a year, we went to a daycare with certified teachers for a portion of the day, the daycare had a state certified kindergarten class, property tax is high, and getting someone that will pass a drug test is a near impossibility.
  3. fencing pictures

    Yikes. That could have got real exciting real fast Happy Thanksgiving Madder
  4. life in our corner

    Glad to hear it, good luck, were pulling and praying for you.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving Every One

    Happy Thanksgiving and that that is great Two step
  6. Did Someone Say Flying Turkey

    Happy Thanksgiving,
  7. New Sled

    Try this site http://www.northernsledworks.com/Siglin_Sleds.html I have pulled out a 173 with a 3 inch paddle on one with my 154 summit. They are great, but I don't have one yet, everyone else does so I haven't got around to buying one they they are like a skid steer, ounce younhave and and see how handy they are you won't be able to live without one or understand how you made it without one
  8. New Sled

    If you really want to pull loads behind it look up Siglin sleds. Basic idea is they take a sheet of 3/8 inch UHMW plastic, same stuff as your Hyfax and a lot of plastic wear parts are, and turn it into a sled. It doubles your freight capacity. They are scary how much you can pull. It is what all the deep wilderness travelers use. And don't let anyone tell you they are not tuff, they will out last any two other sleds and pull twice as much
  9. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    I was talking about this earlier this week at training. We both were shaking our heads while discussing millennials. He was mentioning a realative who was harping about being over qualified for her job, which sure didn't seem like the case. But a self driving diesel over the road unit would be right up the laziest generations alley, They could engage the autopilot and play on the net, watch a movie, take a nap, and still be getting something done. And taking the place of two drivers would change the market. Then add to that having a follow on semi (or two or three) with no one at the helm and you are getting a lot of freight across the country with very little labor. Regarding the electric power OTR units, I don't know what Tesla and his Ponzi scheme have planned, but I would guess that a hybrid unit would be more likely. Having a small generator with a battery bank powering an electric truck seems much more likely in the near term. The small gen sets (20kW) are very efficient and would make inroads on emissions while the electric portion of the vehicle would be able to do the work with current technology. The batteries are even available with life cycles that are realistic . There are some amazing videos where these systems are used in exotic cars,
  10. New Sled

    Looks good, that have the 500cc in it? Nice deal
  11. Convincing dad not to switch oil!

    🍿 popcorn anyone?
  12. failed oil filter ?

    Just a guess, the lawyers and the bean counters at the COOP will get in a room, they will come up with what they expect to pay to fight it in court and the expected results with a couple end results and then decide what he best way to go. that's great, "we stand behind our product or will give you a replacement"
  13. babysitting tax question

    yep, this is true. and Alaska is worse (but there is some reasonable alternatives on base) my two boys cost nearly $1800 a month for two years.
  14. babysitting tax question

    My boys are 15 months apart, we had a lot of daycare issues before they started school. For a while I think our day care cost more than our mortgage. In the end we got into a large day care that had a kindergarten program. Nothing was cheap or easy. We had several different care providers over the years, including my wife's aunt who was the best, but she had to move. hops you find what is best for your kids and it goes well
  15. Firewood

    Amazing how many times firewood hears you up I saw a post somewhere with a guy using old self unloading forage wagons that were slightly modified for wood storage.