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  1. t20 crawler track tension

    Mike, I checked out my junkyard today... By 'driver's' side, do you mean 'left side?' I've got a right side one, (off the tractor) but it is slightly bent. I'm pretty sure it could be heated up and bent back to 'square'. It's only bent about five to eight degrees where to top roller mounts.. The left side one seems to be square and true. It's still on the track frame, so I'll have to torch the bolts off for you. Both of them still have a good roller and bushings already on them. If your rollers and bushing are in good shape, I can take the rollers off, but, it'd be better just to run 'em as the are, they're 'used to each other', so to speak. It would cost you a lot less in freight that way. Your call... Let me know what you want to do. Mo
  2. t20 crawler track tension

    Mike, That sounds alright with me... Did you want both of 'em? (R & L) How soon are you wanting them? It'll take me a week or so to get to them. I also have other parts from the T 20's. I'll need your address to send em to you. Also, you pay freight. My address is: Morris Baumgartner P.O. Box 232 Rough & Ready, Ca. 95975 Glad to help ya out! Mo
  3. t20 crawler track tension

    Mike, I am pretty sure that I have the part(s) you're looking for... I figure that it will take me about an hour to get 'em off my parts tractors. What do you think they're worth? Mo (aka T 20)
  4. T 20 - Need Parts Help

    kennehd, I'm pretty sure that I've got a T 20 gas tank for you. I don't have a hood or side covers though. What is the tank worth to you? I'm in California, so shipping may be a little much. Mo
  5. What the heck is this?

    Dave Downs, It's definitely a '54 Chevy panel... I want it! Mo
  6. T-20 electric start

    motorhead, I chose that flexplate because of its small size... I believe it's 10 1/2" If you can find a small one (I think you might be OK using an 11" one) that might work? Did you ever check with a junkyard's cross reference book for similar flexplates? I chose the Honda starter because it's a gear drive and it's small size. They are using it to turn Chevy V8's. It has plenty of power to turn a T 20... Mo
  7. Why the 83-88 Toy flexplate for the starter conversion?  I'd like to use something a bit newer thus easier to find.  

    1. T 20

      T 20


      The reason I chose that flexplate was because of its size, 10 1/2".

      I suppose that you could use anything that would fit between the lower water outlet and the crankshaft.

      But, it must be compatible with the Honda starter.  i think all Jap stuff would be the same 'pitch' as the Honda.  I chose the Honda because it's a gear drive and has plenty of power to turn a T 20 engine.

      Check your junkyard's 'changeover' book to see if you can find anything small enough to fit in there.  The problem is, that they probably don't give you the actual size of the 'plate.



  8. T20 tracks

    7288cdn, ]I doubt very seriously that they will interchange, but I don't know for sure. I bolted "TREX" (the composite simulated deck wood) to my track pads so I can do parades. Mo
  9. T 20 stuff

    Where did ya go, IF? Mo
  10. T 20 stuff

    idiotfarmer, I devised a 'top oiling' system for my T 20. On the lower left of the oil filter there is an 1/8" pipe plug. Tap into that with a 1/8" soft copper tube, run it up to the oil filler cap on the valve cover, drill the cap for a small rubber grommet, run the copper tube down through it. With the tractor running, pinch the copper tube so that you get about one drip of oil per second. Here's a pict without the valve cover. The 'distribution tube' is 1/4 or 5/16" (?) tubing with the ends plugged, with four 1/16" holes drilled in it. I bent the edges of the tin tray up, and put a cross wire over it to hold everything in place. Getting the 1/8" tube through the grommet and down into the distribution tube is a 'by feel' thing, a little tricky. I also devised a starter and a dipstick for the T 20 that I'll cover later... Mo
  11. T 20 stuff

    idiotfarmer, Go ahead, ask away! Mo aka T 20
  12. T 20 stuff

    I haven't seen any posts on/about T 20's on here in a long time Was wondering if they still exist??? Mo
  13. T20 H, M, water pump pulley interchange.

    fireball, The 'worker' T 20 I have, has the double pulley on it. and I made brackets for a hydraulic pump for the blade that I installed on it, and used the existing pulley. When I was at RPRU in 2006, I bought a WP pulley with a double pulley. My idea was to put it on my restored T 20 and put a blade on that one. But... I never got around to it. What prices are you seeing for the 'double pulley'? Make me an offer, if it's reasonable, I might think about selling it ot you... How bad do you need it??? Mo
  14. T20 F20 oil line Help

    I'm not quite sure... I got mine at a junkyard. I don't think it matters... Mo
  15. T20 F20 oil line Help

    The starter I used is a '89 Honda, CRX, as I recall. I still haven't got the picts of the 'top oiler' dug up yet... Mo