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  1. Repair / Restoration strategy recommendations?

    OK, I can painfully (Sorry Sam) see the wisdom in the run - fix - run - fix ... paint cycle. You guys sure are dependable ! Sam86, I LOVE the photos of your '49 ! ( PM for more? )
  2. OK, let's say you have a nice little project that needs some light mechanical work, along with some gaskets, seals, etc. to stop the leaks and no *known* bearing issues. Also on the list is a full repaint - red AND silver. There are no serious sheet metal issues and no missing parts. It may well be that the actual leaky seals are limited to the torque tube and rear axles. Regardless, it boils down to two activities - Repairing, and Painting. So here is the question - Would you recommend having the repair work done at one shop and the paint work done later at another shop -OR- would you recommend having the repair and paint done together at one time? It would seem to me that there could be some savings from not having to take it apart twice, BUT there may also be very little 'redundant work' between the two shops if the work is separated. I'm looking for un-biased answers and that's why I'm asking you. What would YOU do? (My shop is set up for WOODworking, and I have no deep IH repair experience)
  3. "Pilot Tractors" ?? I-6 and ID-6

    Reading through "Serial Number List - Farmall Works" from the Wisconsin Historical Society, and on pages 26 and 29 ( the 6 series pages) there are clear and separate references to "Pilot Tractors" and "Regular Tractors". Looking for an explanation on the differences and the applications of both Industrial models.
  4. More tire or more weight?

    If more weight is needed would it be a good application for fluid weight like Rim Saver (beet juice)? I ran the numbers on my possible application and found that it would take 14 (!) one piece rear weights to equal two tires @ 80% Rim Saver. It's cheaper than steel too.
  5. Is there an alternative to calcium chloride for tire ballast these days? I am in a snow zone, but I do not want to use anything with the corrosive reputation of years past. Hopefully there have been tech advances in this facet too. Thanks.
  6. Separated Hydraulic Fitting

    Thanks to you all for your individual parts in assisting with this problem. Even though the fittings didn't match the item photo, I thought I'd share with you how it turned out. I know how much we all the pictures, so here you go with Thanks.
  7. ihcscoutman,

    Reading your post from January of 2012 of the work you were doing on the Super W-4 sounds VERY interesting indeed !!

    Unfortunately, the photos are no longer showing. Do you still have them? Is there a way you could share them with me?  I'm currently working on my 1942 W-4.

    Thanks,  dwillis4

  8. Separated Hydraulic Fitting

    Stronger800, yep, you earned that one. Owen Aaland, I checked out an image of that Weatherhead part and it was EXACTLY what I needed to match the other one. Got it on order stat and it arrived yesterday. RIPPED open the box and discovered it would work, but it does Not look like the image on the internet #$%^&*(*&^! Glad I ordered TWO of them !! #Unimpressed d.
  9. IH Mccormick Orchard O4 Parts

    Tracto4, Thank you for the update. After it's painted, don't tell any visitors about the repair and they'll never notice it. (but, buyers naturally get the full story) Personally, I'd like to see your solution in case mine breaks. [#AbhorTheThought] Thanks, d.
  10. While reading an OLD thread from 2011: It got me to wondering - If Rock Island was the 'Farmall' plant, where were the standard tread ( the 4, 6, and 9 series ) models built? Or were they built there too?
  11. Separated Hydraulic Fitting

    Please educate me. It would because of what ?
  12. Separated Hydraulic Fitting

    Matt, I think that is just what we need - going by the descriptions of the threads. Thank You!
  13. Separated Hydraulic Fitting

    THANKS to you guys for setting the 'gravity' of the problem to 'not really a big deal'. Everything appears to be NPT. I actually have extra hose length. I had Teflon taped the hose and it never tightened up right. Beginning to wonder if this is actually a silver lined cloud - where it might have failed later but under 1000 psi pressure and oil EVERYWHERE ! ky966boy - The hose is certainly not flared like copper tubing would be, but it does have a taper on the INSIDE of the 1/2"NPT end. Not sure if that is your 'flare' or not ? Matt - Go to TSC (Tractor Supply Center) or any new farm equipment 'dealer' ?? Thanks guys, for just 'being there'.
  14. Separated Hydraulic Fitting

    Three new pressure hoses for the W-4, which means tightening 6 fittings and guess which one pulls apart? Yeah, the LAST one. What am I in for? What are my options now? #NewToThis The valve is a Gresen, if that means anything. Thanks.
  15. preparing to paint the W-4

    Wondering how many gallons (let's assume it's mixed at spray ready) of IH Red and Oxide Red primer I will need to buy for my painter for a W-4. ... and how many coats of each would that be? I'm not trying to cut it close, I just want it all from one batch. Thanks !