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  1. Gravel screen

    I think I would go with either PTO power or an electric motor (and use my generator that I have to have anyways) if I was going away from gasoline engine. and with the darn costs of batteries it might be cheaper to build either
  2. Give and take word game

    Baked Potatoes
  3. Forum update?

    Oh good, I was wondering what was off
  4. Solar eclipse

    Trim the headlands, Have a nice row of parking, offer some dry camping. Yep, a guy could make a few dollars, but I am not sure it will be worth it
  5. New interest

    sounds like a great time to learn, and fun. Are you all going to build anything special?
  6. New interest

    Way to go. Enjoy the time with your boy. Which method are you doing? they claim the world is short thousands of welders and its getting worse, it is a very respectable trade
  7. Gravel screen

    I think you could do alright with some sucker rod, I would have a few supports so the rod only spans a flew feet. If that on where you dump. It will jam, they all do, you just deal with it. I would use sockets in the upper end then weld angle iron clips over them at the lower end, because sucker rod doesn't weld very well and always seems to crack most grizzlys I have dealt with used rail road rails and we're looking at scalping the 6 inch plus (or larger).
  8. Gravel screen

    It's on my winter project list for some year, but who knows If I will ever get to it. We have lots of compost and we get manure when we can for addinto the garden, like 20 yards at a time, so it sure would be helpful. When I started welding I ended up working in ready mix plants and gold mines. We had everything from brand new to over a hundered years old (seriously, it was from before the First World War and riveted) I have worked on several different screen plants over the years, and built a few. For a screen, the woven wire screens can be had in any size you want, expanded steel does not last long at all. try a woven wire with around a 3/4 opening, The ones with three sides and a screen over the top work well, Put a tongue on one end and some old axle on the other. Your oversized will fall off the back and you will have screened materials in the bin underneath. The best design I saw (and hope to copy) had a shaft underneath the screen with two disks side by side (they each were on a tapered hub), each disk had a large hole. By clocking the holes from 180* apart to 0* apart the shaking could be adjusted to the materials, then the high side of the screen could be radjusted until the material remained on the screen until it was worked. Then a set of springs used on the adjusters allowed the operator to tap it with the bucket to clean the screen. You can always just build a grizzly, steel on old Chevy coil springs
  9. Todays' vent...

    I agree very much, I started in February, its been great
  10. combine

    I thought someone was on here that was traveling with the CaseIH crew demoing combines, and that rig was in the pictures?
  11. A Video Of The B-29's At China Lake

    Sad no matter what the number, but to think the population of my town died over Europe in 3 1/2 years? Damn.
  12. Super C brought back from the dead

    that's better than new, great job
  13. A Video Of The B-29's At China Lake

    I have heard, but do not know if it is a fact, that the air corp lost more crews over Europe during the bombing efforts that the US marines lost in the entire pacific. It is kind of staggering to think of the manpower and might that the military was starting towards Japan after Germany surrendered, and what the future would have held if Japan had not surrendered
  14. fencing pictures

    Looking good,
  15. Opinions on composite decking?

    I am looking at putting up a Trex deck, but there are framing considerations. Especially the stairs. When I went to the supply center they had different grades that went from $2.50 a linear foot to $4.50 a foot. But the Brazilian hard wood was just as much or more, and my buddy who used it only got 10 years before having to replace it with Trex And like was said above, follow the instructions, especially regarding the spacing, plastic actually expands more than steel, so it needs space