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  1. Tractor Pull Roller

    I would think the airplane tires would be great !The compactor tires are around 200 a piece !Thank You !
  2. Tractor Pull Roller

    Picked up a wobble wheel roller to use on our local brush pull .Any pullers see a problem using multi rib 9.5 L tires instead of those very expensive compactor tires ? Got to have 13 .Thanks
  3. Anyone need an International silage wagon

    You must be in Tenn ? . I am interested in the gear if anyone else wants the box ?
  4. 1066 Hydraulic Troubles

    Thanks to all ! Got to be MCV Pump or valve three point and remotes work fine with the light on .Thanks again for the help !
  5. 1066 Hydraulic Troubles

    Thanks guys for your help .Tractor was an internet purchase a couple years ago .With no History !Hydraulic fluid appears to light in color to be HY-TRAN so going to drain and fill with HY-TRAN and new filter .Get a new gauge and start checking pressure !Thanks again !!
  6. 1066 Hydraulic Troubles

    Three point hitch works fine even with the light on .The draft lever though is hard to move and will not stay up light on or off or engine off or on ?Put a gauge to a coupler to check pressure at the remotes do not get a reading , but i dont on my other 66,s either that i know are fine .What am i doing wrong on checking pressure ? Thank You !
  7. 1066 Hydraulic Troubles

    Hey guys still dealing with 1066 Filter changed oil is a little too full now instead of 1800 to pop on red light takes about 2200 when light comes on im losing steering brakes and will pull itself some .Three point and pto work but have noticed the draft lever acts like it has a spring attached now hard to pull up and pops back down .Still have some whine while steering and raising the three point .Pump lower left side ? Thanks in advance !
  8. National anthem protests

    As a veterns son .I was taught early the Flag is Everything ! The idiots do not understand it is that flag which has given them the right to protest! Ditch the NFL and watch Nascar At least they and some owners Petty,Childress have the backbone to say publicly,you don,t stand You Leave !! Period .Makes me proud of them !
  9. Nashville Tenn

    Typical coward .Attack a church full of mostly elderly people .He didnt look so tough in handcuffs .Hopefully Big Bubba will find him in jail and show him what tough love is !!!
  10. Sick 1066

    Hydraulic is not full i admit ! Above add below full . Three point works as well as PTO .(Street talk around here ),Only a couple of 66,s running here is they made pumps with different pitch gears ?Fact or fiction ?Oil is not hot nor is the pump after running for a while ,no vibration or heat at the pump either .Still on same tank of fuel as when filter was changed but i will change again and look for unwanted .Work shop has a couple waiting on parts when i get one out i will get this one in .Thank you !!
  11. Sick 1066

    Got a 1066 that has had a whine in the hydraulic pump area since ive had it two years now ,just a hanger queen .Now the Hydraulic light comes on at 1800 RPM and stays till 1200 .Tractorwill still move with light on but no steering .It looks like the book shows more than one pump for this tractor.I am afraid what is there now is wrong ?Whine is way worse .
  12. 1066

    Had this 1066 for a couple years parade tractor barn queen .Seems to have always had a whine in the rear always thought loudest at the hydraulic pump .Got it out Saturday noticed steering seemed stiff .Headed down the road more throttle more whine at 1800 RPM low pressure light pops on i loose steering and most of its pull but will keep moving .Back off to about 1200 it resets but still has more whine than normal .At high idle turning the wheel creates a noticable whine ? Hydraulic pump gone ? Has good oil level and changed filter with no change. Thanks !
  13. Texas

    Salvation Army has my vote .Lots of good groups out there but they have one of the best money given to paid salaries out there !
  14. Black Stripe 766

    New clutch rear main on the way to complete restore .
  15. Bought a 886

    I have two one cab one canopy. Cab tractor does my baling small square and round ,Both have been great for at least 10 years bought both used replaced clutches and a few minor things and compared to the 1466 and 5288 that pull moco and bushhog very fuel stingy.