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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. She will definitely be happy if it has a lighter clutch pedal. She is only 5 foot so with a heavy clutch she is already pulling on the steering wheel to get the leverage for it. If it does increase throw though I will have to install the adapter then put a block or extension on the pedal so she can push it all the way down without sliding off the seat! I always asked if she wanted a Cub but she insisted her tractors had to match her personality and not her height so now she has an H and an M! I will post some pictures when I get it done and finish it up, still needs some painting done and a little tuning.
  2. Yeah I just recently found them by accident and was curious. Thanks Farmallman77 for the feedback, I will make sure I order one and get it installed before we take her new M to the tractor shows this summer.
  3. Easy Pedal Adapter I have found these "easy clutch pedal" adapters on several sites. Has anyone ever bought one and do they really work to make the clutch lighter? I just found and got my wife's dream tractor (Farmall M) and she loves it but said the only thing she wishes is that it had a light clutch like her H. I told her it will probably always be a harder clutch as it is a lot more tractor but figured I would see if anyone has had luck with these to at least make some difference.
  4. I have always wanted to find one that had an engine issue and re power it with a twin turbo 7.3 that can be built for some decent power and reliability since performance parts are out there for truck building. Not sure what it would take to fit one in but just think it would be a cool update. Not that I will probably even find one or have the money for it either but fun to dream.
  5. Looks like they at least change the filters.
  6. Is is possible, probably. The H rear end should hold up to that horsepower if you are careful and just use it as a toy and not weight it down and throw a big plow behind it all day. However, will it go without major modification.... probably not. You are going from a 152 cubic in. 4 cylinder to a 282 6 cylinder so it will likely be quite a bit longer and wider so it will require an adapter, frame modification, and you will have to find a way to adapt the flywheel/clutch set up. Then you will have to probably make a custom starter mount as the stock starter and location in the bell housing I doubt would match a 656 engine in depth or pattern one you use an adapter. Anything is possible with the right fabrication skills, machine shop, and $$$ but I doubt it would go together without major modifications. It would be an awesome project but would probably involve a lot of different modifications.
  7. I also moved away from my parents farm and still spend several weeks there every summer helping with haying. They help me with all kinds of stuff too, just how family works in my opinion, I don't need payment from the family farm. I think you are right on track.
  8. Ok, thanks. Wasn't sure if the weight I found online was with the spoked steel or cast center rears which I assumed would be heavier. Sounds like you have spokes as well.
  9. I looked around online and the weight listed for the F-14 is all over the place. I have never had ours on a scale not sure. It is still at my parents farm and I would like to go get it running and take it to shows with my restored F-20 and was trying to figure out if the two of them would fall within the weight of my trailer. The weight I found for the F-20 said around 4500 lbs which seems reasonable as mine has 28 inch spokes and no weights or ballast. Our F-14 is the "base model". On all spoked steel with no electric start, generator, lights, etc. Just a basic hand start steel tractor and just curious if anyone has something similar they have had on a scale. Thanks.
  10. I feel like if you take the "prototype" out into the field to do some work you might be disappointed when it overheats since the fan doesn't even seem to be in the same zip code as the radiator.
  11. My F-20 uses NAPA oil filter FIL 1125. Mine had the old horrible paper type filter still in it that was very brittle and in rough shape so I went with the modern filter when I changed it out. If you haven't already I would pull that cover and see if it has an old filter that is falling apart and make sure nothing is plugged.
  12. I also had to make a change this year and I am down 26 lbs so far. I typically have a yogurt parfait for breakfast and a set sandwich setup at lunch so I know how many calories I have up to that point. If you make it something simple and predictable like that it is much easier to stick to. Go online and calculate your BMR at your goal weight not current weight so you set up a diet that supports your goal weight. I let myself eat as many fruits and veggies as I want for snacks and rather than changing what I cook for dinner I just keep an eye on portion control. Milk doesn't agree with my stomach so I also cut out all drinks but water like all pop and sports drinks as it is amazing how fast you can drink useless calories. I also have been doing lots of exercise and setting calorie goals but even just getting in more walking and activity like you say and setting a proper calorie diet makes a bit difference. Just what has been working for me.
  13. Thanks, if is is in spec for size I may just lightly use that to take any sharp edges and run it rather than polish or turn it down. When I find some specs and get it measured I will let you know what I find. Thanks for all the help.
  14. I would also say at least save the engine and trans if it is a runner. A running 466 core with matched trans is worth something.
  15. That is my next step before it goes anywhere is to see how close to spec they all are but my manual I ordered is still on the way so don't have specs yet, just wanted to get an idea of what people can typically polish out vs. machine out. Once I get my book and check against the specs I will post it. Have to check before ordering anything anyway since it is very possible it has already been machined down some in the last 70 years.