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  1. Blakbird sped check

    Several countries shot at it many times but nobody ever hit it .Lost a few due to mechanical problems ,but never enemy fire.
  2. Blakbird sped check

    Kelly Johnson designed the U-2 to be flown higher than he thought the missles could reach .When they shot down Gary Powers he fixed that with the 71 .Can,t get above them just outrun them !And he did !As far as I know still the fastest girl on the block !
  3. tankless hot water heater propane fired

    Heres my two cents worth .Retired Gas Supervisor for local Gas Utility forget about payback it wont happen !Tank type are self policed (run out of hot water you get out )Tankless people tend to stay longer and enjoy it .Kids will stay until made to get out ! More often than not the gas bill and water went up a little never down ! But they loved not running out .Kinda like using a 40 horsepower tractor and a 200 horsepower tractor to run an auger both get it done but one just going to cost more to do same job .If you want it get it don't count on a savings be excited if you do .
  4. Iron Bull Canopy

    Yes these are two different ones 766 bottom view and others are on the 10 both from Leaman .
  5. Iron Bull Canopy

    They bolt together
  6. Iron Bull Canopy

    If you want to be close to original I would check out Leamans tractor parts .I have two from there very happy with them !
  7. IH Christmas What did you get?

    IH Sign, Clock and Case IH Dealer Jacket .
  8. Devon's Tractor Parts - Awesome Customer Service

    I agree gotten a couple of seats there .They look and are awesome !
  9. IHC #8 Little Genius? Plow

    Steve Smith in Republic Ohio can Help you out ! 419-618-0017
  10. 766 Coming Along

    No . let me know where you want me to send the info .Have a 10 and a 14 as well
  11. 66 series steering orbit motors

    I picked one up at Boothill Tractor parts .They had new used and rebuilt .
  12. 766 Coming Along

    You are correct that's it ! Painted the canopy today .Will get it mounted this week .Wheels are painted and ready sheetmetal all but fenders ready .Have to ad the brace in the fenders that goes in when you use the two post.Seat sent off to be renewed.
  13. 766 Coming Along

    Chassis painted Roll Bar On Wheels ETC ,Making Progress Trying for a mate for the 10
  14. 66 Series Resto Parts

    Having trouble finding (at least on the web ) The rubber gasketsfor the sheet metal and the 2 corner baffles for 66,series 531495R3 and its counterpart. found all the rest I need, both Abilene machine and tractorpartsasoonas poss both have the rest ?Any one outfit have it all ? Thank you in advance.
  15. Tractor Pull Roller

    I would think the airplane tires would be great !The compactor tires are around 200 a piece !Thank You !