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  1. Separated Hydraulic Fitting

    Please educate me. It would because of what ?
  2. Separated Hydraulic Fitting

    Matt, I think that is just what we need - going by the descriptions of the threads. Thank You!
  3. Separated Hydraulic Fitting

    THANKS to you guys for setting the 'gravity' of the problem to 'not really a big deal'. Everything appears to be NPT. I actually have extra hose length. I had Teflon taped the hose and it never tightened up right. Beginning to wonder if this is actually a silver lined cloud - where it might have failed later but under 1000 psi pressure and oil EVERYWHERE ! ky966boy - The hose is certainly not flared like copper tubing would be, but it does have a taper on the INSIDE of the 1/2"NPT end. Not sure if that is your 'flare' or not ? Matt - Go to TSC (Tractor Supply Center) or any new farm equipment 'dealer' ?? Thanks guys, for just 'being there'.
  4. Separated Hydraulic Fitting

    Three new pressure hoses for the W-4, which means tightening 6 fittings and guess which one pulls apart? Yeah, the LAST one. What am I in for? What are my options now? #NewToThis The valve is a Gresen, if that means anything. Thanks.
  5. preparing to paint the W-4

    Wondering how many gallons (let's assume it's mixed at spray ready) of IH Red and Oxide Red primer I will need to buy for my painter for a W-4. ... and how many coats of each would that be? I'm not trying to cut it close, I just want it all from one batch. Thanks !
  6. Hydraulic Reservoirs and a W-4

    A related follow-up to: "ID9 restoration brain fodder." started by Jodar23 on Posted October 24, 2016 ( Jodar23 was asking about using the transmission and differential case as a reservoir for a hydraulic pump ) Attached here you see how the W-4 was setup when I got it. It has an M&W #202PX live pump and what I later discovered was actually an IH oil reservoir ! ( I guess they were usually mounted crossways under the rear of the fuel tank ) OK, back on track - Since this photo, I have added a Belt Pulley and Gearbox which would place the belt ( if ever used ) right through where this reservoir is mounted. So, you clearly see why I need to do SOMETHING different. The best I had come up with was to reposition/remount the existing reservoir mounting bracket to just lower the tank from where it is shown so that a belt could clear over the top of it. Now, given that mounting method and location, I think it would appear a bit like a square peg jammed into a round hole. After reading the post referenced above - Why do I need this reservoir at all ? Why can't I just use the transmission and differential case as a reservoir for a hydraulic pump ? IF that is truly the case, WHY would anyone buy an external reservoir at all ?!?!? This pump powers an implement cylinder through a single return-to-center Gresen valve. While I DO appreciate the value of this reservoir because it is IH authentic, fitting it onto this W-4 IS an aesthetic challenge. ( even though it now looks beautiful in new IH red paint ) OR do I just use it because it's unique? I did read somewhere that if the vertical distance from the oil to the pump is too great that the pump may have trouble self priming. Is that a factor here? Open to your Comments, Suggestions, and some Name Calling if so required...
  7. IH Mccormick Orchard O4 Parts

    It's interesting how originally the part numbers for the "Governor Control Handle and Hub" were the same for the 6 Series and the 4 Series, but that a later revision had resulted in different part numbers for the lower serial numbers. It sure would be nice to know why.
  8. IH Mccormick Orchard O4 Parts

    Tract04, That part is what I was told is POT METAL and yes they break much easier than other materials. While I have no working part for you, I do have the manual for my W-4 that includes the assembly diagram and all of the part numbers. I also cannot 'certify' that a W-6 part would fit, my sincere guess is that it would. I spoke with an older IH gentleman about this part and he said he used a replacement that came from an old IH combine. I have no idea what model that was, BUT once I get you the part number that should assist greatly with your "long distance" searching. It looks like you probably don't need the assembly drawing now that you have the excellent photos from SAM86. However, it is well for us users of this kind of throttle mechanism to heed the warning of how easy it is to break and the hassle of finding another one. I had to move mine from my original steering gearbox assembly to a replacement and I was VERY careful with that casting!
  9. Hi Mark,

    I'm a Hagerstown resident too. Do you happen to be a member of the tractor club meeting at Barney's place near Economy?

    Maybe you already know me.

    Later,   Dave.

    1. Mark (EC,IN)

      Mark (EC,IN)

      I occasionally stop by Goobers on Friday when everybody meets on Friday,  but I'm not a member of the tractor club.  I know some Willis that lives on Jones Road near Hagerstown.  I live on Jacksonburg Road.

    2. dwillis4



      I have an uncle on Jones Road - Johnny Harold Willis. I am a couple roads north of there on W.E. Oler Road.    #13850

      While I don't know Goobers, I would still like to invite you to drop by a club meeting and see the group. Our next meeting will be at Mark Mendenhall's farm on July 17th, 7pm, 11833 Robinson Road. I'd look forward to meeting you there or even at Dales if you'd like.

      Oh yes, I'd like to find an 8foot culti-packer if you ever run across one. I want to use it on my gravel driveway.

      Thanks,  Dave.

    3. Mark (EC,IN)

      Mark (EC,IN)

      I was with Mark Mendenhall at an auction yesterday,  he bought an IH 4 bottom fast hitch plow.  

      I might try and make that tractor club meeting.

      I guess I didn't tell you,  but my last name is Schlegel,  I live right at the intersection of Clyde Oler and Jacksonburg.

  10. "Front Hitch" ??

    Reading one of the decals on the back of a McCormick-Dearing W-4 it says something similar to 'Do not attach any load to the tractor except to the Drawbar or Front Hitch.' Hmmm ... Front Hitch ? So, it got me on a quest. I grabbed my W-4, O-4, OS-4 parts manual ( a VERY valuable asset ! ) and went all through the Chassis and the Attachments sections. I only believe I'm looking for something that would be located in the front bolster ( ref the circled area ). Checking out a bunch of online images I find another example. It's a Super W-4 and shows a plate attached to the bottom of the front axle. Did the factory do that? The burning question - What is the Front Hitch?? What did the factory supply?? Looking at my 1942 W-4, I have a ring on a pivot rod mounted under there. Is it factory original or a workbench creation? Thank you.
  11. Production Numbers of Wheatland '6 and '9 tractors

    I would have to agree with you here.
  12. Farmall H hand crank

    We keep the hand crank above the left axle. It's easy to store and retrieve but it's impossible for it to come out on its' own. If that hole in the drawbar bracket was intended for something else then I need educated.
  13. What production numbers do we have for the Wheatland '6 and '9 tractors: (?) W6 I6 O6 OS6 SW6 SW6TA (did I miss any? 'R' - Rice variations? What about 'D' - Diesel variations? ) W9 I9 SW9 (what others were made? O9? SW9TA? 'R' - Rice variations? Any 'D' - Diesel versions? ) Was an SW4 ever produced?? If not, is there any indication why? Apologies for asking so many questions. PS, I heard that only #ONE# W4 was on display at RPRU this year (2017) WHAT ?!?!?
  14. Thank you and kudo to 'chadd' and 'Doctor Evil' for their recommendations on hydraulic fluid ! (Previous post - "Hydraulic fluid for M&W Live Pump") Now, on to the next step - Once I get the live M&W hydraulic system reassembled, how do I get all of the air out of it? (distributor drive pump, valves, tank, lines, and coupling hoses) I happen to have an extra hose that could be connected between the two rear couplings, if that would help. Thanks for sharing your expertise !
  15. Working on a (new to me) 1942 W-4 with an M&W live hydraulic pump on the distributor drive train. While cleaning everything and replacing bad hoses I found the old fluid was partially like jelly and lumpy. OK, I'm replacing the fluid too, BUT WITH WHAT?!? The pump is #202PX at 1000PSI, 12GPM, and 7HP. I need some idea what fluid (or weight) I should put in it. Thanks for sharing your expertise !