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  1. DMC stirators

    I have a DMC two auger stirator in my 24 ft bin . I have about 2000 bu of corn in the bin. The inside auger has quit turning . I can't get to it because I can't get a ladder in the door( too much corn). should I continue to fill so I can reach it by standing on the corn? Also any advise about these darn stirators would be helpful . Thanks. C.J.L.
  2. 6600 jd combine

    I run a 6600 JD combine . I have a problem with small cobs in the grain. about the same size as the corn kernals. I 'm running the short tooth sieve. I have been told by some toget a long tooth which is what the Deere manual calls for. Also got totally different advice from and older JD mechanic at the dealership he said open the sieve as far as can or take out the sieve. Cyl.spd at 550 to 600 rpm cocave at 12to 14 full fan spd. corn at 19 to 22 points. I try to get a clean grain sample. A matter of pride I guess Thanks. C.J.L.
  3. Who Still has Silos Around the Yard.

    My brother has one on his place when we bagged silage this year I was very happy to be bagging silage instead of filling a silo. When we bought the bagger never filled silo again.
  4. IH 886 with German diesel

    I have a 786 with a 358 and if I ever bought a 886 it would have another 358.
  5. maytag wringer washer

    How do you check the oil level in a maytag wringer washer / I can' t find an oil plug and does the oil run from the wringer drive to the gearbox / Bought one at garage sale to wash my greasy and nasty farm clothes to keep the wifes front loader ie her happy. Put on a new belt and hose and cleaned it up Just want to the oil level I'll be ready to wash. Thanks. C.J.L.
  6. NOS IH OEM Radio for 86 Series Cab Tractors - Axial Flow Combines

    My 1086 has a factory AMFM 8 track Sorry but its not for sale C.J.L.
  7. 966 fuel ;ine

    The fuel line from the tank petcock to the fuel filters is bad.No longer available from CIH They tell me fabricate a copper line out of soft copper . Isn't a rubber line a better choice? Thanks. C.J.L.
  8. Roading a combine

    Drive it. I drove my JD 6600 over 60 miles .
  9. 1066 needs more rear weight

    Finally got rid of my last tractor with fluid . Not the tractor just the fluid my local dealer that has a tire truck to it for free Take it all!!!. My Father thought that fluid was the greatest invention since sliced bread.Ha! Wheel weights! C.J.L..
  10. 1086 tie rods

    I'm trying to replace the tie rods on my 1086 . I have the outer two off . Iwanted to replace just those but the tube orsleeve that connects the inner and outer tie rods is rusted tight. The inner tie rods rubber gasket on right side is tore. I was able to get the castle nuts off the inner tie rods. But they won't come out with my crows foot tool . If I could hit the inners I think they would come out any suggestions / Thanks C.J.L.
  11. 966 muffler

    I don't know where Shoup get theirs from but have one on my 966 for years. '
  12. 800 planter

    What is the minimum diameter of the rear closing or covering discs on my 800 corn planter? mine are down to 73/4" . Should I replace them? Thanks. C.J.L.
  13. 1086 eng. block ser.#

    Thanks Sparky I always wondered if I had a B eng. Now I know good news . C.J.L.
  14. cih 5140

    Bought a 5250 a few years ago as fixer upper. Ireally like it . Yes check parking brake. The 51xx series only uses a F/R shuttle shift lever where as the 52xx series has F/N/R .Great tractors. IMO
  15. 1086 eng. block ser.#

    My 1086 Eng block Ser.# is 415 T T2 U 143452* . Shoudn't it start with 414? I just bought a used block for my 966 . It started with 414. I thought the first # was for the size of the Eng. ie 414,436,466. Someone should know the answer. And yes it does read 415. Thanks. C.J.L.