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  1. 766 Gas to Diesel

    766 gas
  2. 240 - Large or Small point

    I have owned 2240s and they were both large points, I suppose maybe they were both ways
  3. 240 - Large or Small point

    The 240 was a large point
  4. Air Conditioning for ICB Cab

    Have a friend who has a ice cab with factor air. Marty are u out there.
  5. Different Sizes of Split Weights?

    The 400078 R2 came out in 1975 when the 1566 was introduced. It has a larger center hole than a 400078R1 which came out when the original wedge lock wheel was introduced
  6. wheel weight

    Full weights will work on any cast center that is not a wedge lock. Not all split weights are the same. The early split weight has a part number that starts with 366. Can't remember the rest of the numbers. The next split weight was used with the wedge lock wheel and it's part number is 400078R1. The next split weight 400078R2 has a larger center hole yet and came out when the red cab 66 series was introduced. Fits 1566 cast centers. There is also a 400078r3. To my knowledge I have never seen a starter weight or a part number for one and I have handled a lot of weights.
  7. HCOP was great!

    It was an honor to have been able to meet up with you. Have a safe journey back west
  8. rantoul golf carts

    Registered my cart this morning. They never asked about insurance. It will cost u $30 to register
  9. Rantoul Half Century Meet and Greet

    There is so much going on it will be hard to pick,a time. I will be a field Marshall over where the combines and corns heads are running. Stop by and say hi
  10. Hey Tony

    Tony's been posting on face book
  11. Planting progress

    North central Indiana, all of our corn , popcorn, and soybeans in the ground. We're pretty lucky only replanted 20 acres of ponds. We have a lot of drainage. Lots of corn to be replanted and some still not planted the first time.
  12. Barge Wagon Restoration

    I have restored a couple of ih wagons. One with a 100 gear and 14 International knapheid bed. The other was a 52 gear with an earlier McCormick bed. Both have hoist. Still have a 140 with a McCormick hoist and a 12 ft international bed that is unrestored.