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  1. Hired Grain Haulers

    Yeppers, my wife does a few things that would get a hired hand tuned up right now, and that is just fine. She is helping and getting behind the wheel, and all I need to do to screw that up is correct how she does it. If she isn't going to break/hurt anything I let it go I do like the idea of disconnection the Either though, thank goodness we don't have any rigs with it
  2. Iowa Girl Makes Her First Calif. Appearence

    Yeah, I am starting to hope he is putting a few bunks in that new shop for us pilgrims visiting the holy land. Looking good tony
  3. Propane bottle .. aux. compressor tank

    McMaster Car I believe has them. They are called something different, maybe tank fittings?
  4. Art from Deleon, Happy birthday

    Happy birthday Art
  5. Shipping Woes

    yep, the USPS has been great and the only way to go. If you try and work with them they will ship anything. Here FedEx has started dropping any "rural" Zip codes that have poor delivery costs, they just mail it from the nearest hub. what does that tell you?
  6. On my 3rd reading of this book

    Been there, we had to take a 10% pay cut or the client was going to be bankrupt. Then the same year the 12% bonus came out for the all client personnel.
  7. 2018 C.A.F.E.show poster is out !

    Very nice Tony, very nice. Keep us in the loop
  8. On my 3rd reading of this book

    That's the new way of union contracts. Less for more. Take a pay cut, less health care, and reduced pension if you want to keep your job Most of the unions here work with the employer since they learned if that employer goes under the next company won't be union, and they will never get that back
  9. Took some pictures yesterday

    Nice collection and great pictures, thanks for sharing. Oh, and congratulations on the engagement
  10. Gimme a minute alone with her please

    I don't remember if the picture was in that article, but he sure was happy, he just knew who was the good boy.
  11. Gimme a minute alone with her please

    Dogs are a blank slate that is a complete product of their upbringing. we have two pit bulls, one form the pound as a new pup, and another that is a lab cross my wife decide was coming home from the rescue. They are both wonderful dogs that are not going to hurt anyone, because we raised them and paid attention to them. abuse a dog or neglect them and result may vary. I would love to see her try that with my pitty, she likes to rough house. I wear HEAVY welding gloves and she still gets me every now and then, in that small elevator the blood wouldn't be so bad to clean up. or how about this for a good dog http://myfox8.com/2017/08/14/family-comes-home-to-blood-splattered-on-floors-walls-after-dog-attacks-intruder/ hope the link works
  12. 30 years ago today it snowed

    so let me get this straight, you went to get married and it snowed in October? Your are a good man, most of us would have ran with a sign like that. congratulation on the first 30
  13. Noise reducing headphones options/opinions?

    ^^^what he said, check out the shooting ones. We see little ones with them a lot, and it is probably the best thing they can do glad your looking forward, an I hope you get some sleep
  14. Sad

    But if you make one move at the tables they record it, they record every detail to avoid cheaters, but he can haul enough things to his room to arm a platoon and no one noticed?
  15. I wonder how the metal of the blade you weld to would like it, I always thought blades were a harden steel . Most harden steels when you weld on them the weld is hard but the metal next to the weld softens a little bit. On really hard steels like cutting edges you can have the weld and base metal separate at the bond joint from different reactions to the heat. I think those hardened edge blades were heat treated to avoid delamination and other malfunctions. Can anyone tell me more? If if you try it let me know, I think it may be an interesting fix Good point, they do make a couple different rods for hard facing with differing purposes, I wonder if an abrasion resistant hard facing would work better? Like used in buckets and shovels?