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  1. The Florida keys survived

    we have a VRBO, and it's been great. Like you said, a kitchen and a trip to the supermarket sure are cheaper than eating out three times a day. We have gone out for breakfast and grabbed a few lunches on the go, it's a **** of a lot cheaper than either Hawaii or Alaska. I feed the whole family breakfast for $32. And we splurged. We rented two double kayaks for the day for 70, and that's cheap. So regarding cost, I think it's been cheaper compared to most. just remember, big sand beaches are rare here, so your kids building a sand castle and bouncing around in the waves take some planning, Regarding others take on the keys, we hang out on the beaches, we like to see the nature parts and things like reefs and mangroves. I haven't run into anyone who I need to explain to my traumatized kids yet.
  2. The Florida keys survived

    Everyday I see more and trust them less pass the word, the media told everyone that this place was gone and a lot of hard working people are losing work because of it.
  3. Hidden foreign land ownership in Wisconsin

    In the 80's it was Japan buying everything, today its the Chinese. I have no clue how bad it is but it sure seems to run in cycles.
  4. The Florida keys survived

    So we came down to the Florida keys for the holiday, a lot of people thought we were nuts, these people survived the hurricane and the media reported that the keys were destroyed. So everyone is going elsewhere for the season. Pass it on, the media reported this one in from facebook. Yes there are signs of damage, and something's are buggered up, but most of it is here, heck there are still trees around the rental we got, palms along the main drag, and all the businesses are open. Again the media....well, they were wrong
  5. Life in Alaska

    Well red power strikes again, I have traveled to Florida to get my tan for Christmas, and had a wonderful chance to meet a fellow red power member and his family. We flew into Orlando Thursday and we traveled a bit and met SMiller and his wonderful family. Had a great home cooked diner and enjoyed a wonderful night. The kids had great fun and we even got to see some farming the next morning before we headed south. Now I should have gotten some pictures but we are hoping to see the farmall museum on the return leg so I will do better then. thank you SMiller
  6. Tony your getting an A+. You retired and are spending time doing what you love, your not sitting in front of the TV and being negative. Your are having the retirement that I would like to copy. Thank you for such an inspiration
  7. Life in Alaska

    It’s hard to see but this cracked me up, look close three different collage window stickers, and the the fuel cap/door were left open. I know it’s an honest mistake, but I find it humorous
  8. Changing ta unit!

    So in the case of a Farmall 460 gas would it be reasonable to split the tractor and do a bench job on the T/A housing, then reassemble with a new clutch and IPTO shaft as needed? I have reasonable mechanical means and would have a shop to work in, any special tools needed?
  9. Anybody looking for a 'hobby' farm????

    google earth lat, longs, 44.29691, -101.1886 Shows the place and some harvesting
  10. Topic question

    have any of you guys been getting emails regarding uploading images? I see several a week and just delete them, they are always something along the lines of "you have a new uploaded image" or "you have recovered images" and so on. I always thought they were fishing for me to click on their link and let them into my computer, and I never noticed it until I started up loading with the new format here, anyone else?
  11. Topic question

    Maybe log out and back in?
  12. Not a member here hopefully

    Sweet Jesus. That is scary.
  13. Trackhoe bucket repair

    Yep, I did the same for years. and still do
  14. Stiger hitch repair

    Those are fun, then your gloves get soaked and you get lit up when you strike an arc.