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  1. what is guy supposed to do?

    Thanks guys, I think I'll give the KOO (the king of obsolete) a call, and see if he comes anywhere near Toronto to pick up the '58 and its parts brother (we have no idea what year it is). I've had enough - they've gotta go. Hank
  2. Howdy boys, here is the thing, my old '58 td 9 is in trouble. I got the old thing running on gas and diesel about 2 years ago and after spending some serious coin on a new rad, gauges, seats etc , I now have water in the oil. So now here is the questions. #1 do I spend more and take the engine out to repair not knowing if the finals and trans are good? #2 and how much would that cost in canada where every thing seems so much more then the boys south of the border? #3 do I really need a dozer and an old one to boot, the answer to that is not really, but it's nice to own one. Thanks for your answers in advance, Hank
  3. Hi AJ, all I did on ours as far as the injector pump was concerned was drain the oil old out and add new to fill the pump, drained the old diesel tank out, cleaned the lines, sediment bowl, changed both fuel filters, added 50 litres fresh diesel and bled what I could before I started up on gas. Then while running on gas I bled the injector lines looking for fresh diesel. We got it there, locked it up and it was running on diesel. We were ready if the governor was stuck with a way to shut the air off so it won't run away. Hank
  4. Hi AJ, yup to number one, not to number 2, let it drain to number3, 30wt or 15w40 number 4. I had a similar thing happen with vandals those pesky little rascals only they just poked holes in my rad, I found the steel bar they used. I own a td9 91 that was seized solid and the last time it ran was some 25 years ago, now it runs real well on gas and not bad on diesel and when I find a good rad cheaper then 1000 dollars canadian then I'll let it run for a couple of hours to see how it works then. I'm finding that the hunt for the parts is just about as much fun as working on the old doll, remember that time is on your side. Hank
  5. TD40

    Hi Andy, I been watching your post closely to see how you fellas are making out with the old doll. I can really feel your pain with the block problem, been there and done that, not the block problem but hours of engine rebuilding to find out that you get to do it over. I found out the hard way that when she does fire and runs well with no problems at all, it will run that much sweeter. Keep us posted, Hank.
  6. TD40

    Hi Andrew, Red hit it right on, I too have been following this thread. Thankyou I'll look forward to the next set of thumbnails. Hank
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