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  1. They both use the same Tom
  2. Is the 175C new to you? If it is you might have the wrong pump. There are 4 vane and 8 vane impellers used on the 466/414 construction series engines and different diameter pulleys. Ag and truck also used 466 engines but I have no idea what specs they have. The correct pump number is 685155C92. Whoever you buy it from make sure you get the right number. Tom
  3. There should be a serial number stamped in the right rear diff housing. I'm not sure IH did that back then but they have done it there for many years. There is a casting date translator on line. Go to the first subject forum page, it is with serial number chart. Bear in mind that was when the casting was cast not necessarily when the machine was built Tom
  4. Filling potholes is only a temporary fix because tires bouncing into holes tamps the bottom hard so the new fill will never bind with the hard packed hole bottom. The road surface needs to be scarified and evenly packed down. Conventional wisdom from a county grader operator---. Makes sense to me Tom
  5. TD6 Measurement Height Height OD Length Flange Height Rolling Diameter TD6 Component Grouser Link Bushing 4 Link Pitch Front Idler Track Roller Top Idler TD6 IH,Dresser,Dressta TD6 New 1094 3.19 1.8 24 0.69 6.88 4.75 TD6 25% worn 1.67 3.12 1.77 24.12 0.74 6.72 4.68 TD6 50% worn 1.41 3.06 1.74 24.26 0.79 6.56 4.62 TD6 75% worn 1.15 3 1.71 24.38 0.84 6.4 4.56 TD6 100% worn 0.88 2.94 1.68 24.5 0.89 6.25 4.5 This is from the track specialist kit there is no information on which TD6 this covers. The new grouser height is 1.94 Tom
  6. This is a Ford 260C. Obviously not our machine
  7. No they didn't. They had a series of loader backhoes 240,250,260 and 270 that replaced the 3400 series. The 2XX series only got to C Tom
  8. Komatsu has not sold a 125E in the US. I'm not sure they ever made one anywhere. IH/Dresser built a 125E crawler loader. It could be short for a S6D125E Komatsu engine Tom
  9. Hi, I'm working with a fellow who is restoring a 125B ( Doncaster, England built). He needs both hydraulic pumps. They are Plessey and I need either the IH or the Plessey part number. Thanks Tom
  10. The International Harvester Collectors Club provides a worldwide collector's network for the preservation of history, products, literature and morabila of the IH Company There are some great photos of old IH Trucks and farm equipment at this site but no construction equipment. Fortunately I love all things IH
  11. Hi, IH never tried to match the engine and machine serial number. Most engines were used in multiple applications so it would have been difficult to match. Melrose Park plant made a big run of a single engine the retooled for the next Tom
  12. Polar Parts in Minnesota shows stock. (800-765-2728) The part number is 717119C91. The parts book shows a different radiator for use with a screen ( no comments on what makes it different). There is also a hood support that the screen slides into part 717120C1 Smith shows stock. Tom
  13. The first 530s were built in Japan serial 17501 without a J in the serial number. They were branded Kimco (Komatsu International Manufacturing Company).For mostly Asian / Pacific markets. They were also made in Canada for all markets (Candiac Plant).They were made in Libertyville plant and finally to HSW in Poland. Tom
  14. The TD7G was built in Korea and the US. The Korean serial series began with 5001 so you have the 16th produced. The US version began with 501. Yours is most likely a 1987 or 1988 model Tom
  15. TD9

    Try Dozer Parts Warehouse