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  1. Anyone else remember Les.??

    I was at the salvage yard yesterday and spotted this.. Anybody else here remember Les? I recall going to his place one time to look at a 1468. When I got there, I found that, not only was it a super clean, original tractor with a really clean, tight cab, but it was also sporting an M&W dual turbo setup with twin pyros... Unfortuately, it also had a broken rod. (though the block seemed to be ok) Les told me he had to have $2850 for that bad boy and I just really thought that seemed pretty salty for a tractor that needed engine work.... Back then, those V-8's were still well into the "who would want one of those?" category. Hindsight = 20/20 This sticker was kind of a flashback for me and it made me wonder who else remembered Les... FT
  2. More early '06 questions

    Thank you for taking the time to do that. I really appreciate it. If nothing else, at least I will know what to keep my eyes open for and, if I am not eventually able to locate one, I'll have a general pattern to go off of to make something up. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if there's any way to tell at what number certain things were discontinued or changed? (ie: deck plug, park brake, etc.) FT
  3. More early '06 questions

    If you can get pics and measurements of that plug/cover, it would be a big help. Thank you. On another note - You just never know where you are gong to run onto things... I was over at my folks' place this morning for coffee and Dad and I were discussing the various differences between my '63 and '67. I mentioned that I'd kinda' struck out by inadvertently buying a '64 printing of the manual I was looking for. (Somehow, I didn't happen to have ANY 706 Operators Manuals in my collection previously - not sure how that happened) He then mentions that he's still got a few manuals around for some things so we go to take a look. It turns out that he had, not one but TWO 706 Operator's manuals.. Not only that but - Lo and behold.... They are... a 1963 and a 1967 printing..! What do you suppose the odds of that happening are.?! FT
  4. More early '06 questions

    Thanks for the scan. I can't quite read it... Is the number for that pedal 184264R11 ? FT
  5. More early '06 questions

    Really..? I'd no idea. So - was the suspension seat available from the very start of the '06's then? FT
  6. More early '06 questions

    Except.... Those weren't painted; were they? (at least, the few that I was ever around were all just bare light yellowish fiberglass) If you did some kind of repair, I'd assume you'd have to paint over it..? Now I have another question: Does anyone have a 706 (or even 806) with a 1963 print date? (date is on back cover, at the bottom, next to the part number) I picked up one that has the earlier pic on the front but it turned out to be a '64 printing. The reason I ask is because I noticed that the '64 printing shows the park brake as being a handle so I know that I can't necessarily trust the pictures in there to show the early versions of the various parts. I'd like to see how things were represented in the first year's (1963) printing, if I could. FT
  7. IH air compressor

    Pretty sure that's at least a UD-18, considering what appears to be dual exhausts. Really cool. Do you know it's condition? Stuck, etc? FT
  8. More early '06 questions

    I don't really get why they would have even started production with a non-suspension seat. I mean, the later '60 series already had a seat with a version of the suspension they would eventually use so... Any chance you could get some pics and measurements? Would need something to go by to even attempt a reproduction. FT
  9. More early '06 questions

    If you have or can get a picture of the cap, I'd sure appreciate it. I don't want to resort to trying to make one (or rather have one made) but if that turns out to be the only way... I suppose that's what I'll do. I'd have to have pictures and measurements though... FT
  10. Adopt-a-kraut

    Side mounted headlights. This tractor was probably either ordered with a cab. Either that or perhaps it was ordered new with round fenders or no fenders. This is the way all of the early '06's were set up. FT
  11. More early '06 questions

    Found these pics online that seem to show what they were talking about: Of course, there is no way to be 100% SURE that this seat setup is original but it's obvious that this is an early machine. (he was in the process of updating the step, as you can see) Also - I don't know what the serial break would have been on this seat base but I can ABSOLUTELY see why people would have updated at the first opportunity... It makes back hurt just thinking about driving across Fall plowing with that suspension-less base..! FT
  12. More early '06 questions

    This is the one I am referring to:
  13. Old flat belt pulley identification

    Looks more like a driven pulley off of some piece of equipment. FT
  14. More early '06 questions

    I've been rounding up parts to put my early 706D back to a more original condition. I haven't done too bad except for a few things: First: The foot parking lever. I know most of these were changed out, making them hard to find now but if anyone knows where I might find one... Second: The plug that goes in the hole in the platform over the oil fill/dipstick. Again - I'm sure that'll be a tall order but I've never actually even seen one... Third: The original fiberglass-back/pipe-frame style seat and base. I was told this week that those early seats had a different base setup that essentially had no suspension. I wasn't aware of that but I have since seen a picture. Again - if anyone knows of something around, any leads would be appreciated. TIA FT
  15. 1066 trouble

    Make sure you remember to put the range shifter in NEUTRAL before you tow her back to the shop. If you don't, you'll be a LOT sadder than you are right now when you get that flex plate problem fixed... FT