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  1. Something you don't see everyday

    I just stumbled across this pic tonight, completely by chance but I just had to share it.. The caption reads: Unpublished Ames Tribune photo from June 11, 1976 Eight grain bins located just south of Wards Plaza on South Duff (today the location of Walmart) were moved by helicopter. The bins were taken to a new grain storage warehouse site at Cooper Miller, Inc., 2020 E. Lincoln Way. Owner Pete Cooper said the aerial move was necessary because of low power lines and traffic lights along the street route. All eight bins were relocated within an hour and 15 minutes. FT
  2. early 706 diesel on big iron

    Well, now that you mention it... not positive.. However, the gauge above the foot throttle appears to me to be an ammeter. FT
  3. Anybody need a mother in law?

    This reminded me of an OTJ experience I had many years ago, doing electrical work. We had this job in a large office building, where they'd decided to remodel part of one of the floors. This particular building was almost entirely a customer call center for a very large national company and was staffed almost entirely by women. I was on the initial job walk-through with a couple guys from management, as well as the head of maintenance. The managers were busy describing the work that was to be done and pointing out what they wanted done... "Tear out these walls... Move these lights over... " Blah, blah, blah... At one point, someone pointed to a thermostat on one of the walls and said we'd need to look at what we'd need to do to move it. At this , the maintenance guy jumped in and said, "Nah... That's just a dummy. The women all think its either too hot or too cold in here and won't leave the 'stats alone. We finally changed them all to mini-stats and put them on the ceiling but we left the old ones where they were. Now they adjust 'em all the time, thinking they are changing the temperature, and we've never had any more complaints." FT
  4. early 706 diesel on big iron

    Was just looking at that... Pretty sure that whoever buys that is going to get a deal 'cause it looks to me like they are actually buying multiple tractors! (and perhaps a combine as well, based on the electric to the injection pump) Injection pump aside, there are a LOT of parts on there that are not right for a 706 with that low of serial number. I realize that many of those things get changed over the years but... There are some things (like the cover on the left side of the transmission) that there would have been no reason to change. It's a nice straight tractor but I wouldn't be looking at it for any kind of collector, as it pertains to originality.. Just my opinion, of course.. FT
  5. Hitch in-a-ride

    Been watching for one (or more) of these for most of 10 years. Congrats on your find and let me know if you want to find it another loving home... FT
  6. A few 1456's in town

    Nate, I had 11456 on the registry but with no info other than some other member here must have told me that it was in MN someplace. Can we get those put onto the registry with tractor details, location, and owner/contact info? You can email me at farmalltom "at" yahoo . com Thanks FT
  7. 1256 and 1456 differences.

    Is this the one you mean? FT
  8. IH mounted cultivator id help

    461 is newer, I believe, and the design is somewhat different/improved. One main difference is the way the lift cylinders mount. On the 455, the cylinders attach to a bracket that you must first bolt to the frame rail of the tractor. Also - the cylinders use the straight pointed rod ends. The 461's cylinder setup is "self-contained", so to speak. Both ends are "clevis-style" and attach, via cylinder pins, to the cultivator, itself. They need not be removed when mounting/unmounting the implement. We had 2 461's when I was a kid. I'm pretty sure they both got cut up and I always felt kind of bad about it... So, several years ago, when one of the neighbors mentioned that he was getting rid of the one his dad had bought years ago from one of my extended family members, I jumped at the chance to snag it from him for, well... considerably more than I ought to have.. Now it's sitting out here in the tall grass, right where we unloaded it and I am wondering why I thought I had to have it... FT
  9. 18.4-38's vs 20.8-38's

    Some good points, especially on the horsepower, I think. I’m mainly looking at 5288’s at this point. FT
  10. 18.4-38's vs 20.8-38's

    Well, there are a few reasons I've been kicking this around.. * This tractor will have to serve year-round duty and will need to wear chains in the Winter for blowing snow. Since both my sets of chains are for 18.4-38's, changing to larger tires would necessitate buying different chains or trying to lengthen my old ones. * Both my sets of duals are 18.4's so if the eventual new machine doesn't come with a set, I'd have to buy those too. * A quick Google search of tire prices appears to indicate that a person could probably buy new rims and 18.4 tires for the price of the 20.8's. It's just speculation at this point since I haven't found or decided on any specific machine. The tire issue is something I have kind'a wondered about for a while but now have a more vested interest in.
  11. 18.4-38's vs 20.8-38's

    I know there’s been a number of tire discussions here in the past but, although I tried to search, I didn’t see one that specifically addressed my question. I’ve been looking at a few different machines as a possible replacement for my 1466. (Hoping to upgrade a bit) Most that I have looked at so far have 20.8-38 rears... Now - I don’t mind the look of the 20.8’s but, being a wider tire, I’m not altogether sure that they would actually “hook up” or put power to the ground any better than a good set of 18.4 Firestone radials.. Anyone have any real-life practical experience in comparing results between 18.4-38’s & 20.8-38’s? Opinions..? TIA FT
  12. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

  13. Roosa pump question

    Good question. I was wondering about that as well. Also - would it be advisable to have the fuel line unhooked or something along those lines? Would just like to exhaust all possibilities before I bite the bullet and take everything apart to get that darned pump off there again... FT
  14. Roosa pump question

    Darn.. I was really hoping you were going to say the one on the side. That bottom one is going to stink to get out and the hole is probably going to be to big for me to make a seal with the rubber tip of the air sprayer... Oh, well... We'll give it a shot anyway. Thanks! FT
  15. Roosa pump question

    Are you referring to this plug?: Or this one on the bottom?: I realize you said in "the bottom" but that looks a lot bigger than an 1/8" plug... TIA FT