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  1. 560 M&W Turbo

    Right... Did they use a different setup for a 706? ...'Cause I been looking for one of those... FT
  2. 30 years ago today it snowed

    Congrats! It's not easy to find one to put up you that long... Happy Anniversary, Dan. All the best! FT
  3. Glenco question(s)

    Sounds like a nine shank might be all (or possibly more?) than I want with the 1466, considering some of the clay hills around here? Also - If the discs are 20" new, at what point do they need replaced? 18"? 16"?? Thanks again. FT
  4. 1456

    If I'd have been at that sale, it'd have most likely brought more than $7200; I'll tell you that.... especially with that decent, matched rubber! Looks like it's even had clutch assist added! ...unless, of course, it was a TA delete... In which case, I wouldn't have been nearly as interested. FT
  5. Glenco question(s)

    I've been kinda' keeping an eye out for something a little better to work stalks down with in the Fall. Time once was when you could get by with discing them Fall & Spring but it seems like the stalks on the newer hybrids get tougher all the time and just discing isn't really cutting it anymore. (No pun intended) There are some older chisels around but I have pretty well decided that a Disc-chisel is probably going to chop things up a little better so that's what I've been watching for. I spotted a Glenco Soil Saver (series 3?) for sale not TOO far from me but, never having run one, I want to know a bit more before I decide if I'm actually interested. First - what should the front discs measure? Second - It has 4" twists on it... How many HP/shank should I figure, to be able to pull it WELL in my hills? (Top tillage machine here is going to be a 1466 and I am not interested in working the snot out of it) Any other tidbits of advice you might like to offer are welcome. TIA FT
  6. 856 power beyond

    Pretty sure you can still buy PB plates thru A&I but they run $400-$500 FT
  7. Yellow Farmall 130

    Front blade FT
  8. Yellow Farmall 130

  9. Yellow Farmall 130

    If it's a true "Industrial", it will say "International" on the side, instead of "Farmall". They did that with both the 100's and the 130's but they made more I-130's than they did I-100's FT
  10. How Many W450 Wheatlands

    For reference, this is the one I had. Zero dents/dings. Ran awesome. Good TA. 100% complete, right down to all the bolts being correct. FT
  11. Front wheel weights 6788D M,H etc..

    Pretty sure he's talking about front WW's From what I have seen, they were used much more extensively on the smaller tractors. (A-230, etc) FT
  12. How Many W450 Wheatlands

    Don't think there's any way that would fetch anywhere near $5k around here. There was a really sweet nicely restored one on a very high-profile auction here a year or two back. (Lots of national exposure) It went in the $2-3k range, as I recall. A few years back, I had a really super-nice original. (this thing even had the original bolts in the battery box cover!) Good TA and brand new head.... It was probably the nicest original tractor I have ever owned. After some weeks of advertising, I finally got $4k out of it.
  13. Super M Disk Brakes - oil seal replace

    The Super M has the same brake setup as a SMTA, 400, 450, and even 560, although the 560 setup is larger. Pete is exactly right in what he said.. If you have it cleaned up good, take a look around just behind the inner plate and you will find 3 (I think) beveled spots in between it and the casting. I've found that it's about as easy as anything to use something like 3 "beater" screw drivers or chisels, etc. to tap into these spots. As Pete said though, when you get it to move, you want to keep it pretty even. Once it's out, you'll see that it's completely self explanatory. 1. R/R inner seal. 2. R/R outer O-ring 3. Clean & wipe off shaft and replace assembly. By the way, when you have that apart, it's a VERY good time to pull the shaft out and clean up the spines (where the disc plates ride) really well. It's difficult to do a thorough job when it's still together. FT
  14. Roosa pump question

    Are we talking about the external springs? No - one came out of NE and the other is from here in central IA FT