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  1. Deer season opens today...

    Good luck. That seems crazy they don't allow rifles during firearm season.
  2. 7240 spinning

    I would agree it is not the most effective way of getting a job done but spinning doesn't really cause damage. When you put a ton of weight and tire on a tractor to get rid of all slip and push them beyond their rating is when you cause extra stress and wear.
  3. Repair / Restoration strategy recommendations?

    I agree you usually find more leaks. The two options is to go through mechanical and put back together then run to check before paint as stated or if you are just looking to replace any leaking seals before paint clean the tractor up really good by pressure washing and de-greasing then run it before doing anything to see for sure what specific seals have to be replaced. Then it could theoretically all be done at once. Unless you plan to have ALL the seals done it which case doing it in one shot would be ideal as it would have to come a long way apart and would be ideal for painting as it went back together.

    Same here in the good old central Upper Peninsula, nothing bad or unusual this time of year, about 5"-6". Typical Yooper Halloween
  5. Bearing failed on Super C Hub Fan

    I'm pretty sure they were bushings inside, my friend rebuilt his and I believe that is what he said is he just turned some new bushings on a lathe. They are originally oil filled and tend to leak over time so the bushings dry up. Happened years ago on my Super A and it was getting stiff and dragging so I screwed in a grease fitting and lubed it with grease. Very messy but kept it alive. Finally got tired of it and ordered a whole new aftermarket assembly for like $75 that has modern sealed bearings so no more filling it with whatever lubricant. My friend rebuilt his with new bushings I believe or just replace it are your two options.
  6. f 12

    Fordson house lists a manifold under F-12 engine parts for $185 Fordson House F-12 Link
  7. Lost 706 D

    That is cool. The 706, a John Deere G, and that old V8 Versatile is a pretty cool collection to adopt. I watched something about a collector of those Versatiles at one point and I thought the gas V8's were fairly rare?
  8. Gas start motors

    I agree that if you get them through a salvage yards save the engines. There is definitely a market for parts of all different sizes of those engines for guys trying to restore equipment with them and keep them going. Parts are already hard to find, if you see them even fairly often you could do well just having a niche market have a stock of parts for those engines.
  9. Coming to the end of my rope

    If I understand right and it won't go on all the way the common issues are is the key the right size/depth? Sometimes if the key is too tall it will rock forward to let it go on a ways but doesn't have room for it to fully seat in order to finish going on. My other first check which you may have already done is if it has any scarring or is buggered up at all near the end of the shaft or key-way?
  10. 1940 B restoration

    Did they seat correctly in the lifters?
  11. Letter Series Styling Upgrade?

    That is an interesting observation. I have seen photos of those prototypes but didn't make that connection until you said that.
  12. In reading some books about the history of IH they always talk about the styling upgrade from the letter series to the 100 series making the tractors look nicer and more streamlined to try to keep them looking fresh and keep up the momentum on sales. It very well may have gone with the style of the time and I can't knock them for a styling update I get the market need for that concept but am I the only one that thinks the H and M look A LOT better than the 300 and 400? Not that they are bad looking but they just don't look nearly as good as the old letter series to me. Kinda subjective I know but just a curious topic for debate as I always read about the newer, much better looking 100 series.
  13. Zenith Caburetor on Farmall C

    Means that for one reason or another it is running lean. Either bad flow, something is plugging a jet or passage or have you tried to start by adjusting the screw out if they have one? I know my bigger tractors do not sure if a C does. Could also be float adjustment like float is set too low so it it low on fuel in the bowl The other possibly I have seen beyond a fuel issue could be if you have a crack in the manifold or if it is leaking at one of the gaskets on the intake side you could be having a vacuum leak. Get it running and spray starting fluid around the gasket surfaces and it will change how the engine runs if you have a vacuum leak there.
  14. Fuel additive amount

    Power Service or 2-stroke oil, preferably an additive like power service. That is what I run in my truck to make sure I don't have water issues and it has the lubricants in it already as well.
  15. Fordson Dexta Diesel

    It is certainly nice to offer to make sure he feels good about it but I would be he already does as often relatives are just excited the younger generations have the same sentimental feelings they do and want to preserve the family history.